Advanced Field Study

Advanced Field Study (AFS)

Provides a select number of Social Ecology juniors and seniors with a deeper engaged learning experience over the course of an academic year (Fall-Spring).Students will work together with a local community, government, or business organization to prepare a professional research client report which helps the organization better understand the social or community problems it hopes to address, helps inform the organization’s strategic goals, and/or helps enhance the organization’s operations or services.

  • During this time they are matched with an agency for 10 hours/week
  • In addition to working with their agency on day-to-day services and operations, they also engage in variety of activities in collaboration with their agency. These may include conducting research that enhances the work of the organization, developing new activities or programs, working intensively with clients, engaging in outreach and community organization, participating in organizational development and advancement efforts, and more.
  • The third quarter (spring) of the AFS year is designated as satisfying the UCI writing requirement for undergraduates. With that in mind, students will, in addition to the work they do with their community partner, produce an analytical and reflective paper that distills the lessons they have learned from their community placement and, in the process, hones and deepens their writing skills.
    • Students whose work includes original research may be selected to share their work at the UCI Undergraduate Research Symposium held during the spring quarter.  

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  • Major within the School of Social Ecology or an Environmental Science and Policy major.
  • SocEcol 10, Research Design (may be completed in Summer 2020 or earlier)
  • SocEcol 13, Statistical Analysis in Social Ecology (highly recommended)
  • Lower Division Writng completed by Summer 2020
  • 90+ quarter units completed at time of application
  • Good academic standing
  • A commitment to enroll in all three courses of the Seminar sequence for the academic year (this means being in residence at UCI all three quarters)
  • No course enrollment form needed. Students will select from available opportunities once they are accepted into the program.


  • SocEcol 195A (Fall)
    • Elective credit only
    • 4 units P/NP
  • SocEcol 195B 
    • Fufills 4 units of SocEcol 195
    • 4 units P/NP
  • SocEcol 195CW
    • Fulfills general education Upper Division Writing requirement with a C or better grade
    • Can be petitioned to fulfill an upper division elective required for the school or major
    • 4 units (may be taken P/NP or graded - must be taken for a Grade to use toward school or major requirements)


Student Application 2020-2021 Application now Available.  Due: April 24, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.

  • Before beginning your application, have your resume, unofficial transcript and letter of of recommendation ready to upload in a .pdf format.

Community Partner Application

Sample Syllabus


  • Instructor 2019-2021:  Jessica Borelli, Associate Professor, Psychological Sciences
  • Program Management: Director, Field Study Program 
  • Program Support: Lizet Ceja-Trujillo, Coordinator, Field Study Program

Archive of Past Projects & Cohorts