Global Service Scholars

Option: Global Services Scholars

The Blum/Living Peace Global Service Scholars program is a collaboration between the UCI Blum Center for Poverty Alleviation and the Living Peace Foundation. This one-year program offers students a unique opportunity to make a difference in the world by learning to approach issues with empathy and compassion. Through classroom work and a summer field study abroad undergraduate students tackle poverty issues and bring their ingenuity to those in need. Students interested in this program should watch for additional announcements and plan to enroll in The Science and Practice of Compassion (PSB course) in Winter and a related seminar in Spring to prepare for the summer trip.


  • 4 units - PSci 192B - The Science and Practice of Compassion
  • 4 units - SocEcol 189 Global Service Scholars Seminar
  • Summer international trip - need verification from either your service site or program leader that 100+ hours of service completed.
  • OPTIONAL:  PP&D 115 Global Poverty and Inequality in the 21st Century

How this option applies to degree requirements:

  • The course work above fulfills SocEcol 195 -4 units of field study.   Course may not be used to fulifll upper division school or major requirements if they are used for field study.
  • PP&D 115 - Global Poverty fulfills an upper division elective for Urban Studies majors.  For Crm/Law and SocEcol majors may fulfill the SocEcol school requirements for an additional upper division elective.