Summer Field Study

Summer 2024 Field Study 

Course Offerings, Application Timeline, and Deadlines


The Summer Field Study application period has begun. Below you will find all the details you need to know if you plan to apply and participate in field study this summer. 

We want to start by emphasizing the importance of STARTING EARLY! Seats and placements will be limited! As a reminder, you will be required to secure a placement FIRST and then submit a Summer Course Enrollment Form before being authorized to enroll in any of the field study courses. 


Course Offerings

Summer Session I 

  • SOCECOL 195 (ONLINE)  

Summer Session II 


To learn more about the differences between SE195 VS SE195W click HERE. 


Hour-to-Unit Requirement: 

All field study sections will be available for 4 units ONLY! 

  • 4 units = 80 hours 
  • 80 hours/5 weeks = 16 hours per week  


Summer Field Study Procedures and Deadlines 


Apply for Financial Aid (if eligible) 

  • Check your eligibility
    • Field Study Prerequisites 
      • Declared major in the School of Social Ecology or Environmental Science and Policy Major
      • SOCECOL 10 (or an equivalent course) - This course can be in progress to be completed during Spring 2024 (for SSI) OR Summer Session I (for SSII). 
      • 2.0 GPA
      • Junior or Senior Standing (90+ units)
      • Lower Division Writing - If requesting SOCECOL 195W
      • Accepted a placement with an approved Field Study site (Traditional, RA/LA) and submitted a Course Enrollment Form by the deadline.
  • Select a Summer Session 
  • Be mindful of the application timeline and deadline (see graphic below)
  • Browse and consider your Field Study Placement Options 
    • Traditional Field Study Catalog (catalog to be fully updated by the week of March 11th) 
    • School of Social Ecology Placements (available the week of May 6)
      • Research Assistantships (RA)
        • Any RA position within the School of Social Ecology qualifies 
        • RA positions OUTSIDE of the School of Social Ecology must be submitted for review 
        • Research Assistant Clearance Form
    • Learning Assistantships (LA)
      • Any LA position within the School of Social Ecology qualifies 
      • LA positions OUTSIDE of the School of Social Ecology must be submitted for review 


  • Apply as instructed under the “How to Apply” section of each listing
  • Prepare a resume and cover letter 
    • Click HERE for tips and best practices 
  • Interview 
    • Click HERE for interview tips, best practices, and mock interview opportunities


  • Select your final placement (if multiple offers were extended) 
  • Select your Summer Session options (I or II) 
  • Select a course (SE 195, SE 195W)


  • Submit the Summer Course Enrollment Form before the listed deadline based on the Summer Session of your choice. 
  • Allow our office 3-7 business days to process your CEF, verify your eligibility, and process your authorization to enroll
  • If approved, you will receive an authorization over email with enrollment information. 
  • NOTE: We will accept CEFs until the deadlines listed above (for the corresponding Summer Session) OR until we reach enrollment capacity.


  • For Summer Session ONLY, we authorized students to enroll on a rolling basis
  • Student enrolled through the Summer Session website (NOT WEBREG) 
  • Please be advised: Once you are approved, your spot is reserved.
    • You can choose to enroll right away or wait until you have the funds to pay for the course 
    • You will be unauthorized if you do not enroll by the date listed below and after we have made multiple attempts to contact you.
      • Enrollment deadlines:
        • SSI - June 14
        • SSII - July 26

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you enroll without AUTHORIZATION from the field study office, YOU WILL BE DROPPED!

What can you do for now?

  • Verify that you are eligible to participate in a field study
  • Apply for Financial Aid 
  • Prepare your resume and cover letter
  • RSVP to attend the Summer Field Study Info Session
    • Wednesday, April 17 (2PM TO 3PM) 



Take advantage of our advising services: