Field Study Traditional Catalog - Legal Services

Last Updated  4/9/2024


Carrazco Law  (Site# 923) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: YES    Winter: YES      Spring: YES   Summer 2024: YES 
Placement type:   In-person
Placements available:   5 +        Length of Commitment: 1 quarter minimum 
Physical Address (if applicable): 18301 Irvine Blvd. Tustin CA 92780
Hours of Operation:   18301 Irvine Blvd. Tustin CA 92780                            
Site Website:
Main Contact:   Faust Minor                      Title: Communications Director, HR, Operations
Email Address:      Phone:  800-541-3244

About the Organization:

MISSION: To provide exceptional legal services with integrity, dedication, and a client-centric approach, ensuring justice and advocating for our clients' rights while upholding the highest ethical standards.

 VISSION: To be a leading law firm recognized for excellence in legal practice, innovation, in client satisfaction. Striving to make a positive impact on the legal landscape, we aim to be a trusted partner for
   individuals and businesses seeking expert legal representation.

  CORE VALUES: To be trustworthy, respectful, and honest in our actions to help clients to the best of our abilities. To always look after the best interests of the client.
   Carrazco Law specializes in Personal Injury, Workers' Compensation and Civil Rights

Placement Job Description: 

 Our friendly, fast-paced Plaintiff litigation firm seeks knowledgeable and detailed professionals
   Carrazco Law specializes in personal Injury, Workers' Compensation, and Civil Rights. You will work alongside a team of experienced attorneys. There is an opportunity for exposure to federal civil rights litigation.

  •   Manage several Personal Injury claims/suits provided by the Firm.
  •   Work directly with clients of assigned cases throughout the pre-litigation & litigation process.
  •   Work directly with paralegals and supervising partners.
  •   Evaluate & help potential new clients with intakes or assistance as needed
  •   Draft legal pleadings, correspondence, and discovery.
  •   Assist with cases going to trial when necessary.


Requirements (subject to change):

COMPUTER LITERATE: Must be able to type at least sixty (60) words per minute. Must have strong skills in computer programs such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF Program), Microsoft Excel, Case Management Software (Clio, Litify, Vine), and other law-related programs.
   INDEPENDENT: Must be able to effectively handle personal injury litigation cases from start to finish.
   ORGANIZED: Must be able to effectively organize assignments and case-related assignments. Must be able to effectively organize a physical and electronic case file.
   EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION SKILLS: Develop and maintain positive rapport when communicating with clients, partners, opposing counsel, medical providers, etc.
   CREATIVE THINKING: Ability to think of creative solutions to problems or issues. Strong strategic thinker.
   CLIENT FRIENDLY: Proven ability to diffuse difficult situations and work well with diverse personalities.
   HIGHLY MOTIVATED: We are a highly active firm, and move quickly in all areas: Client response time, call-backs to potential new clients, urgency to all external business associates, etc. The best fit will be an individual with punctuality, is professional in appearance and demeanor, has a good learning attitude, and strives to go above and beyond to meet our clients' needs. Must also work effectively in terms of reasonable temporal limits and work in advance of upcoming deadlines.
COVID-19 Protocols: We follow CDC guidelines
How to Apply:   Apply by email to: must include resume and a cover letter. 

Chen & Nowzari LLP (Site #924) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: YES    Winter: YES      Spring  FULL   Summer 2024: NO 
Placement type:   In-person 
Placements available:   1       Length of Commitment:   1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 111 Corporate Dr., Suite 150, Ladera Ranch CA 92694
Hours of Operation: M-F 8:30 am - 5:30 pm                             
Site Website:
Main Contact:  Mr. Cyrus Chen                     Title: Managing Attorney
Email Address:     Phone:  949-888-9807

About the Organization:   Our mission is to advocate for the injured worker. Our law firm specializes in representing employees injured on the job in workers compensation claims throughout California.

Placement Job Description: 

 Students will:  sit in depositions; contact defense attorneys or insurance adjusters to follow up on status of claims, requests for authorization for treatment, obtain status of benefits, payment of attorney fees; contact employer to confirm filing of claim and to get insurance information; review records and provide summary; sit in on new client intake; legal research and prepare memorandum; sit in on client calls.

Requirements (subject to change): Computer literate and ability and confidence to make phone calls.
COVID-19 Protocols: None 
How to Apply:   Email

Horsemen, Inc. (Site #808.1) 

Accepting students for the 24-25 AY:  Fall: Yes   Winter: NO     Spring: Yes     Summer 2024: Yes  (SSI) Yes (SSII)
Placements available: 2           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 16911 Algonquin Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Hours of Operation:    Mon-Fri 8-5                           
Main Contact:  Mr. Ed Carpenter                                 Title: Operations and Training Manager
Email Address:         Phone:  714-231-4521  


About the Organization:

Mission: To establish Horsemen, Inc. as a superior service provider in the insurance fraud community.
Various aspects and job positions within Horsemen, Inc., a private investigations company, will be learned. Participants could work in one or several of the job positions within the company assisting with and administrating investigations for insurance type claims. Some tasks could include data entry, quality control review of reports and video, and shadowing investigators in the field, as they conduct surveillance and obtain recorded interviews for claims and incidents.

Placement Job Description:

To be honest, reliable, and discreet (of any case knowledge or findings) as they apply to attention to detail while learning the various jobs within a commercial private investigations company working with clients who are companies and attorney's. The daily tasks and assignments could range from administrative jobs of data entry, case-setup, working in the audio-visual department to review video and conducting quality control reviews. There could be limited field work opportunities during a participants tenure, of shadowing investigators as they conduct surveillance or obtain statements.

