Field Study Catalog


***IMPORTANT: Before applying to any field sites, please be sure that you meet all of the below prerequisites. Students with missing prerequisites will not be permitted to enroll in a field study course even if they have secured a field placement. 


  • Declared major in the School of Social Ecology or Environmental Science and Policy Major
  • Social Ecology 10 (or an equivalent course ex. EDU 10) - required  (can be In Progress to be completed) 
  • Social Ecology 13 - recommended
  • Minimum 2.0 GPA
  • Junior or Senior standing (90+ units)
  • Lower Division Writing completed (if requesting enrollment in SocEcol 195W) 

    General Information

    • The Field Study catalog is a comprehensive listing of placement sites for students in the School of Social Ecology and Environmental Science and Policy (ENSP) majors.
    • Completion of 80 hours of fieldwork, IN CONJUCTION with the field study courses SocEcol 195 or SocEcol 195W, fulfills the School of Social Ecology degree requirement for Field Study. 
    • All placement sites found in the catalog below have been pre-approved for field study
    • Social Ecology students may elect to do Field Study in any area, regardless of their specific major 
      • For Environmental Science and Policy Majors ONLY: Field Study Placements must be in one of the following areas:
        •  Environmental Science and Education Services 
        •  Planning 
        •  Public Policy        

    Catalog Overview: 

    Traditional Field Study Placements:

    • Placements are organized within the 10 categories listed below--several placements appear in multiple categories
    • Traditional placements consist of non-profit, for-profit, and public organizations, along with on-campus departments and programs.
    • Only placements listed within this catalog OR pre-approved by our office can be used as a field study site. 
    • The catalog is available year-round and is updated ongoingly 

     NEW UPDATE! Summer Field Study Placements

    • ALL listings have been updated with with summer availability 

    School of Social Ecology-Based Placements

    • Research Assistantships
      • Research assistant positions with faculty within the School of Social Ecology**
    • Learning Assistantships 
      • Learning assistant positions for courses within the School of Social Ecology**

    **Research and Learning assistantships OUTSIDE of the School of Social Ecology must be reviewed and approved by the Field Study Director before they can be submitted as a field placement. Submit a Research Assistant Clearance Request Form HERE. 

    **IMPORTANT: Please carefully read about the unit and enrollment requirements for research/learning assistantship positions HERE before applying.




     Traditional Field Study Site Categories

    Use the reference guide to browse through the catalog.

    The full listings can be found under each of the categories listed below 

    All catalog listings have been updated with their respective 2022 -2023 availability.  No separate catalogs will be created. 

    Child & Family Services




    College Student Services

    Education (K-12)



    Environmental, Planning, & Policy

    General Community Outreach/Services



    Healthcare Services

    Human Resources & I/O Psychology



    Law Enforcement

    Legal Services





    Fall 2022 

    School of Social Ecology-Based Placements:

     Research and Learning Assistant Positions


    Want to recommend an organization/project/program to become an approved Field Study placement? 

    Provide the following link to your potential placement's contact to learn more and complete the required paperwork:

    • Site Placement Application
    • Site Placement Agreement


    Are you as site supervisor and would like to update your listing?