Prospective Community Partners


Thank you for your interest in partnering to develop an opportunity for field study with the UCI School of Social Ecology Field Study Program. The School of Social Ecology Field Study Program is one of the many ways to tap into the undergraduate talent pool at UC Irvine.

What is Field Study?

Our faculty has developed the field study requirement of our undergraduate degree program to engage students in rigorous, innovative, thoughtful and engaged learning through active participation in our community. Field study provides students with the opportunity to examine social problems; evaluate the merit of ideas presented in the classroom; and educates students in conducting naturalistic scholarly observations and investigations.

Agencies such as yours provide a learning environment where students actively engage in the day-to-day operations of the site while they are conducting a scholarly inquiry related to their placement. Supervisors provide 1:1 supervision, feedback and mentoring. The role of the student at most placement sites is that of a participant-observer but they are expected to be professional, engaged, inquisitive, and ready to learn and contribute. We invite sites to consider partnering with the Field Study Program as one-time partners or long-term placements. 

If you are interested in providing field study opportunities for Social Ecology students, please complete the online application below and review the Field Study Placement Agreement. After we receive the application materials, we will schedule a site visit on the next available field day to discuss the field study partnership you propose and evaluate your organization as a placement site for our students.  


Ideal placement sites provide students with a pre-professional experience and structure the student’s activities to allow the student to:

  • Contribute to the day-to-day activities of the organization by working on duties and tasks related to Social Ecology curriculum
  • Develop an understanding of organizational goals and objectives
  • Observe current social problems and evaluate intervention strategies
  • Perceive relationships between theories learned in the classroom and practice experienced in the field
  • Develop interpersonal and technical competencies required in the workplace
  • Field study sites must adhere to The Fair Labor Standards Act

If you have any questions regarding the School of Social Ecology or the field study program, please contact us at (949) 824-6861 or