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Field Study Student Stipend: Transportation & Professional Wardrobe


About the Stipend Program

The Field Study Student Stipend Program was created as a way to support field study students that face challenges with access to professional apparel and reliable transportation. Our goal is to increase student success by addressing obstacles that hinder students’ abilities to make the most of their field study experience. 

Interested students can apply to be considered for the following two stipends:

Professional Wardrobe Stipend

Selected students receive a professional apparel package from our community partner, Working Wardrobes, to help dress for success during their field study placements. Students also receive a one-on-one personal shopping experience (by appointment) to help pick out the perfect apparel and accessories to fit their needs.

The apparel package could include:

  • Work attire (e.g., blouse, slacks, dress shirt, skirt, blazers etc)
  • Professional shoes
  • Professional accessories (e.g., belt, scarves, jewelry, etc) 
  • Hygiene products 
  • Both “men’s” and “women’s” clothing styles available to any stipend recipient

Transportation Stipend 

Selected students will receive a $100 stipend to assist with transportation during the field study placement period. 

Stipends are to be used for any of the following:

  • Gas 
  • Rideshare cost 
  • Public transportation 

Stipend Requirements/Criteria: 

  • Must have secured an approved placement for one of the upcoming quarters and submitted a Course Enrollment Form  
  • Must demonstrate a need or a direct benefit from participating in the stipend program on the application
  •  For a limited time only students can apply for BOTH The clothing and the transportation stipend!  


How do these stipends affect my financial aid package? 

Please carefully read the following statement from UCI’s Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships (OFAS). For additional information about how this stipend can affect your financial aid, please visit: FAQ | Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships | UCI or contact OFAS at; 949 824-8262 

"The award will be disbursed to your UCI student account by the Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships. Scholarships may not exceed a student’s cost of attendance. This scholarship may reduce or replace your loans or unused work/study funds in order to allow for the scholarship to be applied." 

In order that outside (non-UCI) scholarships help a student as much as possible, it is our policy to replace a student's self-help (loan and work awards) first. If the amount of outside aid received exceeds the amount of loan and work in your package, grants are then reduced. The following is the order in which aid will be reduced when receiving an outside (non-UCI) scholarship. Note: The field study stipend is equivalent to the “outside” scholarships described here.

  • Direct Loans (which meet need) 
  • Campus-based loans (such as University and Hawk Loan) 
  • Work-study (unearned) 
  • UCI Scholarship (need-based) 
  • UC Irvine Grant  
  • Supplemental Opportunity Grant  
  • Cal Grants   

PLEASE NOTE: Final awards could be reduced or held by outstanding bills due to the university. If you have any outstanding balances, please be sure to have these clear before applying for the stipend, or email our office if you are in the process of clearing them. 

Application Process

Before submitting: 

  • Select if you will be applying to one or both stipends. Stipends will be awarded to eligible students, on a first-come-first-served basis, until quarterly funds are exhausted. 
  • Prepare your application statement:
    •  You will be asked to upload your Statement of Need. NOTE: only Microsoft Word documents and PDFs will be accepted
      • Prompt for the Statement of Need:
        • In no fewer than 200 words, please describe your financial need and how being awarded the stipend will support your ability to successfully participate and succeed in a field study. 

What to expect after you apply: 

  • Your application will be reviewed, but processed after October 11
  • If we have questions or concerns about your form, we will contact you directly 
  • For Transportation Stipends
    • Approved stipends will be disbursed by week 6 of the fall quarter (Week of November 4th) 
  • For Professional Wardrobe Stipends
    • Students will be emailed a copy of Working Wardrobes' referral to complete as part of the review process 
      • This form will be due Wednesday, October 23
    • Referrals for approved students will be sent to Working Wardrobes, and a representative from that team will reach out for an appointment 
    • The stipend to pay for the apparel package will be disbursed the week of November 4. 
      • Students will be responsible for using the stipend to pay for the apparel package. 
        • If the amount due after the apparel appointment exceeds the stipend amount, students are responsible for the remaining balance.
        • If the apparel appointment is scheduled before funds are disbursed, students can pay out-of-pocket and be “reimbursed” with the awarded stipend. 

Apply using the form below: 


Fall Stipend application opens Monday, August 26

Fall Stipend application will close, on Friday, October 11. 

Questions? Email us at