Traditional Field Study Catalog - Human Resources & I/O Psychology

Last Updated 7/27/23

Boardriders - Huntington Beach, CA (Site # 701) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: TBA    Winter: TBA     Spring: TBA    Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In Person 
Placements available: 2           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 5600 Argosy Ave. #100 Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Hours of Operation: M-F 8:30-5                              
Main Contact: Courtney Cruz                                       Title: Talent Acquisition Manager
Email          Phone: 714-316-4724 

About the Organization:

We awaken the spirit of freedom and adventure by connecting boardriders around the world. We are the world’s leading action sports and lifestyle company with a global portfolio of brands. We’re a team of 7,500 like-minded souls protecting what we love. The smell of the ocean. The sounds of the city you know so well. The perfect slope. The perfect wave. The perfect game. Ultimate freedom.
We lead with integrity and passion, we build an inclusive community, we protect our playgrounds and we play to win.
We are Quiksilver, Billabong, Roxy, RVCA, DC Shoes, Element, VonZipper, Honolua. We are BOARDRIDERS.

We awaken the spirit of freedom and adventure by connecting boardriders around the world

We lead with integrity and passion
We build an inclusive community
We protect our playgrounds
We play to win
Placement Job Description:

**This is an un-paid, for college credit internship**
Internship Duration: College/University course semester dates
Boardriders, Inc. offers internships in various departments and provides college students with supervised practical experience in the workplace.
To be considered for the Internship Program you MUST:

  •    Be a Junior or Senior currently enrolled at a college or university; or enrolled in an MBA program AND
  •    Receive academic credit for your internship AND
  •    Able to provide proof of health insurance

(Please note: Students are eligible to intern during their course dates. Students may not begin before course date or continue past course date unless authorization letter is provided)
As the Talent Intern you will learn how a global corporate Human Resources department functions. You will be exposed to various Human Resources roles and projects such as recruitment, on-boarding, file management, learning and development and internal/external communications. Interns will gain an understanding of the importance of human relations in the operation while increasing their ability to work effectively with staff.
Some of the tasks and duties would include:
   • Researching recruitment marketing opportunities, including use of social media platforms as a recruitment marketing tool
   • Researching competitor recruitment advertising and website functionality, preparing a presentation of your recommendations of best practice as it applies to Boardriders
   • Drafting copy and posting advertising on various platforms
   • Researching content for internal learning and development short courses and supplementary materials
   • Drafting templates for internal communication of learning and development programs and initiatives
   • Using Microsoft office products to create an internal learning site (Sharepoint)

   • Confidently work with a variety of stakeholders and team members
   • Research effectively, having developed knowledge of industry best practice and how it applies to a global business
   • Present research to key business stakeholders in a global business
   • Create company templates for internal and external communications
   • Weekly scheduled 1:1 leader mentor meeting with Global Director, Talent Acquisition
   • Fortnightly scheduled 1:1 mentor meeting with Global Director, Talent Management
   • Job shadowing with talent acquisition team
   • Access to Talent Acquisition self-guided development intranet, with weekly development assigned

Requirements (subject to change)

   • Human Resources, Business or Marketing majors 
   • Basic computer skills including Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and Outlook)
   • Recruiting or L&D experience preferred
   • Social media experience preferred

COVID-19 Protocols: N/A 
How to Apply

City of Irvine (Site #700) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY:  Fall: FULL  Winter:Yes  Spring:Yes  Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In Person 
Placements available: 1           Length of Commitment: 2 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable):  1 Civic Center Plaza, Irvine CA 92606  
Hours of Operation: M-Th 7:30-5:30, F 8-5                           
Site Website
Main Contact: Human Resources                              Title: Human Resources Reception 
Email           Phone: 949-724-6067

About the Organization:

The City of Irvine has made the Orange County Register's list of Top Workplaces for 2021 in their 14th Annual Top Workplaces Awards and magazine publication. Human Resources and Innovation (HRI) supports the City's ability to deliver high quality services to the community by providing human resources, risk management, and information technology to the organization. Our goal in Human Resources is to attract and retain a highly talented and qualified City of Irvine workforce. If you enjoy working in a challenging and innovative work environment and are motivated by providing excellent municipal services to a community with high standards, we encourage you to apply for a position with the City of Irvine!

Placement Job Description:

HR Intern position:

  •  Assist with various Human Resources processes
  •  Front Desk Support: Greet, screen and route telephone calls and visitors.
  •  Human Resources related research
  •  Batch, file, and organize forms
  •  Social media marketing
  •  Other duties may be required and assigned

Seeking an HR Intern to assist the City Safety Officer. Position Duties:

  • Safety and risk related research
  • Assist with managing safety training records
  • Review the quality of training materials and make recommendations
  • Assist as needed with special safety related projects or activities
  • Other duties may be required and assigned

Requirements (subject to change)

  • A student that is willing to learn and grow.
  • Students must have strong writing skills with an ability to organize/analyze data, create charts, graphs and reports.
  • Strong Microsoft Office Suite proficiency required.
  • The selection process will include an interview and a background investigation prior to appointment.
  • Minimum of 12 hours and maximum of 19 hours per week.

COVID-19 Protocols: The City of Irvine continues to follow state and local health and safety guidelines.
How to Apply: To apply, go to and apply to the Volunteer Intern position.

City of Newport Beach (Site #424.1) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY:  Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 1           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 100 Civic Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660
Hours of Operation:    7:30 AM to 5:30 PM / Monday - Thursday; 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM / Friday (depending on the assignment, hours may extend beyond what has been outlined)                         
Site Website 
Main Contact: Ms. Maritza Leon-Mis                                  Title: Human Resources Specialist
Email           Phone: 949-644-3256


About the Organization:

Mission Statement: Newport Beach is an exceptional community because of its nautical heritage, the natural beauty of the bay and ocean, and its outstanding enhancements. As employees of the City of Newport Beach, we have been entrusted to be the stewards of the quality of life cherished by those who live, work and visit here. In support of that trust, we commit to provide excellent services that respect the uniqueness and diversity of the community.

The City is divided in to thirteen functional departments, including: City Attorney, City Clerk, City Manager, Community Development, Finance, Fire, Harbor, Human Resources, Library Services, Police, Public Works, Recreation & Senior Services, and Utilities. Our departments work together to provide excellent services to the community. Each department offers a different perspective on City governance. The availability and scope of projects will vary by department and time of year, offering prospective interns the opportunity to participate hands-on in many aspects of municipal government operations.

Placement Job Description:

.We have multiple vacancies across the departments below. Some of the anticipated tasks include:

  • Recreation & Senior Services: Special event planning, playground record keeping upgrade, emergency supply training, and park patrol ride-along.
  • Finance: Assist with budget and procurement tasks and other special projects.
  • Community Development: Market surveys.
  • Harbor: Hospitality services at Marina Park. Upgrading tracking of nearby services and amenities for guests. Data analysis and graphic display, procedure capture and documentation.
  • Human Resources: There will be a broad range of product assignments and responsibilities, including Risk Management (e.g., evaluating contracts and claims filed against the City for property damage or personal injury); gaining an overview of all City departments from recruitment, training, safety, risk, etc.; touching on employee investigations, including preservation of due process rights; implementing latest trends on recruitment and onboarding (e.g., advertising, posting on social media, etc.).

Requirements (subject to change):  Experience with Excel, Word, Outlook and social media. Knowledge of graphic design is highly desirable. Detail-oriented, quick learner and analytical.
COVID-19 Protocols: N/A
How to Apply: Please send your resume to and a paragraph explaining what interests you most about our student vacancy.

International Student Excellence Programs (Site #202)


Accepting students for the 23-234 AY: Fall: NO    Winter: NO   Spring: NO   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person, Remote, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): Student Success Initiatives 2200 Student Services II
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Crysta  Hu                    Title: IPG Program Coordinator
Email Address:      Phone: 949-824-6793

About the Organization:
As part of the Student Success Initiatives (SSI), International Student
Excellence Programs (ISEP) is committed to promoting inclusive excellence among our undergraduate international student population through various types of support. We strive to address the array of needs specific to international students and create a safe and inclusive space to ensure a family-like support system. Additionally, ISEP is designed to help create potential academic and professional development opportunities to help the undergraduate international student become global scholars and leaders both at and beyond UCI.

The core support ISEP provides include:
1) Two robust peer mentorship programs for undergraduates

  • International Peer Group (IPG) Scholars Program which matches first-year international students with trained peer mentors
  • Global Leaders (GL) Program which is a research development program for upper class international students

2) Individualized advising with the program's counselor

  • Provides academic monitoring and individual academic success coaching/counseling for all program participants

3) Access to campus wide resources and networking opportunities to engage with faculty and alumni

  • Provides on-going training and professional development
  • Provides IPG and GL Scholars with access to LARC sponsorships, Zot Initiative (SSI) workshops and ISEP programs that promote community and academic excellence
  • Facilitates opportunities for international students to interact with Faculty and Alumni and learn about research and scholarship opportunities
  • Facilitates an international student leadership seminar

Placement Job Description:

Student Role Include:

  • Assist in creating survey questions, collecting survey responses, inputting and analyzing data, identifying trends/findings
  • Shadow interns, mentors, and coords
  • Attend weekly staff meeting
  • Assist in the planning of program-wide and campus-wide events
  • Write up a pre, mid, and post quarter assessment reflection/evaluation of field study experience
  • Meet with counselor/coordinator as needed 
  • Participate in the interviewing and the hiring process of prospective student staff (*during Spring quarter)

Requirements (subject to change): None
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Physical Distancing
How to Apply: If you are interested in doing a field study, please email

Olive Crest (Site #511.1) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 17800 Woodruff Avenue Bellflower, CA 90706
Hours of Operation: M-F 8:30-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Annette Arenas                              Title: HR Recruiter/Coordinator
Email Address:          Phone: 562-977-6980

About the Organization:
Olive Crest is dedicated to Preventing child abuse, to Treating and Educating at-risk children and to Preserving the family One Life at a Time.

Los Angeles County has one of the largest populations of children in the welfare system in the United States. Over 35,000 children have experienced abuse and neglect, and are without the love of a strong family. Our community is in desperate need.

Since 1973, Olive Crest has pressed on to find homes and healing for children with broken lives. Together we can end child abuse and ensure that families are whole, children are protected, and the cycle of abuse is broken. Your support and commitment to the children and families we serve is making a long-lasting difference, and lives are being transformed every day.

Placement Job Description:

HR Internship:

  • Work alongside the Human Resources Recruiter/Coordinator to assist in the day-to-day operations of HR.
  • The intern will assist with ensuring that new employees and non-employees files are completed and filed away.
  • Follow up with new hires/interns/volunteers/mentors to ensure completion of new employment/internship documentation prior to starting.
  • Post job openings on school and job search sites.
  • Assist with staff appreciation events as requested.

Requirements (subject to change): Live Scan, CPR certification, TB test and driver's record
COVID-19 Protocols: Following LA County COVID-19 protocols. 
How to Apply: Please email and/or submit an intern application resume via our website:

Veterans Legal Institute (Site #907.1) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person  
Placements available: 6+            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 1231 Warner Avenue, Tustin, CA, 92780
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-4                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms.  Nicole Balucanag              Title: Legal Assistant 
Email         Phone: TBA

About the Organization:
Mission Statement:
Veterans Legal Institute« (VLI) provides pro bono legal assistance to homeless, at-risk, disabled and low-income current and former service members to eradicate barriers to housing, healthcare, education, and employment and foster self-sufficiency.

Placement Job Description: We have multiple teams that interns can join. Interns can choose up to two teams that best align with their interests and career goals. Please note that an intern will always have a word in the type of task/project they wish to take on and will never be expected to complete any task without receiving sufficient training from us first.

Human Resources Team:

  • Develop training materials covering protocols
  • Improve onboarding process for new interns & volunteers
  • Assist volunteer coordinator with on-the-job training for new interns
  • University/law school internship registrations/recruiting
  • Improve the organization's efficiency and productivity

Requirements (subject to change): Other than a phone and computer with internet access, there is no special software, equipment, or skill required. Just bring a positive attitude and willingness to do your best!
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required
How to Apply: Please send a resume with cover letter to: