Minimum Standards

The Social Ecology faculty approved the following minimum requirements, applicable to all students enrolled in field study:

    1. Students are required to complete all field study prerequisites prior to enrollment in Social Ecology 195; they must submit a Field Study Course Enrollment Form to the field study coordinator by the established deadline and follow all Departmental enrollment procedures. Field study activities must be clearly related to the curriculum in Social Ecology, and paid positions will be carefully screened to ensure the opportunity exists for experiential learning. Most Social Ecology faculty will sponsor one field study class one quarter per year and will accept a group of 20 to 25 students.
    2. Students will be required to complete acceptable field work at their placement site, with a minimum of 25 hours in the field per unit of University credit. (Four-unit field studies require 100 hours of field work; eight-units field studies require 200 hours of field work.) Students are required to submit an evaluation form from their field supervisor verifying completion of field site requirements and assessing the quality of their field work.
    3. Attendance at regular (weekly or biweekly) meetings with a faculty sponsor is required. Faculty will arrange one hour per week (or biweekly) to meet with field study students in a small group or individually to facilitate the integration of academic and field experiences.
    4. Students will be required to complete an analytical, academic paper relevant to their area of interest; either a literature review or a data-gathering project in the field placement is suggested. Papers should be approximately ten pages in length and incorporate at least two references to scientific journal articles, legal case studies, etc. Personal journals and descriptive accounts of field placement activities are not appropriate.
    5. Students enrolled for 8 units of field study credit will be required to complete two field study projects as outlined above (preferably) or one project at least 20 pages in length and citing four or more academic references.
    6. Social Ecology faculty may add to the requirements listed above, narrow the range of acceptable projects, or establish additional grading criteria.