Traditional Field Study Catalog - College Student Services

Last updated  2/9/2024

Anteater Recreation Center (Site #200) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes     Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 4            Length of Commitment: Flexible, can be up to 3 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): 680 California Ave, Irvine, CA
Hours of Operation: M-7 7am-9pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am-7pm                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Greg A. Rothberg             Title: Director 
Email         Phone: (949) 824-8502

About the Organization:
Campus Recreation serves as an integral part of university life by offering diverse sports, recreational and fitness activities that are fun, vigorous, healthy and conducive to personal wellness. We support the academic mission by creating a climate that motivates individuals to embrace a healthy life-style, build social communities and develop leadership opportunities that contribute to anteater pride.

To provide programs and services to the anteater community in a manner that meets or exceeds the standards of excellence of the University. 


In delivering programs and services to the campus community, the following is a list of the values that guide administrative decisions and resources: 

  •  The University Experience 
  •  Student Welfare 
  •  Participation in Sports for Everyone Regardless of Ability
  •  Health through Participation in Physical Activities 
  •  Maximizing Resources and Meeting Budget Objectives 
  •  Quality Programs 
  •  Customer Service and Accessibility 
  •  Creativity and Innovation 
  •  Diversity of Programs and Services 

Placement Job Description:

POSITION PURPOSE: This position will primarily assist with administrative duties, research and survey development, social media development, staff enagement and special program/event management.

1. Creating relevant social media posts
2. Researching and creating surveys relevant to programs we are running
3. Help develop programs for current and future student staff to increase engagement
4. Create reports pertaining to different aspects of the programs. 

Requirements (subject to change): None
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Vaccine OR mask
How to Apply: Please apply by emailing Greg A. Rothberg at

Center for Student Wellness & Health Promotion (Site #208) 

Accepting students for  the 23-24 AY: Fall: FULL   Winter: FULL    Spring: FULL  Summer 2023: FULL 
Placement type: In-person, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 2           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter 
Physical Address (if applicable): UCI Student Center, G319
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                               
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mrs. Beth England-Mackie     Title: Assistant Director
Email               Phone: 949-824-8206

About the Organization: We empower students to make informed decisions to support individual health and a healthy campus environment by providing comprehensive programs and coordinated services to: Build awareness through assessment and goal-setting Create balance by taking a wellness-based approach to health Develop healthy and sustainable habits Take pride in achieving your personal best Inspire community by leading fellow Anteaters to be healthy We offer a variety of programs, resources & services that include the following: 1. Wellness Room with massage chairs, bean bags, a tea station, and relaxing activities 2. Condom Co-Op where students can pick up free condoms and lube 3. Lactation Station for parents 4. Individual consultations and workshops on a variety of health and wellness topics including alcohol & other drugs, body image, emotional well-being, nutrition, sexual and relationship health, & stress/self-care and time management. 5. We collaborate with other health and wellness partners on campus to provide students with wrap-around services and support their overall academic success. 6. We offer several programs for students to engage and work with us; a yearlong Peer Health Education Program, internship program, and volunteer program.

Placement Job Description: Students who intern at the CSWHP will be involved in a variety of responsibilities and tasks. They will spend some time at the front desk welcoming students to the Center and helping them with appointments, the Wellness Room check in, condom distribution, and resources. They will also be asked to attend some of the health and wellness workshops and training to become familiar with what we offer, gain knowledge and skills, and become advocates for the Center. The topics we cover are alcohol and other drugs, body image, mental health, nutrition, resiliency, stress and time management, and relationship and sexual health. And finally, interns will be encouraged to pick from a variety of other activities like conducting informational interviews with the staff, watching health and wellness documentaries and Ted Talks, tabling on Ring Road or helping with events, or choosing a health topic of passion and creating a PPT on that topic to share with other interns at the end of the quarter.

Requirements (subject to change): I am looking for students with a passion for health and wellness and a desire to share what they learn with their family, friends, and peers. I like interns to be friendly and have good communication skills as they are the ones who are at the front desk greeting people as they arrive. I also appreciate qualities such as leadership, initiative, openness, and creativity.
COVID-19 Protocols: TBA
How to Apply: Please have students apply directly to Beth England-Mackie at with a cover letter and resume

Division of Career Pathways, University of California Irvine (Site #201) 

Accepting students for Fall: No    Winter: No      Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: Year-long commitment - Spring is the only quarter that qualifies for Field Study
Physical Address (if applicable): 100 Student Services 1, Irvine, CA 92697
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Caroline Chiang                    Title:  Career Counselor 
Email Address:          Phone: 949-824-6881

About the Organization:
The Division of Career Pathways educates and engages UCI students and alumni to realize their career potential. We do this by:

  • Coordinating with the campus community in the professional development of students.
  • Providing students and alumni with tools and support to attain their career goals.
  • Delivering exceptional customer service to the employer community while recognizing individual recruiting needs.

