Traditional Field Study Catalog - General Community Outreach & Services

Last updated 9/21/23

AASCSC - Asian American Senior Citizens Service Center (Site #526) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: NO
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 850 N. Birch Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5        
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mr. Roy Ho                               Title: Volunteer Coordinator
Email Address:               Phone: 949-297-6866

About the Organization: 

AASCSC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization entrusted to serve and protect our most vulnerable and underserved as they progress through different stages of life. Founded in 1989, AASCSC believes in an intergenerational approach to building a stronger, healthier community through direct services, advocacy, and capacity building. At the heart of these efforts is imperative to ensure health equity within our community. AASCSC works with all age groups ranging from youths to older adults!

AASCSC has programs in many areas including:

  • Older Adults Wellness Program
  • Mental Health Program
  • Health Equity Related Initiatives
  • Early Childhood Education & Parenting Support Programs
  • COVID-19 Related Events & Activities
  • Civic Engagement Initiatives
  • Social Justice/Community Advocacy Initiatives
  • And more…

Placement Job Description: 

AASCSC's internship program is designed for college students that have an interest in gaining professional development, general office skills, as well as experience with non-profits, community health, health equity, advocacy, and working with a wide range of age groups in a community service setting.

Interns may be asked to assist with:

  • Sponsorships, grants, and fundraising
  • Coordinating with partner organizations/agencies
  • Planning events and other AASCSC activities
  • Participating in events and other AASCSC activities (may be off-site)
  • Assisting community members and those utilizing AASCSC’s services
  • General office duties and other tasks as assigned by the volunteer’s supervisor

Requirements (subject to change): 

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Have transportation to and from event/activity locations (our center is in Santa Ana, CA and we have events throughout Orange County, CA)
  • Willingness to work with AASCSC and represent AASCSC in a positive manner

As required by the organization, volunteers may be asked to complete some or all of the following:

  • Submit a resume
  • Pass an interview
  • Pass a background check
  • Complete an orientation and/or other trainings
  • Other requirements at the discretion of the volunteer coordinator

COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required
How to Apply: Please email your resume (cover letter optional) to

Anteater Recreation Center (Site #200.1) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 4            Length of Commitment: Flexible, can be up to 3 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): 680 California Ave, Irvine, CA
Hours of Operation: M-F 7am-9pm, Sat-Sun 8:30am-7pm                               
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mr. Greg A. Rothberg              Title: Director 
Email               Phone: (949) 824-8502

About the Organization:
Campus Recreation serves as an integral part of university life by offering diverse sports, recreational and fitness activities that are fun, vigorous, healthy and conducive to personal wellness. We support the academic mission by creating a climate that motivates individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle, build social communities and develop leadership opportunities that contribute to anteater pride.

VISION: To provide programs and services to the anteater community in a manner that meets or exceeds the standards of excellence of the University. 

VALUES: In delivering programs and services to the campus community, the following is a list of the values that guide administrative decisions and resources: 

  • The University Experience 
  • Student Welfare 
  • Participation in Sports for Everyone Regardless of Ability
  • Health through Participation in Physical Activities 
  • Maximizing Resources and Meeting Budget Objectives 
  • Quality Programs 
  • Customer Service and Accessibility 
  • Creativity and Innovation 
  • Diversity of Programs and Services 

Placement Job Description:

POSITION PURPOSE: This position will primarily assist with administrative duties, research and survey development, social media development, staff enagement and special program/event management.


  • Creating relevant social media posts
  • Researching and creating surveys relevant to programs we are running
  • Help develop programs for current and future student staff to increase engagement
  • Create reports pertaining to different aspects of the programs. 

Requirements (subject to change): None
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Vaccine OR mask
How to Apply: Please apply by emailing Greg A. Rothberg at

Assistance League of Irvine (Site #502) 

Accepting students for Fall: NO   Winter: NO   Spring: NO   Summer 2023: NO
Placement type: In-person, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: Flexible, can be up to 3 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): 2452 Alton Parkway, Irvine, CA 92606
Hours of Operation: Hours are flexible and work with student schedules                             
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mrs. Jill Vidas (Housky)           Title: Board Member
Email                  Phone: 949-322-3143

About the Organization:
Assistance League of Irvine is a nonprofit volunteer organization dedicated to providing programs and services to enrich and improve the quality of life in our community. Assistance League has 120 chapters nationwide. Our philanthropies are supported by funds from our thrift shop. Philanthropies include our largest program, Operation School Bell, which provides clothing and school supplies to income-qualified children in our community. We have a college scholarship program that assists income-qualified students attending local community colleges. We also hold an annual art show that showcases art by K-6 students attending schools in Irvine.

