Field Study Course Enrollment Intent Form

INSTRUCTIONS: Once you have received and accepted an offer with an approved field study site from the catalog submit this form.

Complete each portion accurately and completely as incomplete forms will not be approved. This form will be sent to the field study office, the supervisor you list on the form and and your faculty sponsor. Field Study placements can not be changed after the deadline.

Field study is restricted to:

  • Social Ecology Juniors and Seniors
  • A minimum overall GPA of 2.0
  • 195 Pre-requisite course is SE 10
  • 195W Pre-requisite's are SE 10 and Lower Division Writing

For information regarding Continuing Education Concurrent Enrollment please click here: Concurrent Enrollment Process

International students need to obtain a CPT through the UCI International Center. Please review process here: Curricular Practical Training Process

May 10, 2019 Summer 10 Week Session (June 24-August 29)
June 21, 2019 Summer Session II 5 Weeks (August 5-September 9)

*Course enrollment forms will be accepted for 2 weeks after the deadline as a 'space available request'. These submissions are reviewed if there is space in the program in the order received. A response can be expected approximately 4 weeks after original deadline. Students MUST inform their sites that they are applying for the waitlist and that they will not know if they have been accepted to the program until approximately 4 weeks after the initial deadline.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All students who meet the course enrollment form deadline and all pre-requisites will be guaranteed a spot in SocEcol 195, Traditional Field Study. Enrollment in SocEcol 195W is NOT guaranteed and demand is expected to exceed seats available. Students will be able to enroll during their enrollment window. Once 195W is full, students approved will need to take SocEcol 195. Keep in mind, there are other classes offered that you can take to satisfy upper division writing. A C or better in 4 units or more of SocEcol 195W, Field Study Writing Seminar will fulfill the upper division writing general education requirement.
Placement information
Available in the SE Field Study Catalog
Agency address
In your own words provide a description of the work you will be doing at your site such as things discussed in your interview. If you are not clear on what you will be doing you could contact your supervisor to gain clarification. "Assisting with programs" does not provide enough information to evaluate your duties, however, "creating flyers, calling clients, and staffing events" does.
It can be helpful to your site if you also indicate any personal goals you have for your field study experience.
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