UCDC Academic Internship Program

Option: UCDC Academic Internship Program

The primary mission of the Capital Internship Programs is to foster undergraduate education by providing students off-campus learning and developmental experiences utilizing the valuable resources and unique educational environment of Washington, DC.

Participants earn UCI credit, maintain their financial aid eligibility, and may receive a UCDC scholarship. Internships are available in a wide variety of fields. Students live in the University of California Washington Center building together with students from all UC campuses participating on the program, which provides an intellectual and social community throughout the quarter.

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Students must enroll in 12 units minimum (Per UCDC policy)

  • UCDC 170 – WASH DC INTERNSHIP- P/NP only -- 4 to 8 units
  • UCDC 180 – Seminar -- Letter Grade Only -- 4 units
    • Note:  All 180 Seminar courses are approved to count toward the field study requirement and the "additional upper division course" School requirement. See below for conditions: 

Using UCDC Courses to Satisfy your Field Study Requirement: 

The two courses, UCDC 170 WASH DC INTERNSHIP (4 units minimum) AND UCDC 180 Seminar (4 units) combine to fulfill 4 units of SocEcol 195 field study.

  --PLEASE NOTE: Both UCDC 170 and UCDC 180 must be completed (4 units each) to count toward the SE field study requirement.

Using UCDC Courses to Satisfy the "additional upper division course" School Requirement (in addition to Field Study)

Either of the following course combinations can be used:  

  • UCDC 170 – WASH DC INTERNSHIP - P/NP only – 8 units AND UCDC 180 – 4 units


  • UCDC 170 – WASH DC INTERNSHIP - P/NP only – 4 units AND Two UCDC 180 courses – 4 units each (8 units total)

What You Need To Do:

  • If your DegreeWorks DOES NOT pull your UCDC course into your field study requirement, please submit a DegreeWorks Update Form upon completion of your courses. 
  • Check your degree works audit to ensure that it was updated, and that the course is marked as fulfilled AFTER grades post to your transcript.