Placement Job Description: We work with student's interests and skills. Projects include working in our thrift shop, assisting with our Operation School Bell program, volunteering behind the scenes with our art show, attending school board and/or City Council meetings, assisting and/or creating advertising, updating social media, and working with spreadsheets

Special Project - INTERNS NEEDED! 

We have a priority project for students with an interest in creating short videos to advertise our programs that could be posted on our website and on social media. Students can be as creative as they like

Requirements (subject to change): Familiar with basic computer software programs, able to work with a variety of people on projects
COVID-19 Protocols: Masks and vaccines are strongly recommended.
How to Apply: Please send an email to Jill Vidas (Housky) at, along with a cover letter and resume.

City of Irvine High School Youth Outreach (Site #327.1) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: YES    Winter: YES   Spring: YES    Summer 2023: NO
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote)
Placements available:2           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter 
Physical Address (if applicable):  Heritage Community Center 14301 Yale Ave. Irvine, CA 92604
Hours of Operation:   Flexible schedule between M-F, 9am-6pm, Limited Weekends
Site Website:
Main Contact:    Steve Knollmiller                                  Title: High School Youth Outreach Supervisor
Email                          Phone: 949-724-6739

About the Organization:

This program is all about creatively responding to the needs and interests of teens in our community! This program will work with the City of Irvine’s Community Services Department to facilitate community service projects, social events, educational outreach, and other resources for the High School aged population in Irvine. The program has a presence in all IUSD high schools, additional high schools throughout the county, and collaborates with many non-profit community partners.

Placement Job Description:

  •   Interns will tackle several projects throughout the year to develop High School Youth Outreach’s program initiatives and provide support at HSYO events.
  •    Interns will help lead high school leadership initiatives to help build character, improve confidence, and create a community for our program members.
  •    Interns will help create mental health and wellness initiatives throughout IUSD campuses.
  •    Interns will be responsible for leading high school events at community partner organizations along with helping contact different organizations and volunteer coordinators.
  •    Interns will be a mentor for our high school program members and help build relationship and make connections with the participants.

Requirements (subject to change): Students must pass a live scan and TB test. Students also must be willing to interact with teens of all ages and assist in creating new and exciting activities and events to support youth development.
COVID-19 Protocols:  N/A 
How to Apply:   Complete the following Google Form ( and send a follow-up email with subject line “UCI Field Study Application '' stating that you have filled out the form and are interested in the position.

Corazon (Site #503) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: FULL     Summer 2023: No (SSI) TBA (SSII)
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 4            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 2001 East 1st Street STE# 201 Santa Ana, CA, 92705
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Executive Director                Title: Executive Director & Operations Specialist
Email Address:           Phone: 714) 547-0357

About the Organization:
Building Community by strengthening families, enabling service, promoting self-sufficiency, and inspiring mutually beneficial relationships across borders. 

For families living in underserved communities, life-changing opportunities are not always within reach. Corazon is an active group of committed volunteers from the US and Mexico that build homes and open doors for youth, adults, and communities in Northern Mexico. 

Corazon Construction: To Provide Shelter, Security and Hope
Corazon Youth: We Build Character and Create Educational Opportunities
Corazon Family and Community: We Help Develop Self-Sufficient, Safe, and Nurturing Communities

Please visit our website for more information. 

Placement Job Description:

Business Operations and Logistics: Are you passionate about details, relationships with people, and all about being as helpful as possible? This will be perfect for you! Work on anything from events, phone calls with donors, organizing mailings, and more while really understanding the fundamentals of running a non-profit.

Marketing and Social Media: Are you creative and love to make beautiful and fun social media pages? Do you like to engage with other people and excite them about a mission? This job might be perfect for you! Help us maintain an exciting social media page that engages multiple audiences and lets them know the latest and greatest about our organization!

Communications: We are looking for a story teller! Someone who is passionate about understanding various points of views, and communicating to others their personal insights and learnings while also communicating important information! We want someone who loves anything from blogging to newsletter writing, and even donation writing.

Special Projects: We are looking for someone who is bilingual and can do translation projects, while also working with our Executive Director on a variety of higher priority projects. Get to know our scholarship program and help us with small events and functions in the organization. A flexible personality is ideal as you will work on projects at all levels of the organization.

Data: Are you meticulous, detail-oriented, and passionate about ensuring that an organization can run to its maximum effectiveness? This job is for you! Help us maintain input, gather, and maintain our database, while getting to learn about donor management and operations in a nonprofit.

Requirements (subject to change): Interest in supporting our nonprofit
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Physical Distancing
How to Apply: Send an email expressing their interest with resume attached to:

County of Orange (Site #504) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 4            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): Varies depending on each internship (majority of internships take place in Santa Ana, CA).
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Joanne Li                                                 Title: Assistant Recruitment Manager
Email Address:                            Phone: 714-834-7327

About the Organization:
Mission Statement: Making Orange County a safe, healthy, and fulfilling place to live, work, and play, today and for generations to come, by providing outstanding, cost-effective regional public services.

