Summer UCDC

Option: Summer UCDC

The UCDC Summer Internship Program strives to promote a sense of civic responsibility in students by encouraging them to take an active part in public service.  While in D.C., student interns become directly involved in each organization’s goals and objectives, and may perform such tasks as project research, responding to constituent concerns, attend hearings, direct investigations, and program development. Interns live in the UC Washington Center in the heart of D.C. and have direct access to the country’s best form of public transportation. There are numerous internship opportunities in various industries such as non-profit public service organizations, governmental agencies, communications and entertainment.

Summer UCDC Website


  • SocEcol 195
  • 4 units 
  • P/NP 
  • Must enroll in SocEcol 195 through summer session
  • Students enroll in SocEcol 195 (if the course is not available online, students are required to communicate with the field study instructor to figure out how to complete the course remotely). 
  • Students must fill out a course enrollment form by the deadline for the Summer Session in which they are going to participate in the UCDC program. They will be asked to update their form once they have their actual placement in DC. 
  • Acceptance to the UCDC program, but not the specific internship, is acceptable
    • Reminder for Environmental Science and Policy Majors ONLY:
      •  Field Study Placements must be in one of the following areas:
        •  Environmental Science 
        •  Planning 
        •  Public Policy   


How this option applies to degree requirements:

  • 4 units fulfills school 4 unit field study requirement
  • 8 units fulfills the additional upper division school requirement for Criminology, Law and Society, Social Ecology and Urban Studies majors (Not Available Summer 2024