Traditional Field Study

Option: Traditional Field Study

  • Complete 80 hours of required field work
  • At an approved community partner site
  • While concurrently engaged in a small group seminar facilitated by ladder-rank faculty (195 or 195W)


  • SocEcol 195 or 195W
    • 195W requires Lower Division Writing Completed
  • 4 units completed for graduation requirement but can be taken for 2-8 units
  • 195 P/NP only
  • 195W graded only
  • May complete up to 240 hours (12 units) to fulfill elective credits. 

How this option applies to degree requirements:

  • 4 units and 80 hours in conjunction with SocEcol 195 or 195W fulfills the school field study requirement

  • 8 units and 160 hours, in conjunction with SocEcol 195 or 195W, fulfills the school field study requirement and for Crim/Law, Urban Studies and Social Ecology majors, also fulfills the additional upper division elective requirement

  • 195W with a C- or better fulfills the upper division writing requirement