Placement Job Description: Academic year long internship program beginning in September and ending in June.

  • Peer Consultants receive extensive training in the fall quarter, and then implement what they learn in the winter and spring quarters.
  • Peer Consultants advise students about career planning, resumes, job search, interviewing, and graduate school.
  • Peer Consultants provide Division of Career Pathways orientations and workshops to campus clubs and housing units.
  • Peer Consultants promote and market Division of Career Pathways services through various career fairs and events, postering fliers, classroom announcements, outreach tables, etc.

Requirements (subject to change): Work Study required for position. Year long commitment to role.
COVID-19 Protocols: UCI Guidelines
How to Apply: Application will be available via Handshake in Summer.

Heritage Farm (Site #437.1) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall:  YES  Winter: YES    Spring:  YES  Summer 2024: YES 
Placement type: In-person
Placements available:  3      Length of Commitment: 2 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): 1336 Gladys Ave. Long Beach, CA. 90804
Hours of Operation:   M-F 9-5                         
Site Website:
Main Contact:  Kieara Carroll                          Title:  Horticulturist
Email Address:     Phone: (520)288-6208

About the Organization:
Heritage Farm is tied to Heritage Restaurant. The facilities are owned and operated by brother sister duo Philip Pretty and Lauren Pretty. Full Belly Food Group is a green certified
corporation, committed to sustainability and best green practices. Heritage Farm is attempting to grow the majority of the produce for the restaurant. Still in our infancy stages
as an urban farm this is the perfect opportunity to learn and grow with us.

Placement Job Description

  • Researching crop rotation & plants
  • Soil analysis and amendment
  • Landscape design based on restaurant needs
  • Cultural practices to obtain highest yield of crops
  • Finding organic solutions to environmental problems
  • Developing composting program
  • Studying utilization of crops
  • Basic maintenance and upkeep (irrigation, pruning)
  • Integrated pest management (identify pests, causes, & organic solutions)
  • Integrated disease management (identify, causes, & organic solutions)

Requirements (subject to change):

  • Willing to work outside
  • Able to lift 50 lbs
  • Reliable transportation

COVID-19 Protocols: n/a 
How to Apply: Please email a resume & cover letter to

International Student Excellence Programs (Site #202.1) 

Accepting students for: Fall:  NO (2324)   Winter: NO (2324) L   Spring: NO (2324)     Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person, Remote, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): Student Success Initiatives 2200 Student Services II
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Crysta Hu                        Title:  IPG Program Coordinator
Email        Phone: 949-824-6793

About the Organization:
As part of the Student Success Initiatives (SSI), International Student Excellence Programs (ISEP) is committed to promoting inclusive excellence among our undergraduate international student population through various types of support. We strive to address the array of needs specific to international students and create a safe and inclusive space to ensure a family-like support system. Additionally, ISEP is designed to help create potential academic and professional development opportunities to help undergraduate international student become global scholars and leaders both at and beyond UCI.

The core support ISEP provides includes:

  1. Two robust peer mentorship programs for undergraduates
    1. International Peer Group (IPG) Scholars Program which matches first-year international students with trained peer mentors
    2. Global Leaders (GL) Program which is a research development program for upper-class international students
  2. Individualized advising with the program's counselor
    1. Provides academic monitoring and individual academic success coaching/counseling for all program participants
  3. Access to campus-wide resources and networking opportunities to engage with faculty and alumni
    1. Provides ongoing training and professional development
    2. Provides IPG and GL Scholars with access to LARC sponsorships, Zot Initiative
    3. (SSI) workshops and ISEP programs that promote community and academic excellence
    4. Facilitates opportunities for international students to interact with Faculty and Alumni and learn about research and scholarship opportunities
    5. Facilitates an international student leadership seminar

Placement Job Description:

Student Role Includes:

  • Assist in creating survey questions, collecting survey responses, inputting and analyzing data, identifying trends/findings
  • Shadow interns, mentors, and coords
  • Attend weekly staff meeting
  • Assist in the planning of program-wide and campus-wide events
  • Write up a pre, mid, and post quarter assessment reflection/evaluation of field study experience
  • Meet with counselor/coordinator as needed 
  • Participate in the interviewing and the hiring process of prospective student staff (*during Spring quarter)