Requirements (subject to change)

  • Must pass a background check for civil and criminal history, a reference check, and drug screen.
  •    They will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.
  •    Be able to work cohesively in an office environment as a team member, conducting individually assigned tasks, while being discreet with any information learned, regarding case information and details.

COVID-19 Protocols: Physical Distancing
How to Apply:  Can email Ed Carpenter to inquire as to the semester availability and to initiate the process. Once initial contact is made and to continue the process as needed, submit a resume to Ed Carpenter at

Immigration Court Watch Program - Weisz Immigration Law Group (Site #900) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes  Summer 2024: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 510 W 6th St, Suite 200, Los Angeles, CA
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-6                                
Site Website: N/A
Main Contact: Ms. Vera Weisz                        Title: Supervising Attorney
Email Address:          Phone: 213-347-0025

About the Organization:
The Immigration Court Watch Program (ICWP) provides law students, paralegals, attorneys, and undergraduate students, and community volunteers with the opportunity to protect the due process rights of individuals currently in immigration proceedings by observing immigration court hearings and documenting any irregularities or abuses they observe. 

A similar program in New York collected data that was used to generate the National Lawyers Guild's report, "Fundamental Fairness: A Report on the Due Process Crisis in New York City Immigration Courts." Volunteers undergo a brief training (approximately 90 minutes in length), during which they are introduced to the basics of immigration court practice and procedure. They learn the difference between master calendar, individual merits, and bond hearings, as well as detained and non-detained cases. They also learn to recognize disputes over the admission of evidence, record the demeanor and behavior of the parties, and document in detail their observations.

Placement Job Description:

ICWP volunteers observe proceedings at the Los Angeles Immigration Court at 606 South Olive Street, Los Angeles, CA 90014; the Federal Building at 300 North Los Angeles Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012; and the Adelanto Immigration Court at 10250 Rancho Road, Adelanto, CA 92301. Field study students observe the proceedings of detained individuals appearing before the Immigration Courts. Interns have the opportunity to become deeply familiar with Immigration Court practice and to contribute to the vital work of ensuring transparency in our Immigration Courts. Students spend their time in court watching and inputting their observation questionnaires into the Court Watch database as well as providing administrative support to the program.

Student responsibilities will likely grow and change as the program progresses, and may include collaboration on a report analyzing the observations of our observers. Students are welcome and encouraged to attend NLG-Los Angeles Immigration Committee meetings. Students will be expected to work independently during their observation sessions, but the licensed attorney will supervise their written work and will always be available to answer questions or provide assistance.

Requirements (subject to change): Interest and/or familiarity with immigration law and policy and due process rights. Computer skills (e-mail, database entry). Good judgment and discretion. Preferred Bilingual.
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required
How to Apply:  Send a cover letter and resume to

Irvine Law Firm, LLP (Site #914) 

Accepting students for  the 23-24 AY:  Fall: NO    Winter: NO     Spring: NO    Summer 2024: NO
Placement type: Hybrid 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 780 Roosevelt, Irvine, CA 92620
Hours of Operation: M-F hours are flexible, dedicating 5-8 hours per week                              
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mr. Ron Alikani                                 Title: Managing Partner
Email          Phone: 949-653-6153

About the Organization:
Since 2004, Irvine Law Group, LLP has been a legal solution provider to individuals and businesses throughout the state of California. Based in Irvine, CA, our mission is to provide individuals and businesses with quality legal representation using the latest technology for their business and personal legal needs. Starting October 2021, we will be offering “Total Legal Optimizer”, a subscription legal service designed to manage the legal needs of qualified businesses and protect the assets and legacy of their owners and stakeholders

Placement Job Description: Are you a people person? Do you have organizational skills? Do you enjoy working in a fast-paced environment? The ideal candidate should be courteous and portray eagerness and a willingness to help in whatever way possible – going beyond the stated needs of clients and anticipating ways to deliver a “WOW” experience. The duties consist very much of what might traditionally be considered an executive assistant but also includes what may be considered the traditional roles of production assistant, proofreader, event planner, marketing guru, and social media content developer.

Requirements (subject to change):

  • Pleasant, tech-savvy, warm personality, energetic, highly professional attitude, and team-oriented.
  • Excellent verbal communication.
  • Loves to work with people.
  • A strong background in customer service and social media content creation is preferred.
  • Should have MS Office experience, and strong proficiency with computers including the ability to learn new software programs quickly.

COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required
How to Apply: 

Use the link to apply. Cover letter not required. You do not need to complete all of the fields if your resume contains the information. 

JHK Law Firm (Site #901) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: Yes    Winter: NO     Spring: TBA    Summer 2024: YES (SSI & SSII) 
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 1            Length of Commitment: 2 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): 135 S. State College Blvd., Suite 200 Brea, CA 92821
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Jeannie Kim                                   Title: Attorney at Law
Email Address:            Phone: 714-987-6188

About the Organization:
Our team of dedicated legal professionals is well-versed in many specialized areas, such as estate planning with a focus on elder law and disabled. Our team brings a diverse background to the table, allowing us to practice and represent many areas of law. This gives Jeannie H. Kim Law Firm an edge when dealing with complex legal matters that usually require more than one area of expertise without having to hire a multitude of attorneys. Our firm can provide you the comprehensive legal support to meet your needs.