The County provides internship opportunities from a variety of departments including the Auditor-Controller, the District Attorney's Office, the Public Defender's Office, OC Waste & Recycling, OC Health Care Agency, Social Services Agency, and the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Placement Job Description: County of Orange internship duties vary depending on the internship. To view a current list of internship openings and their job duties please visit

Requirements (subject to change): Live Scans are required of interns to complete. (Interns are not charged for live scans). Please note internships with Law Enforcement agencies such as the OC Sheriff's and District Attorney's Office have lengthy background investigations that interns must complete before interning.
COVID-19 Protocols: The County of Orange is adhering to all current guidelines put in place by the California Department of Public Health
How to Apply: Students can apply for internships online A cover letter, resume, and unofficial transcripts are required.

Dreams for Schools (Site #303.1) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: Hybrid 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 550 N Parkcenter Dr, Suite 102 Santa Ana, CA 92705
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-6:00                               
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mr. Nithin Jilla                            Title: Founder & Executive Director 
Email Address:          Phone:  949 333 9084

About the Organization:
We make STEM approachable and accessible for all. Empowering students. Cultivating curiosity. By providing the right tools and experience, we help kids program the future.

Dreams for Schools is a STEM education non-profit organization working to advance education equity by bridging gaps in a STEM education, with an emphasis on computer science (CS), by working with a range of community stakeholders from K-12 students, educators, schools, districts, as well as higher education students to provide educational programs that would not otherwise be available to our clients.

DFS's primary programs include:

1. STEM Curriculum Development
2. K-12 STEM Classes
3. Vocational Opportunities for STEM Higher Ed Students
4. Professional Development for Educators
5. Scholarships for STEM Higher Ed Students

Placement Job Description:

Admin/Operations Intern: The Dreams for Schools Admin/Operations Intern will assist with the day-to-day operations of the organization, both individually and collaboratively with team members.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Assist with research for different programs within the organization (corporations, grants, programs outreach, mentor recruitment, etc.).
  • Prepare reports, presentations, and/or documents with content related to the organization.
  • Data entry and maintenance with multiple databases used by the organization.
  • Assist with additional administrative tasks as needed.


  • Experience with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, and PowerPoint).
  • Multi-tasking, organizational, time-management skills are valued.
  • Strong writing and grammatical skills.

Programs Intern: The Dreams for Schools Programs Intern will provide administrative support to the Programs team for daily classroom activities, material assembly, curriculum development, outreach events, and mentor recruitment.

Major Responsibilities:

  • Assist with data entry and maintenance of surveys collected from Dreams for Schools instructors, students, parents, and other stakeholders.
  • Research new developments in education and STEAM curriculum to improve the organization’s internal and external curricula.
  • Pack and assemble materials for our classes (may require occasional in-person attendance to the office in Yorba Linda).
  • Offer preparation and day-of support for quarterly Showcases and outreach events.
  • Perform research activities to identify potential partnerships for Dreams for Schools programs.


  • Familiarity with Google Suite Sheets and/or Microsoft Excel
  • Interest in building strong relationships with outside, community partners
  • Experience in researching and creative problem solving is a plus.

Marketing Intern: The Dreams for Schools Programs Marketing Intern will support marketing efforts to assist with the promotion of the organization’s programs across multiple platforms. They will also aid in the creation of new content to help the organization expand its social media presence/engagement.

Major Responsibilities:

  • General everyday posting and management of Dreams for Schools’ social media accounts.
  • Bringing Dreams for Schools into the realm of TikTok content creation
  • Begin initial planning for a new mini-video series on project building at home (family DIY time, etc.)
  • Contacting alumni instructors to capture “Where are they now?” stories to be shared digitally.
  • Additional projects may be assigned, including marketing surrounding Dreams for Schools Professional Development, roundtable discussions with educators, Girls in STEAM Night, and Instagram reels.


  • Experience with creating content and strong familiarity with TikTok.
  • Experience with other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.).
  • Experience with Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, and Web Design are encouraged.
  • Experience with Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop is a plus, but not required.

