FAQ for Faculty

Are their established standards for field study?

Yes, the faculty have established minimum standards for field study.

What is the process for students to enroll in the program?  

Students must be authorized by field study staff before they can enroll in a section of field study. Once authorization is submitted students may enroll through WebReg or Summer Session. No course code is required. To receive authorization students:

  1. Apply directly to approved field study sites
  2. Accept an offer and confirm placement with the agency
  3. Submit a course enrollment form* by the appropriate deadline on the field study website 
  4. Complete prequisites (SocEcol 10, 90+ units, declared majors in the School of Social Ecology). 

*Course enrollment forms are reviewed to confirm prerequisites are met and that the placement and field work aligns with the expectations of the field study program.  

What information can I expect from the field study office?  

  • A roster of the students in your section along with their course enrollment forms
  • At the end of the quarter you will receive a report that verifies the field work hours and the overall rating the student earned from their supervisor. 

How is field study graded?

  • Field Study (SocEcol 195) is graded on a Pass/No Pass (P/NP) basis based on satisfactory completion of both academic and field work requirements.
  • Field Study Writing Seminar (SocEcol 195W) is graded.
  • Occasionally, we may not receive verification of the student’s field work in time to meet the due date for submitting grades. In the case of students for whom we do not have evaluations or who have not completed the hours requirement (25 hrs/1 unit credit), faculty may choose to assign a grade of “Incomplete”.
    • If they are significantly below hours faculty may chose an "I" or an "NP" at their discretion.
    • If students will be completing hours beyond finals week, faculty are encouraged to make arrangements with students for continued University supervision of their field work. This can often be accomplished through weekly updates via email from the student.

How do I submit a change of grade?  

How to Submit a Request

  •     Access WebGrades for the term and course
  •     Click Request Post-Quarter Grade Changes
  •     Locate student and assign the new grade
  •     Click Submit Grade Changes into Approval Process
  •     Provide a concise description of the error(s) necessitating the change request
  •     Click Submit Request or cancel and return to WebGrades

Submitted requests will be forwarded to the school offering the course, the Registrat's Office, and if applicable Summer Session. The request may be denied any of these offices and/or returned to the previous approval point for further explanation.

For more information, visit: https://www.reg.uci.edu/faculty-staff/gradechanges-faculty.html

How can I help deter plagiarism!

Require that students sumbit their papers on Turnitin.com. UCI has a contract with Turnitin.com that allows unlimited use by any undergraduate class on campus. The contract is administered by Network & Academic Computing Services. Faculty who are teaching 194W, 195, 195W, or any other course requiring a term paper are strongly encouraged to use this service.

How do I get a Turnitin.com account?   

Email Ashley Vikander from your UCI email address and she will send you details about establishing an account and using the service. If you already have an account all you need to do is set up a new class. If you have forgotten your password for your account, click on the log in link, then the 'reset password' button and follow the instructions.  

What are some ways to manage attendance in my field study section?

Establish a mandatory attendance policy, and clearly communicate the policy in advance and in your syllabus. Here are some of the ways that attendance issues have been addressed:

  • In accordance with your attendance policy let the student know that they will not pass the class. They can then either chose to drop or earn a 'NP'.
  • If it is during the first week refer the student to another section that is open and that has not had their first class meeting
  • Provide make up options for documented absences. Some options include:
    • Getting notes from a class mate and writing a reflections
    • Write a longer paper
    • Complete an additional writing assigment.  
  • Attend office hours.

Does the Field Study Office collect course syllabi for field study?

Yes! Please forward a copy of your current 195 or 195W course syllabus to the Field Study Program at sefieldstudy@uci.edu.