Placement Job Description:

  • Filing legal procedures
  • Completing legal forms under supervision of an attorney
  • Direct client interactions
  • Learning how to use the court-designated e-filing system
  • Learning to check for conflicts of interest
  • Handling phone calls
  • Communicating with the court clerk and opposing counsels
  • Learning to write legal letters and emails.

Requirements (subject to change): Detail-oriented and dependable
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Physical Distancing
How to Apply: Send resumes and cover letters to:

Knowles & Vacca, Inc. (KVInc) (Site #913) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: FULL   Winter: Yes     Spring: FULL     Summer 2024: No
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 525 Cabrillo Park Drive, Suite 250, Santa Ana, CA 92701
Hours of Operation: M-F 10-6                               
Site Website: N/A
Main Contact: Ms. Kristen Knowles             Title: Owner
Email Address: N/A                                    Phone: (714) 560-9400

About the Organization: KVInc is a group of licensed private investigators, providing a wide range of services. KVInc provides information in civil, federal, and criminal court cases; conducts investigations for private citizens and businesses; conducts background, asset, and pre-employment searches; prepares and serves summons and subpoenas; and provides complete trial support for attorneys. In addition, KVInc also conducts worker's compensation investigations for insurance companies and employers.

Placement Job Description: Field study students will aid investigators in the development of their cases; work may deal with civil, federal, or criminal court cases, and may include private investigative matters, Students will learn to prepare and serve subpoenas, conduct court research, and coordinate case organization for trial support. Students will work directly with one or more investigators and will receive on-the-job training. Depending on per case need, students may be asked to conduct research on various issues.

Requirements (subject to change):

  • Some knowledge of the court system
  • Computer and bilingual skills beneficial
  • Students must be reliable and diligent
  • Must have good judgment and common sense
  • Must be comfortable working alone as well as in a group. 

COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required
How to Apply: Call (714) 560-9400 to schedule an interview. A copy of your resume and class list must be received at least 2 days prior to the scheduled interview. No application or background check fees required.

Law Office of Bruce C. Bridgman (Site #902) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes   Spring: Yes    Summer 2024: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 4            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 17500 Red Hill Ave., Suite 230, Irvine, CA 92614
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mr. Bruce Bridgman                      Title: Supervisor
Email Address:           Phone: 714-963-5486

About the Organization:
My firm has participated in a clinical program with the University of California Irvine, for over twenty-five years. Through this program, well over two hundred students have spent a quarter working for the firm as interns.

Placement Job Description:

The duties may include one or more of the following when assisting attorneys, legal assistants, and legal secretaries:

  • Answer phone inquiries, direct calls, and provide basic company information
  • Perform clerical duties, maintain files, and organize documents photocopy, fax, etc.
  • Assist in preparing information and research materials
  • Take notes during consultations with clients.

Requirements (subject to change): N/A
COVID-19 Protocols: Physical Distancing
How to Apply:

Law Office of Xiaomin Hu, P. C.(Site #919) 

Accepting students for the 24-25 AY: Fall: Yes   Winter: Yes   Spring: Yes      Summer 2024: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 1        Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable):  2070 Business Center Drive, Suite 205, Irvine, CA 92612
Hours of Operation:  M-F 9-6                          
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Sarah Yang                  Title: HR & Operations Manager
Email        Phone:  949-502-0873

About the Organization:

The Law Office of Xiaomin Hu, P.C. is a boutique immigration law firm founded by Xiaomin (Samantha) Hu. Samantha and her supporting staffs are committed to helping each client to have a smooth transition using their specialized immigration knowledge and experiences. Each client is unique and different. The Law Office of Xiaomin Hu, P.C. will always put the client’s interest as our first priority and deliver the best customer service with creative and cost-effective legal solutions.

Placement Job Description:  

Assists attorneys in handling various immigration and non-immigration cases, including H-1B, I-485, EB class and other applications such as I-131 Advance Parole, I-765 Work Permit and L visas

Requirements (subject to change):   Communication, detail-oriented skills; Ability to handle electronic and hard copy documents.
   Strong interpersonal and organizational skills. Preferred Chinese Language Speaker
COVID-19 Protocols: N/A 
How to Apply:   Email AND copy xhu@huimmigration. 

 Law Offices of Adam V. Nguyen (Site #903)

Accepting students for 24-25 AY: Fall: NO   Winter: NO   Spring: NO   Summer 2024: NO
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 9550 Bolsa Ave. Unit 224 Westminster, CA 92683
Hours of Operation: M-F 10-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Samantha Yap                       Title: Office Manager
Email Address:            Phone: 714-876-6786

About the Organization:
We take great pride in making ourselves available to our clients at all times for their convenience. We make our clients our top priorities 24/7. This office has multiple legal departments with extensive knowledge and experience in Personal Injury, Family Immigration, Business Law, Family Law, Workers Compensation and Estate Planning.

We are a full-service law firm dedicated to providing the best results for our clients.

Placement Job Description
What You Will Do:

  • Provide administrative support to lawyer and enhance office effectiveness
  • Handle communication with clients, witnesses etc.
  • Prepare case briefs and summarize depositions, interrogatories and testimony
  • Locate and develop case-relevant information
  • Type up and file basic legal documents and correspondence
  • Answer and direct phone calls

What You Bring:

An interest in the legal industry

You Are:

•    Currently attending College
•    Interested in pursuing a legal career
•    Proficient with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel.
•    Strong interpersonal skills and ability to work effectively with people at all levels; 
•    A team player.
•    Willingness to learn.
•    A winning, can-do attitude!