Requirements (subject to change): Growth mindset and willingness to learn.
COVID-19 Protocols: Physical Distancing
How to Apply: Please email your resume and area of interest to

 Easterseals Southern California (SITE # 527) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: Yes (Session TBA) 
Placement type: In-Person
Placements available: 5           Length of Commitment: 2 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable):  1063 McGaw Avenue, Suite 100 Irvine, CA 92614
Hours of Operation:    S-S 8am-8pm                         
Site Website:
Main Contact:  Mrs. Ellen, Einkauf Isais                             Title:  Talent Engagement Program Manager
Email                    Phone:  714-924-5179

About the Organization:

For more than 100 years, Easterseals has been an indispensable resource for individuals with developmental disabilities or other special needs and their families.
That’s why we are proud to provide meaningful part-time and full-time careers to both students and recent graduates who want to make a profound and positive difference in people’s lives. Join us and build real-world skills while helping those with disabilities address life’s challenges and achieve personal goals so that they can live, learn, work and play in our shared communities.
Mission: Our purpose is to change the way the world defines and views disability by making profound, positive differences in people’s lives every day.
Join us and help change the way the world defines and views disability one connection at a time. Visit or follow us at @EasterSealsSoCal.

Placement Job Description:

We have a Behavior Interventionist job that is part of our Autism Services team and does ABA therapy. The job works out in the field.
Easterseals Southern California has fantastic opportunities for individuals looking to begin or continue a career in the fields of psychology, behavioral health, or autism services. Our Behavior Interventionists provide in home, ABA based therapy sessions to families and children on the autism spectrum. Are you interested in gaining a greater understanding of autism and behavioral therapy? Do you love working with children? We provide ongoing training and clearly defined career paths.
Starting Pay $22-$23 per hour

What’s great about working in this role?

  • Opportunity to learn and apply the scientific discipline of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)
  • This is a skill that can be applied in many different career paths
  • Career growth and advancement: Research, Training, Assessment, are some of the other divisions that will allow you to grow with us
  • Ongoing paid training, supervision and support to help you succeed and thrive. Candidates without experience are welcome to apply and receive our valuable training
  • Guaranteed minimum hours
  • Education reimbursement program
  • 401k, paid holidays, paid time off (PTO)   

What we are looking for:

  • People with a passion for working with children
  • Previous experience working with children or people with special needs and an interest in behavioral health (personal experience & exposure count)
  • Available to work in the afternoons/early evenings, and possible weekend morning hours
  • Must have own reliable transportation, and valid driver’s license, auto registration and auto insurance
  • Proof of immunization records and TB. Must be fully vaccinated against Covid including a booster, if eligible
  • Ability to pass a background check and drug screening
  • Must be available for initial 2 week training schedule (M-F, about 35 hours)
  • The position requires lifting, carrying, and loading/unloading toys and materials for home visits. Also frequent walking, bending, reaching, squatting, kneeling, and twisting in order to observe, assess, and interact with participants
  • Work hours: Monday thru Friday 3PM-8PM are our highest need. We can be flexible with candidates who desire to work less than 5 days per week. This is a part time position, typically about 10-20 hours per week.

 Areas of coverage (cases will be assigned based on where you live): Irvine, Alisa Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Mission Viejo, Tustin, Huntington Beach, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach or surrounding areas in  South OC

Requirements (subject to change)



  • A minimum of 6 months of exposure to/experience with children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) or other related developmental disabilities.
  • Some examples include working with typically developing children in a group setting (children with demonstrated deficits or challenging behavior preferred), having a family member with ASD, a neighbor with a developmental disability, or even volunteer work in a classroom with a child with ASD, etc. 


  • Degree not required, but must have at least completed some college coursework or be currently enrolled at an accredited college or university.
  • We have a preference to programs related to early childhood education, psychology, sociology, nursing or related field.

COVID-19 Protocols:  Proof of COVID-19 vaccination requirements, and masking requirements are now dropped for this job. Masks are still required if the family requests that staff wear one.
How to Apply:  Please apply online at:

Eco Now (SITE # 425.1) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: NO     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 2930 Bristol St, Unit A102, Costa Mesa, CA 92626
Hours of Operation: 11-7 every day; community outreach events varies (mostly on weekend mornings)            
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mr. Thomas Pauley                               Title: Manager of Operations
Email                     Phone: 657-201-8172

About the Organization:

Our mission is to help consumers make sustainable choices. At Eco Now, we strive to educate others and provide locally sourced, handmade, and eco-friendly goods to reduce waste.
We educate our clients and our team members the importance on the end of life for materials used in their home or for their body. We show that recycling plastics, organics, and greywater is important to reduce the environmental impact of human consumption. We teach this by showing effective ways to prevent and reduce the use of plastics in every day life as well as how to properly dispose or recycle plastics; this is achieved with our non-profit partner "H&B ProdEx". We teach organic recycling by showing different ways to compost at home from organic materials being consumed such as food scraps and paper packaging. And We teach greywater recycling as en effective solution to reduce the impact of California's severe drought. Both organic and greywater recycling classes are taught theough our "eco classes now" department.

Placement Job Description:

  • Title: eco-guide
  • Supervisor: Owner/Supervisor
    • eco-guides are under the direct supervision of managers and manager of operations.
  • Principle Duties: The eco-guides play the most important single role in educating customers on the end of life of products and the impact it has on the environment, customer service, customer relations, cleanliness and maintenance of the store they are assigned to.

