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*** Last Update  1/29/2021 4:00 P.M. ***

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Summer/Fall Field Study 2021

A final decision on the status of Field Study for Summer/Fall 2021 has not been made, please check back later for updates. 

To receive an email update when more information becomes available for Fall 2021 Field Study, please fill out the Fall 2021 Field Study Interest Form 


Spring Field Study 2021

What will be the process for Spring Field Study? 

-To request authorization to enroll in Spring 2021 Field Study, please submit the Spring Field Study Request to Enroll form no later than Friday, February 5th at 5pm.

-Please ONLY submit this form if you are serious about enrolling in Field Study for Spring 2021

-Our office will process enrollment request forms to verify eligibility and prerequisites from February 8th to February 12th

-PLEASE NOTE that submitting a request to enroll DOES NOT GUARANTEE you will be authorized for enrollment. See below for more details


Field Study Prerequisites: 

-SocEcol 10 or an equivalent course 

-Junior or Senior Standing (90+ Units completed) 

-Declared major in the School of Social Ecology or Environmental Science and Policy Major 

-2.0 or above GPA 


We will be verifying eligibility for priority consideration, and  we will be considering the following graduation candidates for priority enrollment: 

*Spring 2021*

** Graduation Application must be on file. Submit an application through your Student Access under  'Applications'. 

What if I am not graduating in Spring 2021? 

You can still submit a Request for Enrollment Form, but there is a higher chance you will be added to a waiting list. The sooner you submit a form, the higher up you will be on the waiting list. 


Do the same procedures apply for both SocEcol 195 and SocEcol 195W? 

Yes, the same procedures apply for both, please select the course for which you want to be considered on the Request for Enrollment Form. Please keep in mind that you will only be authorized for the course that you select (SE 195 or SE 195W), if you meet all of the prerequisites. 


What is the difference between SocEcol 195 and SocEcol 195W? 

-4 units for SocEcol 195 will satisfy the Field Study requirement only 

-4 units of SocEcol 195W will satisfy the Field Study requirement AND upper-division writing. 

For more details on how they are different click here. 


When will I be able to enroll in a field study course for the Spring? 

-If authorized, students will be notified after February 12th and will be able to enroll during their assigned Spring 2021 enrollment window. The enrollment window will open up on Monday of Week 8.  

-To learn more about enrollment windows, visit the Registrar website 


Should I be applying for a site now if I want to complete the Field Study requirement this Spring 2021? 

-No, you do not need to apply to sites at this time. Students are not going to be required to confirm placement in order to request authorization to enroll in SocEcol 195 or SocEcol 195. 

-Once students receive an authorization to enroll from our office after February 12th, they will then be required to apply for a remote community placement, a faculty research lab/project, or a learning assistantship and confirm their placement with our office by March 12


What can I expect in regards to completing fieldwork? 

-Those authorized will receive a catalog of available community site placements and faculty research opportunities the week of February 15th.

-Students who are authorized will be required to submit a Fieldwork Placement Confirmation by Friday, March 12th.  

-Students will be required to complete 50 REMOTE fieldwork hours at an approved remote site placement with a community partner, with a faculty in a UCI research lab/project, or as a UCI learning assistant (


Can participating in a faculty research lab/project or as a UCI learning assitant count as my field study placement in the Spring quarter?

Yes, participation as a research assistant (RA) or as a learning assistant (LA) can count as your Spring 2021 field placement. However, we have specific enrollment requirements for RAs and LAs as described below, so PLEASE READ THIS SECTION CAREFULLY:

  • You MUST enroll in the correct number of SE 195 or SE 195W units in addition to the SE 198 (for RAs) or UNI STU 198 (for LAs) units as specified below. 
  • Each of the enrollment specifications outlined below will fulfill your Field Study requirement 
  • You will need to request an authorization code from your faculty RA or LA supervisor (NOT your Field Study course instructor) to enroll in SE 198 or UNI STU 198. Please reach out to them directly when your registration window opens.

Enrollment Requirements for Research/Learning Assistants for Field Study:

  • RAs in SE 195 must enroll in exactly: 2 units (SE 195) + 2 units (SE 198) = 4 total units
  • LAs in SE 195 must enroll in exactly: 2 units (SE 195) + 2 units (UNI STU 198) + 2 units (UNI STU 176) = 6 total units
  • RAs in SE 195W must enroll in exactly: 4 units (SE 195W) + 2 units (SE 198) = 6 total units
  • LAs in SE 195W must enroll in exactly: 4 units (SE 195W) + 2 units (UNI STU 198) + 2 units (UNI STU 176) = 8 total units

*Please see for more information about learning assistantships

What do I do when I have confirmed a remote placement? 

Once you receive confirmation from our office that you have been authorized to enroll in Field Study for Spring 2021, you can submit your Fieldwork Placement Confirmation HERE (link not available yet)


What should I be doing now to prepare? 

Prepare your resume and cover letter! If you are authorized to enroll, you will have less than a month to apply, interview, and confirm placement. You should have your resume and cover letter ready to go so you can focus on selecting and applying to sites once the catalogs are made available to you. 


For assistance on how to put together a resume,  click here.  

For assistance on how to put together a cover letter click here.



Winter 2021 Field Study 

Will the project I complete with my site or research lab satisfy the writing requirement for the class (SocEcol 195/195W)? 

No, the work students complete for their field study placement/research lab will not satisfy the writing requirement for either SocEcol 195 and/or  SocEcol 195W. You will still need to complete the writing requirement for the coursework portion of your class. Please refer to your class syllabus for information about the course requirements. 

How many hours am I required to complete? 

For the Winter 2021 quarter and until further notice, students are required to complete 50 hours of remote fieldwork for the entire quarter, about 5 hours per week. 

Who is tracking my hours? 

Traditionally supervisors are expected to track and log student hours, but at this time we invite supervisors and students to have a conversation to decide what will work best for their individual partnerships and situations. Supervisors may use their own tracking systems or they are  welcome to use this sample time log. Please keep in mind, at the end of the quarter,  supervisors will be responsible for reporting and signing off on the final hours completed. 

How are my hours going to be reported back to the FIeld Study office? 

Supervisors will be completing an end-of-quarter evaluation and reporting the hours there as part of their feedback. We will not ask for a log, but the total number of hours completed. 

Once again, how you track the hours on a weekly basis is up to the supervisor and student. 

What if my supervisor changed since I submitted the Fieldwork Submission Form? 

Our office needs the most accurate contact information for your supervisor as we will be sending emails with important information and instructions. If your supervisor has changed since you submitted your Fieldwork Submission form, please contact our office to update your supervisor's information immediately. 

When will I start my hours? 

Students can start their remote service hours as of January 4 and have until March 12 to complete them. 

If I already completed some hours with this site/research lab in the past, can these hours count toward my fieldwork for the fall? 

Students will only receive credit for hours completed during the placement period of January 4 to March 12. 


If I’m participating in UCDC this Winter quarter, do I still need to submit a Request to Enroll Form to have my experience count towards Field Study?

You don’t have to submit a form, simply follow instructions on our website on how to satisfy field study with UCDC.