Requirements (subject to change): None
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Physical Distancing
How to Apply: If you are interested in doing a field study, please email Crysta Hu at

Orange County Hillel (Site #203) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: TBA    Spring: TBA   Summer 2023: NO
Placement type: In-person, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): NA
Hours of Operation: Flexible                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Rabbi Daniel Levine           Title: Rabbi
Email Address:          Phone: 858-952-9632

About the Organization:
The Hillel Foundation of Orange County seeks to enrich the lives of Jewish students at the Orange County colleges and universities so that they will enrich the lives of Jewish people around the world.

Placement Job Description: Students will learn the inner workings of a Jewish non-profit while helping out with a series of both back-end and front-end activities and efforts.

Requirements (subject to change): Previous experience in the Jewish educational world is a plus!
COVID-19 Protocols: Vaccine required
How to Apply: Please send resume to Include in your email a few lines of introduction and why you are interested in interning with Hillel.

OUTSIDE THE BOX Series, LLC (Site # 109.1) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: Hybrid 
Placements available: 4           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): Various locations throughout Orange County
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                             
Main Contact: Dr. Janeane Bernstein, EdD               Title: Founder & Director
Email                        Phone: 949-929-9449

About the Organization:

Outside the Box is a mental health initiative striving to end the stigma surrounding mental health and spread knowledge and compassion through podcasts, social events and resources.

Placement Job Description:
Podcast Intern

  • Investigate and pitch ideas to Dr. Janeane for show content targeted towards GenZ
  • Research guests for OTB podcast that would attract listeners
  • Research UCI staff and faculty that would be great guests & students would enjoy listening
  • Research strategies to grow podcast listeners.
  • Promote the podcast using templates created in Canva, and posting audio clips to IG and TikTok
  • Help drive attention to the website: and socials for growth @otbseries
  • Promote upcoming guests and past guests on social media.
  • Interview students on the UCI campus for brief audio interviews about mental health, stress relief ideas, and feature these brief interviews onTikTok, IG Reels.
  •  While meeting students in-person at UCI, invite them to sign-up to be an anonymous guest on the podcast with other students (also anonymous), so they can talk openly about mental health, what helps them, what they struggle with, ideas for societal solutions.

Please note, we recognize there is a learning curve and training will be provided by Dr. Janeane and/or previous interns who have created templates and guidelines; this will be a great learning experience.

Social Media Marketing Intern

  • Creates digital content strategies and social media campaigns for brand growth.
  • Collects student input on mental health and wellbeing by distributing poster boards around campus that say, “How are you feeling? Really.” Students will write down how they are – ex: depressed, wanting to make friends, anxious, etc. Poster boards will be displayed around campus weekly to see how students are feeling throughout the year.
  •  Works well alone and collaboratively with the OTB team.
  •  Explores new ideas and activities to connect students with campus organizations that promote mental health and wellbeing (e.g., the ARC and OTB)
  •  Posts mental health themed content to Instagram and TikTok using a variety of trending strategies, and adheres to a weekly calendar of posting times, themes, and deadlines.
  • Distributes flowers to students with notes of kindness and creates social media content from the experience.
  • Shares personal perspective and new ideas for OTB.
  • Promotes OTB at live UCI events in collaboration with wellness department and any other campus organizations.
  • Engages with students at live OTB events at UCI – promoting BETTER HUMANS book and activities, destigmatizing mental health, helps do giveaways, promote the podcast, etc.
  • Helps organize, set-up and attends book talks and student-centered activities

Requirements (subject to change):


  • A sense of humor, creative mindset, and curiosity
  • Ability to meet once a week for a team meeting – sometimes in person and otherwise on zoom to check in and set weekly goals   • An investigative mindset when selecting topics and finding guests for OTB.
  • A good communicator with the ability to approach Dr. Janeane when issues arise.
  • Reliable, hardworking, and a collaborator
  • An interest in creating content around mental health and well-being, positive psychology, social impact, etc.
  • A growth mindset to move beyond your comfort zone, learn new things, meet people, and develop lifelong skills.
  • The ability to work as a team with other interns, and give and receive constructive feedback in a way that is conducive to improving the quality of OTB and team cohesiveness.
  • An openness to new experiences with a growth mindset
  • Detail-oriented, reliable, and motivated to work independently and as a team
  •  A passion to create meaningful and purposeful work.
  •  Minimum Internship hours per week: 8 hours
  • Start date: Immediately. This internship is for the length of a minimum of 1 quarter.

COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Physical Distancing 

How to apply: Please send a letter of interest to the following email address:

The Underground Scholars Program at UC Irvine (Site # 214) 

Accepting students for Fall:  NO  Winter: NO     Spring: NO   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-Person, Hybrid (In-person and Remote)
Placements available: 2           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 401 E Peltason Dr, Irvine, CA 92617
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                      
Site Website
Main Contact: Mr. Hector Cervantes                   Title: Underground Scholars Program Director
Email                   Phone: 714-955-9659

About the Organization:

The Underground Scholars Program at UC Irvine creates a pathway for incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and system impacted individuals into higher education. We are building a prison-to-school pipeline through recruitment, retention, and advocacy. The Underground Scholars Program is an academic support program housed within the UC Irvine School of Law. Underground Scholars Initiative (USI) is the student org that works in partnership with the program. USI is completely student-run. The two organizations, are separate and aligned. We prioritize our services for formerly incarcerated students. We define system-impacted as a person who is legally, economically, or familially affected in a negative way by the incarceration of a close relative. System-impacted also includes people who have been arrested and/or convicted without incarceration. Underground Scholars was started in the Spring of 2013 by formerly incarcerated and system impacted students at UC Berkeley as the Underground Scholars Initiative (USI), a student organization. Shortly after USI was developed at UC Berkeley, formerly incarcerated students at UCLA began to develop a chapter. As Berkeley’s USI members graduated and spread through the UC system for graduate school, they began building chapters on other campuses, including UC Irvine. The Underground Scholars Program at UC Irvine offers field-study experience in student support services, off-campus community building and outreach, campus wide outreach, and experience in public policy and advocacy.

Placement Job Description:

Students will be providing academic counseling services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students in person and via mail correspondence to California correctional institutions. Reading, writing, and organizing letters from incarcerated students. Drafting grant proposals developing and organizing academic discussion panels navigating program funding options and availability academic transcript analysis

Requirements (subject to change): Covid-19 protocol clearance availability of 10 hours/week having an interest in criminal justice reform and public policy Interest in researching activism

COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required

How to apply: email: call: 714-955-9659 web link:

UCI - Student Outreach and Retention (SOAR) Center (Site #204) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: NO   Winter: FULL   Spring: NO   Summer 2023: NO
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 106 Gateway Study Center, Irvine CA 92697-2520
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Cynthia Lemus        Title:  SOAR Program Specialist
Email        Phone: (949) 824-5762

About the Organization:
The mission of the Student Outreach and Retention (SOAR) Center, at UC Irvine, is to cultivate a community of authentic student leaders that aspire to develop innovative, student-initiated outreach and retention programs that foster critical dialogue, mentorship and shift the educational paradigm to improve college access, readiness, and retention rates for historically marginalized communities in higher education. 

SOAR is a dynamic space that empowers student scholars through praxis to advocate and develop a transformative and equitable educational environment where students can use their education as a vehicle for social impact. 

Student Resources & Services:

  • Pathfinder Programming: Peer-to-Peer consultations to navigate resources and campus services to support students
  • Gateway Scholar Program: in collaboration with Student Success Initiatives (SSI), the Gateway Scholars Program aims to support the advancement and holistic development of its students.
  • SOARing for Education Affiliation Program: designed to promote community building amongst different campus registered student organizations and the SOAR Center to work together and uplift the mission and vision of the center. Affiliates have access to Student Initiated Program Grants focused on Outreach & Retention 
  • Field Study Opportunities: for students in School of Social Ecology and Social Policy and Public Service 
  • Graduate Access Preparation program (GAPP): cohort program for underrepresented, first generation students wanting mentorship guidance into graduate school 
  • Academic Supports: SOAR provides Book grants to support students access to course materials, works closely with the CBCRR/Umoja program to provide scholarships to students. Hosts a writing tutor within the SOAR Center and supports LARC Scholarships. 

