Spring/Summer Field Study & COVID-19 FAQ

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*** Last Update 4/6/2020 2:44  P.M. ***

I am a Spring Field Study student, I don't know what to do? 

All students authorized for Spring 2020 field study were emailed from sefieldstudy@uci.edu with the subject line: Spring 2020 Field Study Requirements Modified - Social Distancing in Effect on March 12, 2020 at approximately 5:21 p.m.

Will Field Study be canceled for Spring 2020? 

No, field study is not cancelled. Students who have been authorized for spring 2020 field study by meeting all prerequisites are authorized for and should be enrolled in field study (ScoEcol 195 or 195W) for spring. For Spring 2020 the requirements have been revised in accordance with social distancing, quarantines or shelter in place orders. The minimum academic requirements remain the same - (give link to the standards). Fieldwork hours are not required. Students authorized for and completing SocEcol 195 or 195W in Spring 2020 will receive full credit toward fulfilling the field study requirement. This is a temporary waiver of hours due to the pandemic.

Will I be allowed to enroll in SocEcol 195 or SocEcol 195W, even if I did not submit a Course Enrollment Intern form and never applied to any placement for the Spring?

No. Only students who applied to sites and submitted a Course Enrollment Intern Form for the Spring are allowed to take this version of field study. The decision to cancel fieldwork hours for the Spring was in accordance with the campus-wise effort for social distancing, to help prevent the spread of the  COVID-19 Virus on campus and throughout our community.  

Will Field Study still be required for the Spring quarter?

Field Study is a graduation requirement for majors in the School of Social Ecology and for Environmental Science and Policy Majors. You will be required to complete the academic requirement, but not required to complete the field study hours.

What is required for me to receive field study credit for Spring 2020?

Stay enrolled in SocEcol 195 or SocEcol 195W and complete the academic requirements. Fieldwork hours NOT Required.

Will I get credit for field study even if I don’t do my hours?

Yes, for Spring only, you will receive full credit for the class as long as you complete the academic requirements set forth by your field study faculty.

Would the cancellation of the field study requirement affect my ability to graduate this Spring? 

No. You are still required to complete the academic portion of the class. As long as you complete the academic requirement, you would have satisfy the field study requirement to graduate. 

What will the class be like?

The structure of each SocEcol 195 and SocEcol 195W class will be determined by your faculty. You will be required to complete a paper. Topic and length to be determined by your faculty.  The class will be taught remotely.

Will your decision to not require the field study hours change halfway through the Spring Quarter?

No! This has been a definitive decision for the Spring term. In-person classes and field study hours will not be reinstituted.

Will Field Study hours be canceled for Summer?

Due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) the School of Social Ecology is modifying field study pre-requisites and requirements for Summer 2020 as follows:

Prerequisites for Summer 2020: 

  • SocEcol 10
  • Limited to majors in the School of Social Ecology and Environmental Science and Policy majors.
  • Priority enrollment will go to graduating seniors - must have graduation application on file for either Summer or Fall 2020
  • Fill out the Summer Session 2020 - Field Study (SocEcol 195) Enrollment Request survey (https://forms.gle/xsJDrwPULprr1n4d9) by Friday, April 17  for priority registration.   
  • If there is space in the class, we will open the class to students graduating in Winter 2021 by May 1st. 

Course Requirements are modified:

  • Field Work requirement is waived - placement at a site is not required; hours are not required.
  • Academic requirements remain the same.  Students must enroll in, remotely attend and complete SocEcol 195.  Earning a Pass in 4 units SocEcol 195 will fulfill the School’s Field Study Requirement. 
  • Social Ecology 195, Field Study is offered for 4 units during summer 2020.

Course Offerings will be remote:

  • Summer Session 10 Week  
  • Summer Session II  

What if I already enrolled in SocEcol 195 for Summer Session, do I need to submit a Request to Enroll in SocEcol 195? 

Yes, submit a Request to Enroll as we are retrieving information to help structure the field study classes. 

I submitted a Request to Enroll, but I tried enrolling and was not able to?

The deadline to submit a Request to Enroll is Friday, April 17th, we will be releasing authorizations to enroll a few days after the deadline. If you need to enroll in Summer Session because of Financial Aid, email our office to request an expedited authorization (if appropriate)

What if I was planning to complete Field Study in the Fall term?

A decision about the next academic year has not been made. For now, we are continuing to plan for field study being available next academic year.

Do I need to follow up with my site to let them know I will not be completing hours with them in the Spring?

No, unless you want to send them a personal note. An email notice, with all pertinent information, was sent to all participating Spring site supervisors and liaisons on Thursday, March 12.

Will I need to adjust the number of units I enrolled in for SocEcol 195 or SocEcol 195W because we are no longer completing field study hours?

No, you do not need to adjust units or grading options.  You will still be completing a class.   The length of your paper will be determined by the number of units in which you enroll. 

Will I need to drop SocEcol 195 or SocEcol 195W?

Unless you are considering completing field study during a future quarter, there is no need to drop a field study class.

If I am employed by what would have been my field study site, how would that work?

Your employment with that site is separate from Field Study.  Your continued employment is solely between you and your employer.  We will not be confirming placements and any hours worked are not tracked for field study purposes for Spring.    

I am enrolled in SocEcol 195, Field Study for Spring 2020.  Will my SocEcol 195 remain as Pass/No Pass, even though my grade may only be based on a paper?

Yes, your grading option in SocEcol 195 will remain Pass/No Pass as you will still be completing a class. The grading policy is enforced by faculty.

I am enrolled in SocEcol 195W, Field Study Writing Seminar for Spring 2020.  Will my SocEcol 195W remain as graded, even though my grade may only be based on a paper?

Yes.  You can take SocEcol 195W for a grade, but you can also choose to take it Pass/No pass .

I am an international student, if I wanted to continue to volunteer at the site I had submitted for field study, what should I do?

We are currently reviewing the situation.  More information soon.

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