The Field Study Advisory Board is an opportunity for community partners, students, faculty and administration to collectively share their experiences, successes, and concerns.  These are critical to informing our priorities and efforts.   The expertise and experience of advisory board members help us to better understand the community perspective of Field Study.  Members in turn you have the opportunity to learn more about the faculty’s role and students’ perspectives.  The Advisory Board is an integral part of the efforts that ensure our students are provided the best opportunities that help them prepare to tackle pressing issues as they confront communities locally, regionally, nationally, and globally.  

The Advisory Board meets three times a year, once each academic quarter.  Each meeting lasts approximately 2 hours; we usually meet on campus.  There is occasional email discussions between meetings and depending on the efforts, members may have the opportunity to serve on a project or committee.   We ask that our community partner members reach out to a few other community partners, as a peer, to gather feedback on what works within their organizations and gather ideas for enhancing the community partner’s experiences with the program.  

Advisory board members are carefully selected to represent the diversity of field study stakeholders.  The current structure of the advisory board includes community partner representatives from a for-profit, non-profit and public sector agency, a faculty representative from each of the disciplines, an alumni representative, and two students representatives as well as the associate dean of academic programs, director of development, field study director and field study coordinator.  

Field Study Advisory Board

Member Organization Title Term
Community Members
Christina Beecher Community Services Programs Volunteer Coordinator Feb 13 - Jun 16
Vivian Clecak Human Options Chief Executive Officer Mar 15 - Jun 17
Jennifer Friend '95 Project Hope Alliance Chief Executive Officer Mar 15 - Jun 17
Michael Lieu '99 Parsons Brinckerhoff GIS/Noise Analyst Feb 13 - Jun 15
Student Members
Haley Ryan Criminology, Law and Society Sophomore Sept 15 - Jun 17
Sarah Thao Psychology and Social Behavior Senior Feb 13 - Jun 16
Faculty Members
Geoff Ward Criminology, Law and Society Associate Professor, FSAB Chair Feb 13 - Jun 15
Doug Houston Planning, Policy and Design Associate Professor Feb 13 - Jun 15
Sarah Pressman Psychology and Social Behavior Assistant Professor Sept 14 - June 16
Alumni Members
Daphne Felicitas '01 Blizzard Entertainment Sr. Manager, Talent & Organizational Development Sept 15 - Jun 17
Social Ecology Administration and Staff
Wendy Goldberg Social Ecology Administration Interim Associate Dean of Academic Programs  
Mickey Shaw Social Ecology Administration Director of Development  
Ashley Vikander '88 Social Ecology Field Study Program Director of Field Study  
Rachel Christensen '07 Social Ecology Field Study Program Field Study Coodinator  
Patricia DeVoe Social Ecology External Relations Communications Coordinator  
If you would like to contact any member of the Field Study Advisory Board or are interested in serving on the board please email us at or call  949 824-6861.