Placement Job Description:

Responsibilities Include:

  • Participate and support the implementation of the SOAR signature programs coordinated by the SOAR Program Co-Directors from concept brainstorm, program planning, implementation, and finally with program evaluation. 
  • Develop 1 community workshop that addresses a retention issue in the following areas (academic, social/emotional support, professional development, campus belonging/civic engagement, financial wellness)
  • Create, collect, and analyze participants’ data to improve SOAR Center programming/services and showcase SOAR impact in the community
  • Plan and implement a retention workshop that supports students’ academic, mental, social/emotional, financial, professional, and campus belonging needs
  • Document and express their leadership development through one on one coaching with their supervisor and journal entries
  • Shadow and support SOAR staff with a particular SOAR Center program

Requirements (subject to change): 2.0 minimum GPA requirement.
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Physical Distancing
How to Apply:  Inquiries can be emailed to The formal application will be posted on our website by the end of Week 0. Students will be invited to interview, and selected students will be notified by the end of Week 4 of Fall Quarter. For any inquiries, please email

Fall Application Information: 

Applications will be open on Thursday, September 28th, and close on Sunday, October 15th. Interviews are expected to be conducted Thursday, October 19th, Friday, October 20th, and Monday, October 23rd. Students should expect to hear back from us with a decision by the end of Week 4. 


Complete an application through the following Google Form: For any inquiries, please email

UCI Campus Blood Donor Center (Site #205) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY : Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: FULL      Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 5            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): Student Center Level 1 Room B104
Hours of Operation: M-F (3-4 hour shifts). Shifts vary between the hours of 10am-4pm                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Nobi Riley                             Title: Coordinator
Email Address:             Phone: 949-922-5752

About the Organization:
The UCI Blood Donor Center on the Irvine campus exists to provide blood and platelet products for our patients at the UCI Medical Center. The UCI Medical Center is the only Level 1 Trauma Center in Orange County. We transfuse over 1000 units of blood to our patients every month. This requires over 1000 people donating blood every month. Blood is needed for cancer patients, traumas, transplants and premature babies. There is no substitute for blood and without our selfless donors we would not be able to meet the needs of our patients.

Placement Job Description: Interns will primarily be involved in recruiting blood & platelet donors within the student population. This includes tabling on ring road, making 2 minute class presentations, planning blood drive events, texting donors, collaborating with clubs & orgs on campus to organize blood drives.

Requirements (subject to change):

  • Interns must be able to approach students on campus to tell them about the importance of blood donation
  • Be able to get up in front of assigned classes to make 2 minute presentations
  • Students should be able to work two 4 hour shifts per week or two 3 hour shifts and one 2 hour shift. Hours will be primarily between 11 am - 4 pm.

COVID-19 Protocols: TBD
How to Apply: Email me at 

UCI Counseling Center - Peer Assistant Coordinators (Site #210) 

Accepting students for Fall: FULL    Winter: Yes     Spring: FULL  Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In person, Remote, Hybrid 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 3 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): 203 Student Services 1 Irvine, CA 92697‑2200
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                         
Site Website:
Main Contact: Dr. Saimir Thano             Title: Sr Counseling Psychologist
Email            Phone: 949-824-6457

About the Organization: As a major component of the Counseling Center’s consultation and outreach offerings, the Peer Educator Program provides psychoeducational learning experiences for the UC Irvine student community. Peer Educators are committed to teaching skills that will help students to reduce the potential for distressful life experience (primary prevention) and to resolve stressful situations more quickly should they arise. Peer Educators provide consultation services to various student groups; develop and deliver workshops/training sessions covering a variety of mental health topics, market the services of the Center to the campus community; assist the professional staff with outreach programming; assess student needs regarding mental health issues; and provide stress management relaxation training to individual students. Peer Educators also complete a special project which contributes to the effectiveness of the Peer Educator Program and the Counseling Center. Peers receive group supervision from the program instructor/coordinator and Associate Coordinators on a weekly basis and individual consultation as needed

Placement Job Description: Help co-teach/TA weekly class and support program coordinator in class-related responsibilities. Help co-teach/TA weekly class and support program coordinator in class-related responsibilities.

***Currently Accepting Applicants for the year-long position. 

Requirements (subject to change): 3rd and 4th-year students from any majors.
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required
How to Apply: Contact Dr. Saimir Thano:

UCI Dining (Site #415.1) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: FULL    Winter: Yes     Spring: FULL     Summer 2023: No
Placement type: Hybrid 
Placements available: 5            Length of Commitment: 1-3 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): UCI G318 Student Center
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Devin Grabiec                                        Title: Sustainability Associate 
Email Address:              Phone: (949) 824-3170

About the Organization: We are committed to making environmentally responsible decisions across our operations to minimize our impact on the environment while providing quality food and service at the University of California Irvine. Our continually evolving Sustainability Pillars include Responsible Purchasing, Efficient Operations, and Waste Minimization. Our mission is to educate our interns about the different aspects of sustainability that intersect with dining. We aim to bring awareness to food waste through hands-on service, while also developing students’ communication and leadership skills. This internship will also expose interns to the world of digital marketing. In addition, we highly encourage interns to think of new ways to make our campus more sustainable for future Eaters!