Requirements (subject to change): Customer Service Experience
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Physical Distancing. Must provide a Negative covid test 72 hours before your first day (must be PCR test) - if you are feeling sick with symptoms to not come in or notify us via email or call us
How to Apply: Please email your resume and cover letter.

 Mantle, Zimmer & Eulo, LLP (Site #921) 

Accepting students for the 24-25 AY: Fall: NO    Winter: TBA   Spring: TBA   Summer 2024: NO 
Placement type: In Person 
Placements available:    1     Length of Commitment: 2 quarters 
Physical Address (if applicable): 4685 MacArthur Court, Ste . 340 Newport Beach, CA 92660
Hours of Operation:   M - T 8 - 5; F 8 - 1:30                            
Site Website:
Main Contact:  Mrs.  Debbie Fenoglio                        Title: General Manager
Email       Phone:   949-757-5900

About the Organization:

Since our inception in 1986, Mantle, Zimmer & Eulo, LLP has been a preeminent force in the California Workers’ Compensation Defense Community. We have devoted our practice to meeting the legal needs of our clients.
   The members of our firm possess significant experience with opposing counsel and Judges in venues from Van Nuys to San Diego. We understand that each case and client is unique and pay attention to obtaining the best results possible given the particular facts of every case. An example of our effectiveness lies in the fact that our client base has remained the same since the firm’s inception.
   Our Mission is to provide our clients with a network of excellent legal representation, result-oriented legal team and a dedication to quality customer service.
   For our community, we will continue our long tradition of service and leadership.

Placement Job Description: 

 Communicate with clients, gathering necessary information/documentation pertaining to cases.
 Manage administrative duties including filing, scanning, processing mail and new files and uploading email to legal cases.

Requirements (subject to change):   No minimum qualifications.
COVID-19 Protocols: None 
How to Apply: Please email:

 Nancy Clark and Associates, Inc (Site #103.1) 

Accepting students for 24-25: Fall: No    Winter: YES    Spring: YES     Summer 2024: NO
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 17802 Sky Park Circle, Suite 106 Irvine, CA 92614
Hours of Operation: Monday through Sunday                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Winter McDaniel            Title: Assistant Director
Email Address:           Phone: 949-631-0550

About the Organization:
Nancy Clark and Associates, Inc. provides Alternative Sentencing Programs for the criminal justice population. Our mission is to Provide Reason and Resource to Reduce Recidivism. We offer the following services: Pre-Sentence Reports, Residential Drug and Alcohol treatment (The Recovery Center), Relapse Prevention Outpatient education, Neurofeedback, The Shoplifter's Alternative Course, Anger Management, Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitoring (SCRAM) and Drug Screening. We also operate a nonprofit called Road Home Foundation put in place to assist individuals upon release from jails and prisons.

Placement Job Description: Most of the student's time will be spent in an office environment with basic office duties, providing them with the opportunity to learn the different aspects of the company. They will participate in activities at The Recovery Center where there will be constant exposure to clients who come from a correctional environment.

Responsibilities may include some or all of the following:

  • Research and develop community resources
  • Interact with clients
  • Assist with case flow and the organization of materials
  • Assist clients in job search activities.
  • In addition, students may have the opportunity to accompany staff to court hearings, interviews and speaking engagements.

Requirements (subject to change): Good communication and organizational skills, basic computer knowledge, self-motivation. TB test is required. Students cannot have been on probation or parole within the last two years.
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required
How to Apply: Please send a resume and cover letter to

Orange County Alternate Defender (Site #905) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: FULL   Summer 2024: NO
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 5            Length of Commitment: 90 Days
Physical Address (if applicable): 600 W. Santa Ana Blvd. #600 Santa Ana, CA 92701
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Amanda Nguyen                                    Title: Paralegal
Email Address:          Phone: 657-251-6951

About the Organization:
The role of the Alternate Defender's Office is to provide quality representation to clients in an efficient and cost-effective manner. People who cannot afford to hire a lawyer have the right to a court-appointed lawyer, which in most cases is the Public Defender with a deputy public defender handling the case. The Alternate Defender is the office that handles cases if the Public Defender is not available for appointment (typically if there is a legal conflict of interest).

Placement Job Description: Working with our trial attorneys, investigators, paralegals and secretaries.

Duties include: 

  • Organizing discovery and indexing information
  • Summarizing police reports, body-worn camera footage and interview videos
  • Copying and filing case files
  • Conducting legal research.

Requirements (subject to change): Background check and Live Scan
COVID-19 Protocols: No mask if vaccinated
How to Apply: Please email your resume and cover letter to:

Pointer & Buelna - Lawyers For The People  (Site #920) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2024: YES 
Placement type: In-person, Remote, Hybrid
Placements available: 3          Length of Commitment: 1 quarter but we welcome longer to the right fit.
Physical Address (if applicable):155 Filbert Street, Suite 208, Oakland, California 94607
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact:  Carolina Galvan                        Title: Law Clerk/Intake Manager 
Email       Phone: 510-929-5400

About the Organization:
Pointer & Buelna, LLP - Lawyers For The People is a small, diverse civil rights law firm that strives to provide pre-eminent representation to community members that have suffered themselves or have family that were victims of police brutality, died in-custody due to a constitutional violation, traumatic injuries and employment discrimination. 

