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This catalog is a comprehensive listing of placement sites for UCI School of Social Ecology students seeking to complete their field study (SE 195) degree requirement. Students are encouraged to begin looking for an appropriate placement site early in the quarter preceding the quarter in which they plan to do their field study. UNLISTED SITES WILL NOT BE APPROVED FOR PLACEMENT DURING THE CURRENT ACADEMIC YEAR. Sites that are interested in establishing a field study placement with the UCI School of Social Ecology are encouraged to apply.  Applications are available under "Site Supervisor Info". Sites that apply in the current academic year, will be evaluated and if approved will be added to the catalog for the following academic year.

Field placement sites are divided into ten areas: corrections, counseling, environmental education, health, legal services, planning, police, public policy, schools, and senior services.

General Information

Field Study Catalog General Information. Click on the field heading for complete listing of all sites in that field. Social Ecology welcomes our new field study partners (date in paranthesis is last update):

Placement Sites by career area

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For sites that have current openings or recent changes see "Important Notes & Site Updates."


Once prerequisites to Field Study are complete, Social Ecology students may elect to do Field Study in any of these areas, regardless of their specific major.

Prerequisites for field study are:
  • Social Ecology 10 is required
  • Social Ecology 13 is recommended.
  • Declared major in the School of Social Ecology in good academic standing (2.0 GPA) and junior standing (90+ units)
  • Accepted a placement at listed Field Study Community Partner and submitted course enrollment form by the deadline.
  • Submit Field Study Course Enrollment Form by established deadlines. Students must have obtained field placement PRIOR to submitting form.