Placement Job Description: Our Green Captain internship program allows interns to practice their communication and conversational skills by educating students about sustainability-related issues through interactive activities. The program will serve as an opportunity for interns to gain industry experience and be exposed to the inner workings of our dining halls and retail locations. Interns will be introduced to a brief scope of topics that intersect between the food service industry and sustainability. You can learn more about what sustainable steps UCI Dining has taken at

The internship will consist of the following items:

  • Assist with small and large-scale sustainability events such as Fair Trade Tuesdays, Love Your Food Don’t Waste It, Wiping Out Waste, and other educational events.
  • Conduct Waste Audits in retail locations to determine the effectiveness of our current waste diversion program.
  • Help with the launch of UCI’s Food Recovery Network chapter through outreach and volunteer events.
  • Create interactive activities and games to increase the sustainability community on campus.
  • Learn how to market sustainable programs via digital/print and a multitude of advertising avenues.
  • Have opportunities to enhance public speaking and team working skills.
  • Gain a foundational understanding of sustainability topics, such as:
    • Aerobic and anaerobic composting
    • Food waste, recovery, and upcycling
    • Learning about the different types of low-carbon diets
    • Biodegradable products
    • Waste diversion

Requirements (subject to change): Participation in one of the Social Ecology courses related to the program.
COVID-19 Protocols: Vaccine required
How to Apply: Please email resumes to, subject: Social Ecology Field Study (Quarter + Year)

UCI FRESH Basic Needs Hub (Site #213) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: FULL      Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 4079 Mesa Rd. Irvine CA 92617
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mrs. Anne-Marie Grimes         Title: Basic Need Coordinator 
Email Address:           Phone: 949-824-0607

About the Organization

Vision: The University of California, Irvine FRESH Basic Needs Hub is a student-initiated center that promotes equitable access to basic needs through student empowerment, community collaboration, and institutional integration. Our aim is to shift cultural consciousness towards understanding the fulfillment of basic needs, which include food and housing security – a guaranteed right for every person. We are committed to making UCI a basic needs-secure campus.

Mission: We understand that meeting the basic needs of our students greatly impacts their mental and physical health, academic performance, work productivity, and holistic success. FRESH offers emergency food and toiletries, connects students to critical on and off-campus resources and provides educational opportunities for students to take personal responsibility for their wellness and the well-being of their communities. We are a home for all students, a collaborative space for innovative solutions, and an advocate for social justice and equity.

Programs & Resources:

FRESH offers various resources and life skills development opportunities including:

  • FRESH Life Skills Series: a set of workshops intended to provide nutrition, cooking, and financial skills to students
  • Zot Bites Platform: A text-based notification system that invites students to be an after-event guest when a catered event is over and extra food is available.
  • CalFresh (or EBT) Application Assistance
  • The Emergency Meal Swipes: where students can get 10 or more meal swipes uploaded to their ID cards to eat at our Campus Eateries
  • UCI Food Food Pantry Diaper Bank Grocery Card Support
  • Short-term Transportation Support
  • Confidential Consultations with our Basic Needs Campus Social Worker
  • The Economic Crisis Response Grant: a case-specific grant that provides up to $3,000 to students experiencing an emergency for basic needs purposes
  • Basic Needs Sponsored Housing (emergency housing)

Placement Job Description

Center and Pantry Operations

  • Greet students and provide necessary information regarding the center’s services, our food pantry procedures, and how to access the other FRESH services and other campus-wide resources
  • Assist community members/non-UCI students/family members with community resources
  • Assures that pantry client visits are recorded via the ID card reader
  • Assist new pantry clients in completing FRESH membership form
  • Help organize the pantry, community kitchenette, and storage areas
  • Receive, sort, stock, and store food items according to ServSafe Food Handlers Guide
  • Assist with loading and unloading of food from donation sites or partner agencies
  • Upkeep of pantry, front desk area, storage areas, and the lobby per opening/closing procedures
  • Assist with inventory control and ensure proper procedures are followed
  • Complete inventory of incoming products
  • Verification of food expiration dates and quality control
  • Provides daily assistance and training to volunteers while completing tasks collaboratively

