Field Study Student Resources: Beyond Field Study, Maximizing your Experience

Next Steps After Field Study/Maximizing Your Experience


  • Reflect: 
    • What do you think was your most significant accomplishment while you were working?
    • Are there any new skills that you developed while you were at the worksite and what are they?
    • Describe what you believe the ideal supervisor or work environment will be like at work now that you have work experience in your field of study?
    • What tasks or areas of your field study experience did you not enjoy?
  • What to do next:
    • Say thank you
    • Keep in touch with the connections you have made
    • Take inventory of your skills
    • Update your resume
    • Prepare for your next internship or job search
    • Take advantage of networking opportunities

Incorporating your Field Study Experience into Your Resume: 

How to Describe Work Experience on Your Résumé - Steinbright Career Development Center


How to Ask for Letters of Recommendation

  • Choose well
    • Request recommendations from those who know you, since they will be better equipped to write a compelling recommendation for you 
  • Start early
    • Ideally, give the person at least three to four weeks, but never less than two weeks to complete the recommendation
    • Most faculty and staff are very busy and have numerous recommendations to write, so you want to be courteous
    • Also, rushing them might lead to a recommendation that isn’t as polished or as positive as it could be
  • Provide full information
    • About the position/program/scholarship/etc.
    • Description of position/program/scholarship/etc.
  • About you
    • Statement of why you are interested in this particular position/program/school/scholarship/etc. and how it specifically fits into your short or long‐term goals
    • Your up‐to‐date resume
    • Your most recent transcript
    • The reason why you are asking your recommender for this particular recommendation, as well as who else will be writing recommendations on your behalf
  • Request basic contact information of your recommender 
    • Email address
    • Phone #

Staying Connected     


  • How to Determine if Connections are Worth Investing in
    • Frequency of interactions - likelihood of them remembering and responding to you 
    • Strength of influence - benefits of the relationship to your career

After Graduation