Placement Job Description

   Legal Interns will be trained to assist in conducting client intakes (taking notes on incoming calls, asking questions, analyzing & summarizing for Intake managers).
   Legal interns will assist in general legal document drafting, client interviews, note taking and miscellaneous tasks the attorneys assign based on the capabilities, experience and learning curve

Requirements (subject to change): A willingness to work hard, listen and provide your own input.
COVID-19 Protocols: Depends on situation
How to Apply:    Please call or send all resumes, references, cover letters and/or inquiries to

Parole Board Project from Just Advocate Inc. by Prison from the Inside Out Inc.  (Site #909) 

Accepting students for: Fall: TBA    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2024: NO 
Placement type: Remote 
Placements available: 6+      Length of Commitment: 1 quarter 
Physical Address (if applicable): Virtual 
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mrs. Alesha Monteiro                             Title: Social Justice Advocate
Email Address: BPH_Project@justadvocate,net           Phone: 925-206-8661

About the Organization: FTIO started as a way to provide a voice for incarcerated people in the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. We believe that investing in the incarcerated community and transforming them from within is the key to lowering recidivism and optimizing their reentry success. We believe in providing a voice to the voiceless. We believe in serving the incarcerated and their families with compassion, empathy, and respect. We believe men and women are resilient and can grow through their experiences. We focus on Mass rehabilitation as a resolve to Mass Incarceration! 

Placement Job Description

501 c3 nonprofit alongside Just Advocates Inc’s, Parole Board Project. Two social justice organizations working together to research the board of parole process and understand why it appears to not be working in the manner in which it was intended.

  • California Board of Parole Hearings (BPH) transcripts are public records.
    • During the parole board project, we will be obtaining these records.
    • We will go through all BPH denials and approvals, with denials that were granted during Covid being the first cohort of transcripts being pulled and reviewed.
  • Every transcript will note, amongst other things, the reason for denial.
    • We will be looking for specific, commonly used, ambiguous language.
    • Every transcript read will require a survey to be completed, as detailed and comprehensive as possible, reflecting the findings and details of the transcript review.
  • Once accepted, it is a requirement that you attend a one-hour orientation/workshop which will give more in-depth details about the project, give us a chance to run through a transcript together, and answer any questions people may have.
    • This workshop is a necessary step to receiving transcript assignments.
  • Special group or solo research projects may be required.
  • Attendance to webinars pertaining to mass incarceration may be required.
  • The majority of Field study participants will adhere to the description above but as the project grows we have obtained the need for assistance with administrative projects as well as engaging the organization's social media presence. If you are particularly interested in these areas please mention this in your email of interest for the field study position.

Requirements (subject to change):  Proficient knowledge of all Google Drive and Microsoft Office
How to Apply: Please email resume with cover letter to BPH_Project@justadvocate,net

Public Defender - Harbor Justice Center (Site #911) 

Accepting students for the 2324 AY: Fall: YES    Winter: NO   Spring: YBA   Summer 2024: Yes (SSI & SSII) 
Placement type: In- person 
Placements available: 2-5          Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 4400 MacArthur BLVD, STE 970, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Hours of Operation: M-F 8am to 5pm                          
Site Website:
Main Contact:   Kathleen Sakoguchi                                    Title: Senior Defense Investigator
Email              Phone: 657-251-8768

About the Organization: A voice for the poor, the Orange County Public Defender provides legal representation to those unable to afford a lawyer in criminal, juvenile, mental health and dependency cases. The Alternate Defenders and Associate Defenders are separate subsidiary offices handling cases in which the Public Defender declares a conflict of interest. Recognized as a leader nationwide, the Orange County Public Defender safeguards the Constitutional rights of all by providing high-quality, cost-effective legal services to the indigent of Orange County. It is our goal to provide helpful information about our office for clients and the public on this website..

Placement Job Description: Internships at the Harbor Justice Center Public Defender’s Office consists of the intern reviewing police reports and interviewing our clients in the office. After the interview is completed, the intern will then generate a report for the assigned attorney.

Other duties may include:

  • Social media searches
  • Internet research
  • Transcribing of audio
  • Redacting police reports
  • Trial book preparation
  • Courtroom trial observation.

Requirements (subject to change): Application, background check and life scans.
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Physical Distancing
How to Apply: Call 657-251-8768 or email 

Public Law Center  (Site #922) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: No    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2024: NO 
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote)
Placements available: 2         Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable):    Remote, or 601 or 615 Civic Center Drive West Santa Ana, CA 92701
Hours of Operation:   8:30 am - 5:30 pm                             
Site Website:
Main Contact:   Angela Mestre                            Title: Pro Bono Coordinator
Email      Phone: 714-541-1010

About the Organization:

The Public Law Center, Orange County's pro bono law firm, is committed to providing access to justice for low-income residents.  Through volunteers and staff, PLC provides free civil legal services, including counseling, individual representation, community education, and strategic litigation and advocacy to challenge societal injustices.
   We serve a wide range of clients, including immigrants, minorities, veterans, seniors, children, and low-income residents of Orange County. Their issues include domestic violence, human trafficking, guardianship, housing, health, bankruptcy, asylum, family law, consumer fraud, immigration, discrimination, and advocacy. Our services range from training seminars to individual legal advice, to full representation. We also provide extensive legal support to Orange County nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations so they can better meet their legal obligations, protect themselves from unnecessary litigation, and focus on delivering critical services to Orange County residents.

Placement Job Description

  General Tasks may include:

  •  Perform new case intake interviews; contact clients for follow-up through interviews and telephone calls; perform fact gathering, attend weekly Case Acceptance meetings, assist with opening case memos.
  •  Positions may be on a hybrid schedule.

   Current Units Available:


  •    Housing & Homelessness: Assist with housing related issues, including evictions, landlord-tenant disputes, impact litigation, public housing, housing voucher/subsidy terminations, and benefits for individuals and families experiencing homelessness.SPANISH SPEAKER PREFERRED. In      need of student with GIS MAPPING   EXPERIENCE.
  •    Sub-Units incude:
    •    *Mobile Home Advocacy:
      • Assist mobilehome owners, who are also tenants in the parks where their mobilehom
    •    *Housing Element Advocacy
      •    This sub-unit monitors city actions to ensure compliance with approved, adopted housing elements and state law. Work includes research and investigating potential violations of housing element law, as well as research and investigate fair housing issues and policies and programs that foster patterns of        segregation.

   2. FAMILY LAW (Available for 3rd Quarter)

   Assist with providing trauma-informed legal services to litigants with domestic violence, custody, divorce, child & spousal support, guardianship, and dependency adoption matters. SPANISH SPEAKER PREFERRED.

Requirements (subject to change):

  • Demonstrated commitment to serving low-income or disadvantaged individuals, families, and communities 
  • Ability to work efficiently and independently with moderate level of supervision;
  • Sensitivity and ability to work with victims of domestic violence and other sensitive populations;
  •  Fluency in Spanish or Vietnamese preferred for most positions.

COVID-19 Protocols: Guests must wear masks, but staff/volunteers can take mask off when in room together, if they want.
How to Apply:  Please send a resume and cover letter detailing why you are interested in working with PLC to


Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2024: NO 
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote)
Placements available:   10+       Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): UCI Campus - SSPB
Hours of Operation:  M-F 9-5; flexible                             
Site Website:
Main Contact:  Dr. Keramet Reiter                   Title:  Professor 
Email     Phone:949-824-9201

About the Organization:   By providing a digital archive of stories, UCI PrisonPandemic™ is bringing greater transparency to the COVID-19 crisis in prisons and jails. Made up of faculty and students at the University of California, Irvine, it is an ongoing initiative to collect stories from people incarcerated in California carceral facilities, their family members and loved ones, and the staff who work in these facilities. In creating PrisonPandemic, our hope is that the archive will outlive the COVID-19 pandemic and serve as a resource for understanding the unequal toll of the criminal justice system in the United States.

Placement Job Description

 In this experiential learning lab, you will work in teams with faculty and graduate students to assist in collecting and processing stories from incarcerated people in California. Student tasks will include: redacting, scanning, and processing letters from incarcerated people for permanent library archiving; and transcribing and identifying key themes in letters or audio files for inclusion on the PrisonPandemic website. You will gain research skills while working on a community oriented education project and have the opportunity to reflect on and write about this experience with small group members, classmates, and PrisonPandemic faculty and graduate students. Class attendance will be in person.


Requirements (subject to change): No previous experience needed. Good attention to detail is required.
COVID-19 Protocols: NONE
How to Apply:


The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates (Site #906) 

Accepting students for: Fall: FULL   Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2024: No
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 4            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 1504 Brookhollow Dr. Suite 112
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mrs. Brooke Boswell                                Title: Manager of Human Resources
Email Address:                          Phone: 714-617-8309

About the Organization:
The Law Firm of Higbee & Associates internship program gives students and those seeking to gain legal work experience the opportunity to work hands-on in a dynamic law firm with many practice areas. The internship program has five distinct tracks: four tracks focusing on different areas of law, as well as one for human resources. We offer internships in both our Santa Ana and our Las Vegas offices, as well as remote opportunities. Hundreds of our interns have gone on to become full-time employees since the program was established in 2010. The internship program helps students apply classroom learning to practical real-life legal problems. Interning at Higbee & Associates will help students develop a network of professional relationships and contacts while exploring a potential career choice.

Higbee & Associates handles a wide range of legal services including immigration, criminal law, copyright law, and civil litigation. The law firm was founded in 2006 by Mathew Higbee, and has offices in 18 states. Its rapid growth has been driven by cutting-edge marketing techniques, high volume services, and low prices, which are achieved by both the efficient use of resources and technology as well as the hard work of dedicated employees who enjoy a casual and fast-paced work environment.

Placement Job Description:

Copyright Internship

  • Overview:
    • The Higbee and Associates Copyrights division provides clients with legal representation in infringement recovery and pre-litigation settlements.
    • Copyright interns assist in handling cases prior to the commencement of litigation.
    • This is an unpaid position that will provide a valuable opportunity for the student interested in a career in law to work with a fast paced national law firm.
    • Casual work environment and schedule can be flexible.
  • Program Description:
    • Intern duties will include:
      • Screening new cases for missing data
      • Investigating potential cases to see if pursuable
      • Case data research
      • Corresponding with clients
      • Corresponding with opposing parties including opposing counsel.
    • Additionally, Interns will have the opportunity to help with administrative duties that come up on a day-to-day basis.
    • By the end of this internship students will have learned a handful of legal skills such as:
      • Researching legal issues
      • Corresponding with clients
      • Corresponding with opposing parties
      • Negotiating settlements
      • Litigation procedures
      • Pre-trial investigation
  • Qualifications:
    • We are seeking dedicated individuals who have an interest in gaining legal experience with copyright infringement.
    • Must be detail-oriented and have the ability to work independently.
    • Consistency, reliability, and professionalism with clients are a must.
    • Organization skills, proficiency with Mac OSX/Microsoft Office, and communication skills are a plus.
    • Previous legal experience is preferred but not required.