Outreach and Programming

  • Organize, booth, and provide friendly promotion of our resources, services, and programs at various outreach events
  • Create original graphics, flyers, and additional marketing material to advertise the unique variety of workshops, seminars, and events offered at FRESH
  • Help promote outreach campaigns that raise awareness of basic needs insecurities and our basic needs resources, while working to destigmatize basic needs efforts on our campus and within our communities
  • Assist in coordination and execution of FRESH sponsored events
  • Answer any FRESH-related questions from on- and off-campus visitors

Special Projects

  • Interns who want to develop a project during their internship can propose special projects in the following areas
  • Develop training materials and presentations for the FRESH Basic Needs Hub student staff
  • Research innovative interventions to basic needs insecurities on campus and beyond
  • Improve sustainability practices at the hub
  • Propose and develop new programs or services to meet students basic needs
  • Propose and develop life-skills workshops

Requirements (subject to change): 

  • Time management skills/ability to juggle multiple responsibilities
  • People person who enjoys connecting with others
  • Friendly, courteous customer service skills
  • Able to maintain a positive attitude and diplomatic demeanor while working with diverse individuals
  • Ability to work independently and collaboratively

COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required & Vaccine required
How to Apply: E‐mail our staff team at at least a month prior to the deadline to express interest. Send resume and cover letter, and include availability to meet for an initial meeting/interview to explore if the site is a good fit.

UCI Latinx Resource Center (Site #206)

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: YES     Winter: TBA    Spring:TBA   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 1            Length of Commitment: 3 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): Student Life and Leadership, G458 UCI Student Center Irvine, CA 92697-5125
Hours of Operation: M-Fr, 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mrs. Victoria Rocha           Title: Program Coordinator
Email Address:             Phone: N/A

About the Organization:
The Latinx Resource Center (LRC) was founded in 2019 to raise awareness of social, political, economic, historical and cultural realities of the Chicanx/Latinx communities. We accomplish this mission by offering resources, programs, and a space where cultura, are, and academia are interconnected. Our vision is that these efforts will broaden access, increase retention and ensure a clear pathway to graduation through the empowerment of Chicanx and Latinx students.

Brief summary of services:

  • Campus wide programming
  • Academic support 
  • Leadership/involvement opportunities

Placement Job Description

  • Program Assessment - Field Study student to focus on assessment of the 2021-2022 academic year and create reports and/or infographics that can be used to apply for funding. In addition, will assist in the specific program evaluation of the mentor/mentee pilot program that launched this past year and start the preparation for updated training materials for the mentors. Looking for someone who has previously participated in mentor/mentee programs and is bringing in knowledge based on their prior experiences.
  • Resource Research (SSI only): Assist in the updates and maintenance of the new UCI Latinx Resource Database, this includes researching updated contact information, editing down program descriptions and assigning owners for the resources. Help organize a meeting for all program contacts on the launching and demo of the database. In addition, start the research to create a resource list of latinx local businesses that can be utilized by student organizations for vending and/or performances.

Additional Advanced Field Study Only Responsibilities:

  • Helping with the assessment of programs (creating pre-surveys and post-surveys)
  • Facilitating our peer-to-peer mentorship program which includes developing the application and matching process and then creating mixers and planning meetings for the mentees and mentors to engage with one another

Requirements (subject to change): N/A
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask highly encouraged, Vaccine required
How to Apply: Please email Adeli Duron ( and CC Victoria Rocha ( on that email.

UCI LGBT Resource Center (Site #209) 

Accepting students for Fall: NO    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2023: No
Placement type: Hybrid 
Placements available: 2           Length of Commitment: 1 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): LGBTRC G301 Student Center Irvine CA 92697
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                            
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mx. Deejay Brown                             Title: Assistant Director
Email Address: DEEJAY.BROWN@UCI.EDU           Phone: 949-824-3093


About the Organization:


The LGBTRC provides support, education, and advocacy from an intersectional perspective regarding sexual orientation/attraction and gender identity for the UC Irvine Campus Community.

Mission & History

The UCI Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center provides a wide range of education and advocacy services supporting intersectional identity development. We foster community, wellness, an open and inclusive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, intersex, transgender, queer, asexual, ally, and questioning students, faculty, staff, and the larger campus community. We strive to develop an atmosphere of acceptance and well-being in which the campus community can support the academic mission of the university

Placement Job Description:

Students will be given opportunities to learn more about the programs, resources & services offered at the LGBTRC. Students will be given opportunities to co-create their own projects that align with the mission, vision and values of the LGBTRC. Students will be given opportunities to participate to learn and develop leadership skills. Students will be given educational opportunities to gain a broader knowledge of issues, and trends facing the LGBTQQIAA2SP+ community.

