Field Study Catalog

***IMPORTANT: Before applying to any field sites, please be sure that you meet all of the below prerequisites. Students with missing prerequisites will not be permitted to enroll in a field study course even if they have secured a field placement. 


  • Declared major in the School of Social Ecology or Environmental Science and Policy Major
  • Social Ecology 10 (or an equivalent course) - required 
  • Social Ecology 13 - recommended
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Junior or Senior standing (90+ units)
  • Lower Division Writing completed (if requesting enrollment in SocEcol 195W) 

    General Information

    • The Field Study catalog is a comprehensive listing of placement sites for students in the School of Social Ecology and Environmental Science and Policy (ENSP) majors.
    • Completion of 80 hours of fieldwork, in conjunction with the field study courses SocEcol 195 or SocEcol 195W, fulfills the School of Social Ecology degree requirement for Field Study. 
    • All placement sites found in the catalog below have been pre-approved for field study
    • Social Ecology students may elect to do Field Study in any area, regardless of their specific major 
      • For Environmental Science and Policy Majors ONLY: Field Study Placements must be in one of the following areas:
        •  Environmental Science and Education Services 
        •  Planning 
        •  Public Policy        

    Catalog Overview: 

    Traditional FIeld Study Placements:

    • Placements are organized within the 10 categories listed below--several placements appear in multiple categories
    • Traditional placements consist of non-profit, for-profit, and public organizations, along with on-campus departments and programs.
    • Only placements listed within this catalog OR pre-approved by our office can be used as a field study site. 

    School of Social Ecology-Based Placements

    • SE106W - Digital Archive
      • This new hybrid Field Study course/placement opportunity debuts in Fall '21 and represent a unique “3-in-1” model by simultaneously fulfilling the following three requirements: 1) Field Study course 2) Field placement and 3) Upper Division Writing...All in one!
      • Learn more about this field study course/placement option and the application process HERE.
    • Research Assistantships
      • Research assistant positions with faculty within the School of Social Ecology**
    • Learning Assistantships 
      • Learning assistant positions for courses within the School of Social Ecology**

    **Research and Learning assistantships OUTSIDE of the School of Social Ecology must be reviewed and approved by the Field Study Director before they can be submitted as a field placement. 

    **IMPORTANT: Please carefully read about the unit and enrollment requirements for research/learning assistantship positions HERE before applying.



     Traditional Field Study Site Categories

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    Child & Family Services




    College Student Services

    Education (K-12)



    Environmental, Planning, & Policy

    General Community Outreach/Services



    Healthcare Services

    Human Resources & I/O Psychology



    Law Enforcement

    Legal Services





    School of Social Ecology-Based Placements:

    SE 106W, Research, and Learning Assistant Positions


    Want to recommend an organization/project/program to become an approved Field Study placement? 

    Provide the following link to your potential placement's contact to learn more and complete the required paperwork:

    • Site Placement Application
    • Site Placement Agreement