Use this form for submitting the information necessary for enrollment in Field Study (SocEcol 195). The information you include in this form will be sent to the field study office, the supervisor you list on the form and and your faculty sponsor. Please be sure to complete each portion accurately and completely. Incomplete applications will not be approved.

Prior to completing this form, students must:
1) Interview at prospective field study placement site; and
2) Have accepted a placement with the community partner (site) listed on their course enrollment form.

Field study is restricted to Social Ecology juniors and seniors in good academic standing; students must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.0. Prerequisite courses is: SE 10. Recommended courses are SE 13, and the Introductory course in the area of the field study (i.e., Soc Ecol E8, Crm/Law C7 or C10, or PsyBeh 9 or 11ABorC, PP&D 4).

All Forms Due by 5:00pm

November 10, 2017 Winter 2018 - Students meeting the deadline and prequisites, will be able to enroll in SocEcol 195 during their enrollment window. Students can expect notification on or before November 17.
November 27, 2017 Winter Space Available* Request.   NO COURSE ENROLLMENT FORMS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS DATE FOR WINTER 2018. NO EXCEPTIONS.  Students submitting space available requests can expect notification on or before December 1. 
February 16, 2018 Spring 2018 - Students meeting the deadline and prequisites, will be able to enroll in SocEcol 195 during their enrollment window. Students can expect notification on or before February 26.

*Course enrollment forms will be accepted up to two weeks after the deadline as a 'space available request'. These submissions are reviewed in the order received if there is space in the program after students who have met the deadlines have enrolled. Students submittig 'space available reqeusts' can expect a response approximately 4 weeks after original quarterly deadline. Students submitting 'space available requests' MUST inform their sites that they are applying for the waitlist and that they will not know if they have been accepted to the program until approximately 4 weeks after the initial deadline.

Students are not permitted to change their field placement site after the Course Enrollment Form deadline.


1 2
Placement information
Available in the SE Field Study Catalog
Agency address
For the field above, provide a brief description of your placement agency and the work you will be doing in the site. If you are not clear on what you will be doing, what you can do is contact your supervisor and talk with them to gain clarification. Do not assume the catalog provides all the information you need. What we need is a description of what you will be doing. For example "assisting with programs" does not provide your faculty sponsor or myself with enough information to evaluate your duties. However, "creating flyers, calling clients, staffing events" does.
What theory, idea, paradigm, hypothesis, question do you want to investigate as part of your field study? For example: I'd like to examine the therapy setting (behavior, cognitive, interpersonal, psycho-dynamic, family and group therapy) and specific therapeutic goals. In addition I want to get a more hands on experience with a therapy setting (reviewing the clinical charts and mentoring a child with mental health services) because it will give me a better idea of what a psychiatrist and clinical psychologists do. Also, it is a good idea to indicate any personal goals for your field study experience.