Field Study Student Resources : Networking

Networking - What It Is and Why It’s Important 

About Networking

  • Establishing mutually beneficial relationships in your field of interest
  • Can be the #1 way to land a job or internship 
  • Can happen anytime and anywhere!

Career Toolkit

How to Network


  • How To Network The Right Way: Eight Tips
    • Start networking before you need it
    • Have a plan of what skills, connections, strengths you can offer
    • Prioritize openness and friendliness over personal gains 
    • Do not underestimate people’s importance or value of contributions 
    • Connect the people you meet
  • Informational Interviews 
    • What is an Informational Interview? 
      • An informational interview is when you lead an informal conversation with someone who works in the field of your interest or who may have the experience to help guide your professional journey. 
      • Allows you to gather information about requirements, rewards, and daily responsibilities of working in an industry
    • Informational Interviews
      • Find professionals to interview
      • Connect with contacts
      • Prepare to interview
        • Become familiar with information about the company, and think of questions you would like to ask 
        • Bring your resume, and ask for feedback
      • Conduct the interview
      • Evaluate the career information
  • How to Ask for an Informational Interview and Get a Yes
    • Who to Ask 
      • Make a list of companies you'd like to work at and job titles or positions you're interested in
      • Identify people with your dream roles who also work at those companies
      • See if there are any mutuals through friends and family. Otherwise, you can search on LinkedIn
  • How to Ask: Sending an Email


  • Follow up, and be persistent!
  • How to Get the Most Out of an Informational Interview
    • Prepare well, and practice what you are going to ask
    • Keep your introduction short, and get straight to the point
    • Remind the interviewee of the time that has been allocated, and set a warm friendly tone
    • As you are asking questions, don’t be afraid to ask follow up or clarifying questions, but also give them breathing space and time to reflect 
    • Ask about the more negative aspects of their positions
    • Follow up with gratitude instead of expecting a favor 
    • Build the connection over time by staying in contact. You can relay relevant information, provide life updates, or ask to meet again

Networking Platforms

Anteater Network Brief on the Anteater Network 

  • Network for the UCI community to connect students, faculty, and alumni. Provides various opportunities to connect with Anteaters, join groups in similar fields with shared interests, and access to resources like jobs, internships, events, and tips on how to network.