Specifically, eco-guides will:

  • Be a positive and professional representative of Eco Now, LLC. Exemplify our mission by serving and educating our consumers about being Eco Now, Not Later.
  • Demonstrate superior customer relations and service.
  • Demonstrate superior knowledge of the company's ecological-friendly products.
  • Complete daily and deep cleaning assignments and records after completion.
  • Complete daily shift documentation which logs the pertinent information on each shift, including notes of circumstances and special customer requests and needs.
  • Document and communicate all store maintenance issues and equipment needs on the daily updates and inform store managers as needed (this includes serving tools needs, cleaning supply needs, etc).
  • Uphold and perform the highest cleaning and organizational standards on the sales floor and in the back stock areas.
  • Attend the Mandatory Monthly Meetings.
  • Participate in all required training.
  • Be an exemplary example of patience, respect, and due diligence throughout the entirety of your position.
  • Observe and adhere to safety postings and policies.
  • Report any violation of established procedures of personnel duties to your supervisor.
  • Complete any miscellaneous store tasks assigned to you from supervisors.

Requirements (subject to change)

   1. Must be able to lift 50lbs.
   2. Ability to assist customers with the highest quality.
   3. Follow oral and written directions.
   4. Write effectively.
   5. Ability to use the store’s digital point of sale devices.
   6. Accept feedback, be a team player by working well with others.
   7. Perform duties with integrity,

COVID-19 Protocols: Regular santiation of all spaces, good hygeine, effective hand washing and hand sanitation.
How to Apply:  Please fill out the Eco Now Team Member Application Form in the link below and we'll keep your application on file for potential openings.
   To follow up with your application, email "".
   Thank you for your interest in joining our team! 

El Centro Cultural de Mexico (Site #522) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes  Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-Person
Placements available: 5           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 837 N Ross St. Santa Ana, California, 92701
Hours of Operation: Flexible hours                           
Main Contact:  Dr. Carolina Sarmiento                                                            Title: Board Member 
Email                                Phone: 714-856-1413

About the Organization: El Centro Cultural de Mexico is an alternative space in Santa Ana where the community can find cultural, educational, and artistic activities that strengthen their identities, develop their talents and develop a sense of leadership in their community. By engaging Orange County residents and communities through community outreach efforts, it supports inter and intra-cultural interaction and dialogue among Orange County’s residents by creating a variety of programs which enable all people to explore their own heritage and culture. Through educational programming, which includes workshops in dance, music, art, and literacy, it promotes understanding and appreciation of the contributions of the many cultures in our region by sharing knowledge of Mexico’s rich cultural, and educational, and social legacy. It seeks to be at the forefront of creating a strong ideological and cultural bridge to support bringing together a variety of cultural projects from Mexico and other parts of Mexico, Central and South America.

Placement Job Description: El Centro works on various projects including Nuestras Manos, a domestic worker-led organization, Radio Santa Ana (community radio that reaches all of Santa Ana 104.7 FM), as well as cultural programming and community organizing in the space.

These positions would include:

  1. Working with Nuestras Manos on organizing for increased worker rights
  2. Working with Radio Santa Ana on community news, creating community archives, and programming.

Requirements (subject to change): Include any minimum qualifications or requirements you expect from students (e.g., previous experience, background checks, life scans, tb test etc.)
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Physical Distancing
How to Apply: Please fill out the following form Once the form is filled out please email your cover letter to

Families Forward (Site #524.1) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: Yes (SSI) TBA (SSII)
Placement Type: In-Person
Placements Available: 2         Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 8 Thomas, Irvine, CA 92618
Hours of Operation: M-Th 9-5, F 9-1                    
Site Website:
Main Contact: Briana Iniestra                                                            Title: Volunteer Manager 
Email Address:                                 Phone: 949-379-8373

About the Organization

Mission: Families Forward exists to help families in crisis achieve and maintain self-sufficiency through housing, counseling, education, and other support services. Families Forward offers homeless and at-risk families with an array of services. Families Forward's Housing Program is designed to help families who have recently faced a crisis that left them homeless. by providing housing, counseling, career coaching, life-skills training, and referral services. Families Forward's Food Pantry is available to income qualifying single individuals, couples, and families residing in Orange County. When available, fresh produce, bread and eggs are offered. Essential infant supplies such as baby food and diapers may also be provided when available. Families Forward's Mental Health Counseling Program features solution-based counseling focused on identifying what the participant wants to accomplish. Counseling is short-term, individual, marital, family, and group counseling for personal and interpersonal concerns. Families Forward provides career coaching to our housing clients, assisting them with job searches, preparing for interviews and ultimately improving their earning potential. Additional career resources can be found at the agencies listed below.

Placement Job Description:

Students will have the opportunity to work in most aspects of Families Forward.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Office work at the front desk
  • Assisting with housing intakes and referral services
  • Assisting clients with paperwork
  • Data entry
  • Program and event coordination support
  • Packaging food bags and assisting in our food pantry
  • Work with community volunteers, board members, and committees
  • Assisting with special projects depending on the time of the year. Increased responsibilities will depend on the interest, skills, and experience of the student.

Requirements (subject to change): Students should have strong interpersonal and communication skills, be nonjudgmental, flexible, and patient. Phone skills, organization skills, and computer skills strongly recommended. Bilingual, especially Spanish-speaking, a plus.
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required, Physical Distancing
How to Apply: Submit resume and cover letter to Volunteer Manager, Briana Iniestra, at

Friendly Center Inc. (Site #505) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 147 W. Rose Ave., Orange, CA 92867
Hours of Operation: M & W: 11:30-8, Tu, Th, F: 9-5:30                               
Site Website
Main Contact: Jessica Vargas                                 Title: HR Coordinator 
Email           Phone: (714) 771-5300 x113

About the Organization:
Friendly Center’s work in the community is accomplished by providing 15+ programs and services to low-income families and seniors in Orange County. Each of these programs and services can be categorized under three pillars: Family Support, Hunger Relief, and Educational Opportunity. 
Family Support includes programs that help stabilize those experiencing crisis; this includes case management, mental health counseling, rental/utility assistance, domestic violence intervention, support groups, diaper distributions, and family engagement events. Hunger Relief programs include multiple large-scale food distributions each month and emergency grocery assistance available by appointment. Educational Opportunity includes a year-round comprehensive after-school program, parenting classes, ESL (English as a Second Language) classes, and a parental leadership program.

Placement Job Description:

Family Support Advocate Assistant:

  • Case management to support effective coordination of services among service providers
  • Provide knowledge of and linkages to resources, services, and opportunities to improve self-sufficiency
  • Support families in following through with recommended services.
  • Services shall include:
    • Assessing family strengths and needs
    • Linkages to resources
    • Case planning
    • In-home services
    • Communicating applicable case-related information to SSA staff as requested
    • Compiling and maintaining records
    • Preparing reports
    • Presenting cases at CMT meetings
    • Completing designated measurement tools and entering all required data into a database
    • Attending all required meetings and training

Requirements (subject to change): Must pass live scan background check. Bilingual Spanish speaking required. Capable of relating well to individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, varied incomes and education.
COVID-19 Protocols: Vaccine required
How to Apply: Please send a letter of interest for the position to the following email address:

Goodwill of Orange County  (Site #529) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: NO
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 410 North Fairview Street, Santa Ana CA 92703
Hours of Operation:   M-F 9-4                               
Main Contact: Richard Adams                                        Title:
Email Address:Vice President of Mission Services        Phone: 7142405787

About the Organization:

 Goodwill of Orange County helps people achieve their goals through a journey of personal support, work experience and career development.
We offer programs and services to members of our community which are intended to help enhance their Career goals and economic independence. While we have programs which are specifically designed for certain populations, our aspiration is to be able to help anyone who needs and wants our assistance.

Placement Job Description

  Volunteer Intern Role Description
   The purpose of the volunteer intern role is for the intern to become more familiar with the Mission of Goodwill by working directly with the Mission Team.
   Some job duties and responsibilities may include but are not limited to:

  •    Participation in team meetings
  •    Reviewing program Designs
  •    Showdowing and assisting staff by providing in-person job support
  •    Compiling data and assisting with analysis.

   Basic expectations include:

  •    safeguarding company Property
  •    Acting Safely
  •    Following Company Procedures
  •    Use of good interpersonal skills such as courtesy, sensitivity, politeness and thoughtfulness to others

Requirements (subject to change)

  • Basic Background check
  • Sign and agree to a general release of liability

COVID-19 Protocols: N/A 
How to Apply: Email

Hope Community Services (Site #506) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: Yes (SSI) No (SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 1538 Century Blvd, Santa Ana, CA 92703
Hours of Operation: 10 am - 5 pm                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Krystal Khuat                     Title: Program Manager 
Email        Phone: 714-265-1181

About the Organization:

To serve and empower Vietnamese-Americans and our neighboring communities, so we can excel as one community through educational, cultural, social, and charitable activities.

Placement Job Description

HOPE Interns will be able to gain valuable experience with a non-profit in various areas: Outreach & Engagement, Office Administration, Senior Programs, Youth Programs, Health, Community Services, and more. Interns will also have the opportunity to fulfill tasks related to customer service, reports, data entry, data analysis, event planning, and social media. We are looking for individuals who are open to learning and willing to grow both professionally and personally.

