Forms and Applications

Summer 2022

Course Enrollment Form will be available - April  4, 2022

Spring 2022


Course Enrollment Form

Deadline to submit: Friday, February 4th 

Information you will be submitting 

  • Your Identifiable student information 
  • Your Course Selection (195, 195W) 
  • Your placement information and role description
    • Including Site number, Site Name, Supervisor Information 

What to expect after you submit the form: 

  • For those requesting SOCECOL 195/195W - forms for these courses will be processed after the form closes on February 4.
  • If you are eligible and are approved, you will be notified by Friday, February 11, and will be able to enroll through WebReg, during your assigned Spring enrollment window.  
  • Once you submit this form, you will receive an email confirmation with a copy of your submission. KEEP THIS FOR YOUR RECORDS! 
  • If you are requesting SOCECOL 195/195W please do not contact our office to ask about the status of your submission prior to February 11

Students are guaranteed a seat* in a field study course if they: 

  • Submit a form before Friday, February 4 at 11:59 pm 
  • Meet all of the Field Study Prerequisites listed below: 
    • Declared major in the School of Social Ecology or Environmental Science and Policy Major
    • SOCECOL 10 (or an equivalent course) or "In Progress" to complete SOCECOL 10 (or an equivalent course) during Winter 2022
    • Junior or Senior Standing (90+ units)
    • Lower Division Writing - If requesting SOCECOL 195W/106W
  • Accepted a placement with an approved site!

*Students are guaranteed a seat in SE 195; Seats in SE 195W are limited and will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis (by order of submission)


Winter 2022

Need to submit a Winter Course Enrollment Form - click HERE

Field Study Course Petition Forms 

* These forms are also used for other course petitions. Listed here are only those relevant to field study coursework. Visit the Advising website for more information. 

Course Waiver Petition 

Request to use non-UCI coursework to satisfy SOCECOL 195. 

*Processing time: 6-8 weeks.*

General Petition 

Request to waive, appeal, or substitute UCI coursework for SOCECOL 195. Use this form for Field Study exceptions not covered by other petitions.

*Processing time: 2-4 weeks.*


DegreeWorks Update Form 

Submit a request for the SocEcol 195 requirement to be changed or updated on your DegreeWorks. 

Common use: Requesting for PH 195W to be applied to satisfy SE195  

Processing time: Please allow up to 3-4 weeks for processing

Research Assistant Clearance Request Form 

Submit a request to use a research lab OUTSIDE the School of Social Ecology to be used as your field study placement. 

Processing time: Please allow 5-6 business days