Forms and Applications

Field Study Stipend Application

The Field Study Student Stipend Program was created as a way to support field study students that face challenges with access to professional apparel and reliable transportation. Our goal is to increase student success by addressing obstacles that hinder students’ abilities to make the most of their field study experience. All School of Social Ecology and Environmental Science & Policy majors participating in Field Study with a submitted Course Enrollment Form. 

Stipends available: 

  • Professional Clothing
  • Transportation  


Course Enrollment Forms

What is a Course Enrollment Form (CEF)?
Our office uses this form to collect:

  • Verification of your eligibility and completion of the Field Study prerequisites 
  • Your field study course selection (SE195, 195W, 106W), so we know which course we should authorize you for if you are fully eligible. 
  • Your placement information, so we know where you will be completing your fieldwork hours and which supervisor to contact. (Including Site number, Site Name, and Supervisor Information)

ATTENTION: Do not submit this form if you have NOT received and accepted an official offer from one of our approved placements. A copy of your submission will be sent to the site supervisor you list on the form. Submitting a placement without an official offer is grounds for academic dishonesty. 

CEF Coming Soon: 

Fall 2023 Course Enrollment Form - AVAILABLE MONDAY, JULY 10

CEF Currently available: 

Summer 2023 Course Enrollment Form -  Now Available! 

Summer Field Study Info Page 


Summer Session I - Friday, June 9 (OR UNTIL SEATS REACH CAPACITY) 

Summer Session II - Friday, July 21 (OR UNTIL SEATS REACH CAPACITY) 

What to expect after you submit this form: 

  • FOR THE SUMMER ONLY, we process CEF on a rolling basis, allow our office 3-5 business days to process your CEF, verify your eligibility, and submit your authorization
  • If there is an issue with your form, we will contact you to address the concern with you right away. 
  • If approved, you will be sent an email authorization with enrollment information. 

Summer  Field Study Enrollment: 

Please be advised: Once you are approved, your spot is reserved.

  • You can choose to enroll right away or wait until you have the funds to pay for the course 
  • You will only be unauthorized if you do not enroll by the date listed below and after we have made multiple attempts to contact you.
    • Enrollment deadlines:
      • SSI - June 16
      • SSII - July 28

Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Application - For International Students (with F-1 Visas)

If you are an F-1 Visa International student, who will be completing a field study placement with a site outside the university, you will need to submit a Curricular Practical Training (CPT) to the International Center. 

Visit the International Center website to learn more. 

Field Study Petition Forms and More 

Spring '23 Field Study - Student Self-Assessment 

Due: Friday, June 16

Sample Field Study Time Log

* To only be used as needed or as a backup. Please check in with your supervisor for their preferred tracking format. 

These forms are also used for other course petitions. Listed here are only those relevant to field study coursework. Visit the Advising website for more information. 

Course Waiver Petition 

Request to use non-UCI coursework to satisfy SOCECOL 195. 

*Processing time: 6-8 weeks.*

General Petition 

Request to waive, appeal, or substitute UCI coursework for SOCECOL 195. Use this form for Field Study exceptions not covered by other petitions.

*Processing time: 2-4 weeks.*

DegreeWorks Update Form 

Submit a request for the SocEcol 195 requirement to be changed or updated on your DegreeWorks. 

Common use: Requesting for PH 195W to be applied to satisfy SE195  

Processing time: Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for processing

Research Assistant Clearance Request Form 

Submit a request to use a research lab OUTSIDE the School of Social Ecology to be used as your field study placement. 

Processing time: Please allow 5-6 business days