Requirements (subject to change): Communication and computer skills
COVID-19 Protocols: Vaccine required
How to Apply: Please email

Hub for Integration, Reentry & Employment (H.I.R.E.) (Site #525) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: FULL    Winter: FULL    Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: FULL (SSI) FULL  (SSII)
Placement type: Remote
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): Virtual
Hours of Operation: Roughly M-F 8-5 but being virtual, hours are completely flexible outside of set meetings/events.                              
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Meghan Medlin             Title: Chief Executive Officer / Founder
Email         Phone:  714-784-7920 x101

About the Organization:

H.I.R.E.'s mission is to maximize the skills and opportunities for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted youth and adults in Orange County through employment, mentorship and community building.

We envision a unified Orange County where gaps in social, political, and economic opportunities are eliminated for formerly incarcerated and system-impacted youth and adults.

To realize the promise of our mission, we are committed to the following principles:

  • Connect and unite Orange County stakeholders to support the reintegration of formerly incarcerated community member
  • Use research informed and data driven strategies grounded in equity, and justice
  • Lift the voices of formerly incarcerated and system-impacted people

We provide service in two areas - community building/education and direct service for clients. Community building consists of events, meetings, workshops etc. to align reentry stakeholders, share resources and gain knowledge. Direct service consists of resource referrals, employment assistance and mentorship programs for adults with lived incarceration experience with youth who are at risk of being in the system or who have been in the system.

Placement Job Description:

The primary role of the Intern is to gain and understanding of reentry in Orange County by assisting H.I.R.E. with administrative tasks such as newsletters, social media campaigns, outreach, fundraising and participating in stakeholder meetings.

The following are the primary responsibilities of this position (other duties may be assigned as necessary):

  • Operations & Marketing (65%)
    • Gather and develop material for community newsletters and meeting updates/follow ups
    • Use MailChimp to design newsletters and outreach materials
    • Create and plan social media posts including client and board member highlights, upcoming meetings and events and stats/information
    • Assist with organizing summer and fall fundraisers (e.g., Paint Night)
    • Update flyers or materials as needed
  • Programming: (35%)
    • Attend stakeholder meetings to learn about H.I.R.E. and overall reentry in Orange County
    • Take attendance for internal meetings and update partner lists
    • Work with H.I.R.E. Program Coordinator to develop mentorship program documents including (but not limited to) policies and procedures, release documents, training materials
    • Participate in mentorship coordination as appropriate
    • Assist Volunteer Coordinator with recruiting and organizing volunteers for events
    • Assist with creation or updating of H.I.R.E. documents like Policies & Procedures (programmatic and operational), board contracts, or applications/agreements.

Requirement (subject to change)

  • Interest in criminal justice, reentry, social justice, juvenile justice preferred.
  • Will need to complete a Live Scan (backgrounds are ok).
  • Experience with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) required.
  • Experience with online platforms (ex. zoom, MailChimp) and social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn) preferred.
  • Ability to work independently and have computer/internet access required.

COVID-19 Protocols: We operate virtually
How to Apply: Send resume and cover letter explaining interest and availability to Meghan Medlin, CEO at

ICNA Relief (Site #111.1) 

Accepting students for: Fall:Yes   Winter: Yes     Spring: FULL     Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In Person
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable):   505 E. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA, 92832
Hours of Operation:   M-F 9-5                              
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mr.   Abdullah Zikria                           Title: Manager
Email         Phone: TBA

About the Organization:
ICNA Relief USA seeks to alleviate human suffering by providing caring and compassionate service to victims of adversities and survivors of disasters. ICNA Relief USA strives to build healthy communities, strengthen families and create opportunities for those in despair while maintaining their dignity.
Volunteers from across the country help us accomplish our mission every day. We are a Muslim organization and feel it is our religious responsibility to support those in need in our country regardless of their race, religion or other identifying features.

  • To assist and empower underprivileged Americans through sustainable social service programs
  • To strengthen the family system through education and value based family services
  • To foster effective partnership and coordination with Islamic Centers, faith-based organizations, civic and governmental agencies.
  • Values: Sincerity, Sacrifice, Service

Placement Job Description

The responsibilities included in this volunteer internship include:

  • Support Program Manager in activities and operations of the counseling center and mental health programs, as needed
  •  Work collaboratively with the ICNA Relief Food Pantry Coordinator for distributions to community when needed
  • Assist Program Manager in outreach efforts, classes, webinars and trainings to reduce stigma around mental health and positively impact the community.
  • Assist Program Manager in locating funding opportunities for the Counseling Department and other departments.
  •  Support in collaborating with local masajid to raise awareness of ICNA Relief programs, including our Annual Banquet,
  • Other duties as assigned.