Restorative Justice Advocacy Internship

  • Overview:
    • Our criminal defense interns will have the opportunity to assist on our firm's active criminal defense and post-conviction relief cases.
    • They will assist case managers, as well as attorneys, with these cases in all of our firm's 17 states and have the opportunity to gain day-to-day experience with working in the legal field.
    • This program is seventeen weeks in length and requires a commitment of approximately ten hours per week.
  • Program Description:
    • Criminal Defense interns will assist case managers and attorneys in:
      • Conducting case research
      • Correspond with clients and court
      • Electronically file documents
      • Review court files
      • Other miscellaneous legal tasks related to criminal defense and post-conviction relief.
    • By the end of this internship, students will have learned a handful of legal skills such as:
      • Legal research
      • Expungement and record sealing court procedures
      • Client and court correspondence
      • Experience in reviewing several types of court documents and hearing procedures.
  • Qualifications:
    • We are seeking dedicated individuals who have an interest in gaining legal experience at a practicing law office.
    • Consistency, reliability, and professionalism are all required, as well as attention to detail, self-motivation, and organization skills.
    • Previous experience is preferred but not required.
    • Previous experience working on a Mac computer is a plus but not required.

Requirements (subject to change): N/A
COVID-19 Protocols: N/A
How to Apply: Please apply at

 The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc.  (Site #926) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: YES     Winter:  YES    Spring:  YES   Summer 2024: FULL 
Placement type: In-person, Remote, Hybrid 
Placements available:   1     Length of Commitment: 1 quarter 
Physical Address (if applicable): 20 Corporate Park, Suite 110, Irvine CA 92606
Hours of Operation:  M-Thursday 8:30 - 5:30 ; Friday 8:30 - 12:00 pm.                              
Site Website:
Main Contact:  Mrs. Amy Neshanian                 Title: Managing Partner
Email Address:     Phone: 949-285-5260

About the Organization:

Our firm represents clients undergoing all aspects of family law litigation and mediation. We offer legal services that encompass all aspects of family law such as divorce, restraining orders and pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements. Students will experience observing all facets of a private law firm and assist in clerical work.

Placement Job Description: 

  Basic clerical law firm tasks such as filing, checking, opening and closing files, trial preparation, answering phones and completing legal forms for court filings.

Requirements (subject to change):  None
COVID-19 Protocols:  None
How to Apply: Email with a copy of your resume and cover letter

UCI School of Law - Saturday Academy of Law (Site #319.1) 

Accepting students for Fall: FULL    Winter: Yes     Spring: No     Summer 2023: No
Placement type:  Hybrid 
Placements available:2           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable):  401 E. Peltason Drive Irvine CA 92697
Hours of Operation:  Sat 7-1; additional flexible hours during the week for remote projects                     
Site Website
Main Contact:  Romina T. Zarbaf                     Title: TBA
Email Address:        Phone: TBA 

About the Organization: The Saturday Academy of Law (SAL) at the University of California, Irvine School of Law, is a program that provides ninth-grade students with a unique opportunity to improve their reading, writing and critical thinking skills while learning more about the legal profession and higher education opportunities. The program creates a pipeline of law school candidates who represent the diverse backgrounds and experiences of Orange County residents, with the hope that many will return to their communities to serve underrepresented populations.

Placement Description: 

SAL Teaching Assistants (TAs) work with ninth-grade students over the course of the six-week session on Saturday mornings as mentors and small group facilitators. TAs work under the supervision of the Lead TA and of the teacher in their classroom.

  • TAs assist with class discussions, group projects, and grading assignments.
  • An interest in law and legal topics is preferred but not required.
  • Attendance for all six Saturdays in the session is mandatory.
  • TAs also assist in setting up the classroom each Saturday, including organizing student binders, files, and supplies.
  • TAs also complete some administrative tasks remotely during the week in preparation for the next week and as follow-up to the previous week.

Requirements (subject to change): Life scan and fulfillment of UCI campus vaccination requirements
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Comy with UCI guidelines

How to apply

Veterans Legal Institute (Site #907) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY:  Fall: Yes    Winter: FULL    Spring:  FULL     Summer 2024: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 6+            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 1231 Warner Avenue, Tustin, CA, 92780
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-4                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mr.  Robin Williams                      Title: Director of Operations 
Email Address:         Phone: (714) 852-3492

About the Organization:
Mission Statement:
Veterans Legal Institute (VLI) provides pro bono legal assistance to homeless, at-risk, disabled and low-income current and former service members to eradicate barriers to housing, healthcare, education, and employment and foster self-sufficiency.

Placement Job Description:

Interns will be assigned to Staff members that best align with their interests and career goals. Please note that an intern will always have a word in the type of task/project they wish to take on and will never be expected to complete any task without receiving sufficient training from us first.

Legal Assistant Team:

  • Clio database maintenance
  • Update notes, documents, and client data
  • Applicant/client correspondence
  • Email referral letters to other appropriate legal aids
  • Call clients to schedule appointments
  • Setup Zoom/Google meetings
  • Receptionist coverage
  • Schedule clients for monthly clinics
  • Coordinating, scheduling, & exit interviews
  • Various administrative tasks by attorneys


Requirements (subject to change): Other than a phone and computer with internet access, there is no special software, equipment, or skill required. Just bring a positive attitude and willingness to do your best!
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required
How to Apply: Please send a resume with a cover letter to:

Waymakers - Dispute Resolution Services Program (Site #908) 

Accepting students for the 24-25 AY: Fall: Yes Winter: NO    Spring: Yes    Summer 2024: NO
Placement type: In-person, Remote, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available:  6+           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 1221 E. Dyer Road, Suite 120, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Roxane Wilde                         Title: Supervisor
Email Address:            Phone: 949-697-5630

About the Organization:
We build safer communities by helping individuals make their way through conflict and crisis to a place of strength and stability.

