Fall Field Study What You Need to Know





Fall Frequently Asked Questions 


Will I be able to enroll in SOCECOL 195/195W/106W during my upcoming fall enrollment window?

NO! Students participating in Fall ‘24 Field Study will enroll the week of September 2. 


Do I need to find a placement first?

YES! You first need to identify, apply, and secure an approved placement. Visit our Catalog page for a list of approved placements. Updates for the placements 2024-2025 Academic Year availability are currently in progress, to be finalized at the end of May 2024 (tentatively).  


What do I do after I find a placement?

Submit the Fall ‘24 Course Enrollment Form (CEF), before the August 23rd deadline. The CEF will open on Monday, July 8!


When should I apply for fall field study placements?

Here is our suggested timeline, broken down for your convenience:

  • May/June: Work on your application materials (resume and cover letter), identify the positions you are interested in. 
  • End of June: Start submitting applications
  • July: continue to submit applications and participate in interviews
  • August: Finalize your selection and submit your CEF.


I am interested in SOCECOL 106W, when will I be able to apply?

Information and the application for the project tied to the section of SOCECOL 106W that will be available in the fall will be released soon. Be on the lookout for an email! 


What if I need the units SE195/195W to be at a full-time student status for the fall?

We recommend that you add a placeholder course in the meantime! 


What is the deadline to submit a fall placement? 

Friday, August 23rd

Fall Field Study - Info Session