Requirements (subject to change): N/A
COVID-19 Protocols: Following UCI Mandates 
How to Apply: Contact Assistant Director at LGBTRC

UCI School of Education Student Affairs Office (Site #217) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-Person
Placements available: 4         Length of Commitment: 1 Full Year (Spring to Spring) 
Physical Address (if applicable): UCI School of Education- 2200 Education, Irvine, CA 92697-5500
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                           
Site Website
Main Contact: Lizette Espino Delgado                          Title: Academic Advisor
Email                               Phone: (949) 824-8082

About the Organization:

The School of Education's Office of Student Affairs provides student-centered educational support and resources to empower our undergraduate students to achieve academic and personal success. Our team of academic advisors and peer academic advisors assist Education Sciences majors with academic advising, course planning, adding minors, checking graduation progress, and finding helpful campus resources to help students thrive at UCI

Placement Job Description

Peer Academic Advisors (or PAAs) are undergraduate students who provide student-to-student academic advising for undergraduate students majoring in Education Sciences and minoring in Education and Spanish/English Bilingual Education. PAAs have vast knowledge and experience and can help our undergraduate students plan out a successful career here at UCI. Students can meet with our PAAs to discuss: -Planning programs of study -Scheduling classes -Research opportunities -Campus resource referrals -School of Education clubs -Campus involvement & student life

Requirements (subject to change)

  • Applicants must be declared Education Sciences majors. Students not majoring in Education Sciences at the time of application submission will not be considered for the position.
  • Must meet all DUE PAA program requirements.
  • Please review the PAA program website for additional requirements:

COVID-19 Protocols: Adhere to all UCI campus protocols for COVID-19
How to Apply: Students interested in applying for the Education Peer Academic Advising position should refer to the UCI PAA program website for dates, deadlines, and requirements:

UCI Transportation & Distribution Services (Site #220) 

Accepting students for Fall '23: Yes    Winter '24: NO     Spring '24: NO    Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII) 
Placement type: In-Person
Placements available: 2         Length of Commitment: 3 quarters 
Physical Address (if applicable): 200 Public Services Building
Hours of Operation:   M-F 7:30am-5:00pm                         
Site Website:
Main Contact:  Ms. Erika Hennon                                Title: Sustainable Programs Manager
Email                             Phone:  9498245951

About the Organization:

 We help you by providing safe & sustainable commute options to reduce GHG emissions. Follow us for transit info, parking/traffic conditions, & more.

Placement Job Description

We help you by providing safe & sustainable commute options to reduce GHG emissions.

Requirements (subject to change):   No work experience is necessary, a mind for sustainability is preferred.

COVID-19 Protocols: Follow UCI policy
How to Apply: Email resume and cover letter to Erika Hennon

 Wellness Initiative in Social Ecology (WISE) (Site #216) 

Accepting students for Fall: FULL   Winter: Yes     Spring: NO    Summer 2023: No
Placement type: Hybrid 
Placements available: 3        Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): UCI School of Social Ecology
Hours of Operation: Meetings occur in-person and remotely scheduled at availability                        
Site Website:
Main Contact: Dr. Stephen Schueller                           Title: Faculty Director
Email                            Phone: 949-824-3850

About the Organization:

The Wellness Initiative in Social Ecology (WISE) is a new and rising wellness resource for the UCI community after recognizing the greater need for more mental health and wellness resources and an appreciation that counseling services aren't fully able to meet the need both in terms of quantity and variety of services. We aim to improve and expand upon mental and behavioral health and wellness programming services for the UCI School of Social Ecology students while complementing ongoing campus efforts. By doing so, we hope to address gaps in current existing resources available to students, including avenues that may be indirectly related to mental health and well-being.

Placement Job Description

Students in the WISE Field Study will contribute to the mission of WISE through advertising, marketing, and completing projects related to increasing awareness of wellness and mental health and disseminating information related to WISE. This will include interviewing, creating blog and social media posts, attending meeting. Students will engage in independent work supervised by the faculty director of the WISE PAC (Dr. Schueller) and WISE PAC leadership.

Requirements (subject to change): Student must also be a member of the Wellness Initiative in Social Ecology Peer Advisory Collective (WISE PAC). This is a student steering group for the WISE. WISE PAC membership requires separate application process. See here for the WISE PAC application for the 2023-2024 academic year. Existing WISE PAC members may apply
COVID-19 Protocols: N/A
How to Apply: Students should email Dr. Schueller and copy the Co-Chairs of the WISE PAC: and