Field Placement Confirmation Form

Spring Field Study 2021: 

***Please only submit a Fieldwork Placement Confirmation form if you have confirmed and secure a placement for the Spring 2021 quarter AND you have been authorized to enroll in a field study course.

Submit your FIeldwork Placement Confirmation HERE (Link not yet available)






Spring 2021 Deadlines

February 5

Spring Field Study Request for Enrollment Form Due

March 12

Spring Fieldwork Confirmation Form Due (link will be posted on this page after February 12, when all Spring Field Study enrollment authorizations have been completed)
IMPORTANT NOTE: All students who meet the course enrollment form deadline and all pre-requisites will be guaranteed a spot in SocEcol 195, Traditional Field Study. Enrollment in SocEcol 195W is NOT guaranteed as demand exceeds seats available. Students will be able to enroll during their enrollment window and once 195W is full, students will need to enroll in 195. There are other classes that can fulfill upper division writing. A grade of a C or better in 4 units or more of SocEcol 195W, Field Study Writing Seminar, will fulfill field study and the upper division writing general education requirement.
Please indicate if you would prefer to take 195 (fulfills the field study requirement) or the 195W ( fulfills both field study and upper division writing if you earn a grade of C or better). 195W demand is high so this is only a request, there is no guarantee of placement in 195W. Click here for more information on the difference between 195 and 195W.
Placement information
Agency address
In your own words provide a description of the work you will be doing at your site such as things discussed in your interview. If you are not clear on what you will be doing you could contact your supervisor to gain clarification. "Assisting with programs" does not provide enough information to evaluate your duties, however, "creating flyers, calling clients, and staffing events" does.
It can be helpful to your site if you also indicate any personal goals you have for your field study experience.
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