SOCECOL 106W - Digital Media Archive

Overall description

 The SOCECOL 106W: Digital Media Archive  courses represent a unique “3-in-1” model by simultaneously fulfilling the following three requirements:

1) Field Study course

2) Field placement 

3) Upper Division Writing

All in one!


  • Same prerequisites required as the traditional field study courses, more information below. For a comparison of the field study courses click here. 
  • Students will be required to successfully complete the course in conjunction with 80 hours of fieldwork with the corresponding placement. 

2024-2025 Academic Year Offerings 

  • Fall 2024
    • SOCECOL 106W

Fall 2024 Course Description - 

SOCECOL 106W Digital Media Archive (50105) Project:  Living Archive of Poetic Justice

Instructor/Supervisor: Dr. Susan Coutin

Description: In this course, students will be trained in community archiving and oral history in order to contribute to a Living Archive of Poetic Justice that explores how education can address experiences of historically marginalized communities. Students will be invited to reflect on their own previous education, whether these taught them about people whose backgrounds differ from their own, and what they learned about their own histories. These reflections will enable students to consider how public education in Orange County can examine the diverse histories of our county, and of Southern California more broadly. Students will conduct their own oral history interviews focusing on Orange County voices, whether those of fellow students, family members, coworkers, teachers, or others whose stories are important to document. These materials may be submitted to a community-centered digital archive housed in the UC Irvine Special Collections section of the UC Irvine libraries. Community-centered archiving enables members of a community to identify themes and materials that have enduring historical value, and to include underrepresented voices in archival records. Students will work collaboratively to identify relevant themes, create and collect materials, and complete training in research ethics and informed consent. Through this service project, students will have opportunities to conduct and record oral history interviews, and produce supporting documentation, such as timelogs, transcriptions, interview fieldnotes, abstracts, and narrator biographies.  They will also be trained in evaluating such materials, applying criteria used by archivists.

Class Time: Wednesday  11:00-12:20p, SE 101
Capacity: 40 students 

Application  - OPENS MONDAY - JUNE 24! 

Note: Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, the application will remain open until all spots are filled.

Application and Enrollment Procedures: 

Eligibility prerequisites: 

  • Declared major in the School of Social Ecology (NOT currently approved for ENSP majors) 
  • SOCECOL 10 (or an equivalent course) OR in progress to complete during SSI OR SSII
  • 2.0 GPA
  • Junior or Senior Standing (90+ units)
  • Lower Division Writing 

Preferred qualifications for this project include: 

  • Capacity for independent work
  • Ability to complete tasks on time and with diligence
  • Strong work ethic
  • Attention to detail and pride in careful and accurate work
  • Ability to meet deadlines and get work done promptly
  • Responsiveness in communications (i.e., respond promptly to emails)


  • Once you've applied, allow our application committee 5-7 business days to review your application. You will have to go through a screening process and await approval.
  • If accepted OR denied the committee will send a follow-up email to provide the update.
  • Those accepted will need to submit a Fall 2024 Course Enrollment Form  (before August 23) to submit the following:  
    • Course Selection: SOCECOL 106W 
    • Placement Information 
      • Site Number: 1006
      • Placement Name:
        • SOCECOL 106W - Living Archive of Poetic Justice 
      • Supervisor Info
        • Name: Susan Coutin 
        • Title:  Assistant Professor, Criminology, Law & Society
        • Email:


  • ALL CEFs will be processed after the CEF deadline (August 23) 
  • Once your CEF is processed you will be notified and provided instructions to enroll.  
  • Students will be able to enroll in SE106W through WebReg, upon receiving the authorization email. All students must enroll by September 13.
    • SOCECOL 106W (Digital Media Archive)
      • Course Code: 50105
  • Fieldwork Hour Requirement: 80 hours  


Application Opens  Monday, June 24
Course Enrollment Form Opens  Monday, July 8
Deadline to submit Course Enrollment Form  Friday, August 23
Deadline to Enroll  Friday, September 13
Placement Period  September 23 to December 6


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