Waymakers Dispute Resolution Services is a mediation service for a variety of small claims, civil and criminal cases. Mediation is a voluntary process that allows people with a dispute to meet with a trained neutral third party, identify options, and develop an agreement. Waymakers handles cases referred by the court and law enforcement agencies, as well as self-referred cases; these include small claims, general community, civil harassment, landlord/tenant disputes, family law, and juvenile probation cases.

Placement Job Description:

Students will participate in a wide range of activities, which may include:

  • Observing and co-mediating cases
  • Intake assessment for new cases
  • Scheduling mediations and contacting mediators to confirm mediation schedules
  • Assisting with the coordination of volunteer mediators
  • Information and Referrals
  • Case management, follow-up and documentation
  • Telephone Conciliations.

In addition, students will complete the required mediation training, which exceeds the training standards set forth in the California Dispute Resolution Programs Act (DRPA). Students may participate in the development of special projects based on interest with the approval of the Supervisor. Some routine clerical and telephone work may be needed as well. Ideally, students will experience the full range of opportunities and duties at the organization to gain a complete understanding of the mediation process.

Requirements (subject to change): Must be comfortable having contact with clients, skilled in public speaking, and able to handle multiple tasks. Genuine interest in alternate dispute resolution also required. Currently, we are fulfilling the court's requirement of handling most case referrals on Zoom. Experience with the app Zoom is preferred. This placement is well-suited for CLS, PSCI, and SE majors.
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required for those not vaccinated, Physical Distancing
How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter and resume via email to Background check required. Must commit to required 3-week (40 hours) training, which is offered to interns at no cost to them. Training hours count towards hours requirement.

YK LAW (Site #918) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: FULL   Spring: FULL   Summer 2024: TBA 
Placement type: In-person
Placements available:1           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 4 Park Plaza Suite 1040 Irvine, CA 92614
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                                
Site Website
Main Contact: Mr. Ian Liao                               Title: Partner
Email Address:                        Phone: 949-754-2862

About the Organization

The Gravity and Prestige of Big Law with the flexibility and efficiency of a solo.

YK Lawyers possess diverse backgrounds and experience and are not only committed to providing the highest quality legal services, but consistently meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients. Our lawyers were senior attorneys and partners with national and international firms before joining YK. Many of them have also lived and practiced in other parts of the world and have advised both domestic and foreign clients on a variety of legal issues involving transactions that are cross-border and multi-lingual.

“Having a strongly international bent, our lawyers get things done when they need to get done. Many of our clients, who have previously engaged lawyers at the world’s major and most prestigious law firms, are often surprised at the speed, quality, and efficiency with which their work gets handled and resolved by our professionals” – Jesse Weiner, Co-Managing Partner

Client Focused

We pride ourselves on our client-first approach, aiming to be more than just attorneys, but strategic advisors, partners, and advocates for every person or entity with whom we work. Our lawyers strive to provide innovative and creative solutions to our clients’ legal issues in a cost-effective matter. YK Law believes that fostering a team culture, sharing knowledge and industry expertise allow our lawyers to better advise our clients. We approach every matter with insight and well informed of the current industry trends that influence strategy and planning, resulting in comprehensive solutions.

YK Law gives its lawyers the autonomy and freedom to determine the best approach for providing services to each client, including customized fee structuring. By empowering our lawyers to make independent decisions regarding client service without having to “jump through the hoops” of internal bureaucracy, we believe our lawyers are at their best to deliver flexible and client-focused services.
Global Mindset

As our clients’ business is increasingly global, we also take a broader and more international approach to client service. As a key member of the Yingke Global Network (YGN), a network of legal advisors with more than 10,000 lawyers practicing in more than 180 cities around the world, YK Law is able to extend its presence worldwide, allowing us to handle transactions of almost any magnitude anywhere. YGN was founded by Yingke Law Firm, the largest law firm in the Asian Pacific Region, and with whom YK Law maintains a close affiliation.

Our team is always ready to provide the customized and professional legal and commercial services our clients require, whether in the U.S. or internationally through our network of offices and partnerships that span the globe. We look forward to working with you on your next venture.

Placement Job Description:


  • Client intake, in person and via telephone
  • Produce documents by transcribing, formatting, inputting, editing, retrieving, copying, and transmitting text, data, and graphics
  • Coordinating case preparation
  • Conserves attorney's time by reading, reviewing, verifying, and routing correspondence, reports, and documents
  • Drafting letters and documents
  • Collecting and analyzing information
  • Initiating telecommunications
  • Organizing client conferences, and attorney meetings
  • Scheduling couriers, court reporters, expert witnesses, and other special functions
  • Coordinating preparation of charts, graphs, and other courtroom visuals
  • Preparing expense reports
  • Preparing/formatting affidavits, legal correspondence, and other documents for attorneys
  • Helping to prepare and direct invoices and payment reminders to clients and assisting with other office financial tasks as needed
  • Directing and coordinating law office activity, including delivery of subpoenas
  • Report to admin executive and assist in administrative tasks

Requirements (subject to change):


  • English language proficiency is required
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office, specifically Outlook, Word, Excel and Powerpoint
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent organizational skills

COVID-19 Protocols: N/A
How to Apply