Requirements (subject to change):

  • Available for 8 hours per week minimum
  • Coming in person to ICNA Relief Office located at 505 E. Commonwealth Ave, Fullerton, CA
  • Live Scan
  • Background Check


  • Highly motivated, creative and solution-oriented.
  • Respect cultural differences and a commitment to the value of cultural competencies.
  • Excellent administrative and organizational skills.
  • Bilingual abilities is a plus

COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required
How to Apply: Email with resume and cover letter. 

Illumination Foundation (Site #507) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY:  Fall: FULL   Winter: Yes      Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: FULL
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 1            Length of Commitment: 2 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): 1091 N. Batavia Street, Orange, CA 92867
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Sydney Quinn                     Title: Marketing and Community Engagement Coordinator
Email Address:           Phone: 949-273-0555 x 123

About the Organization:
illumination Foundation's mission is to provide targeted, interdisciplinary services for the most vulnerable homeless clients in order to disrupt the cycle of homelessness in Southern California. We assess clients in order to identify needs and provide immediate relief when necessary, followed by care that combines housing assistance, case management, medical care, mental health services, and workforce training and placement services to decrease community dependency. We offer a low-entry threshold to access health and housing stability for the most vulnerable members of our community, with a focus on families and those with chronic health conditions.

Placement Job Description:

Case Management Intern is compassionate, and is dedicated to assessing the strengths and needs of homeless clients with proven ability to build rapport. The most important aspects of providing wraparound services are knowledge of community resources and actively following up with each interaction made while building relationships. Key Responsibilities: Assist the IF Staff in taking on the role of backup during diversion hours. Building community resources list and updating list of current services. Connect clients to appropriate resources and supportive services. Connect with all clients on Emergency Shelter waitlist to provide support and advocacy. Assist waitlisted clients in identifying, securing and maintaining affordable transitional/permanent housing in the community.

Requirements (subject to change): Previous experience, live scan/background check
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine preferred
How to Apply: Email to apply.

Innovative Housing Opportunities, Inc. (Site #521) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: Hybrid 
Placements available: 1            Length of Commitment: 2 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): 501 N. Golden Circle, Suite 100, Santa Ana CA 92705
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Brenda Walters                                      Title: Community Impact Manager
Email Address:             Phone: 714-580-5057

About the Organization: Innovative Housing Opportunities (IHO) values a holistic approach to developing quality affordable housing that integrates on-site resident services programming, partnerships, and community engagement. IHO is invested in the success of our housing communities by providing a rich array of programs that are open to our residents and the surrounding communities. Dynamic programs offered include job skills support, parenting classes, financial literacy workshops, computer training, health education, after-school programming for youth, and many other community-building activities. “It starts with Housing” reflects IHO’s core belief that high-quality, affordable housing is the foundation for healthy, catalytic, and economically vibrant communities where residents can dream of and reach for new possibilities.

Placement Job Description:

After-School Program Coordinator:

  • Assists Program Manager with organizing and conducting innovative after-school programming for school-age children.
  • Conducts community outreach efforts.

Social Services Referral Coordinator:

  • Conducts one-on-one assessments with residents to determine resident needs.
  • Assists with the development of resident database system and analysis of data.
  • Provide referrals to appropriate community partners.

Asset Mapping Coordinator:

  • Researches and conducts outreach to potential community partners in geographical areas for new housing projects.

Adult & Senior Services Coordinator:

  • Assists Program Manager to develop and coordinate programs and services for adults and seniors that will support Economic Self-Sufficiency and improve quality of life.
  • Conduct marketing outreach efforts to encourage resident participation.

Financial Department Intern: 

  • We are looking for a candidate with a fundamental knowledge of bookkeeping.
  • Special qualifications include the following:
    • Knowledge of QuickBooks Online
    • Knowledge of Microsoft Office, with an emphasis on using Excel
    • Ability to verify bills, coding and enter billing amounts into the database.
  • This internship will provide interns with an overview of nonprofit accounting systems, affordable housing asset management procedures and the intricacies of accounting for affordable housing developers.

Requirements (subject to change): Microsoft Office Suite, Google Products, Data Analysis, Client/Resident Services, Community Organizing. Background check
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required
How to Apply: Contact Brenda Walters, Community Impact Manager at

Keen Center for Senior Resources (Lakeview Senior Center) (Site #508) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: FULL    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes      Summer 2023: FULL (SSI) Yes (SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 1            Length of Commitment: 2 quarters
Physical Address (if applicable): 20 Lake Rd. Irvine CA 92694
Hours of Operation: M-Th 9-3, F 9-12                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Hee Jin Lee                             Title: Program Specialist
Email Address:            Phone: 949-724-7099

About the Organization:
The City of Irvine’s Keen Center for Senior Resources, located within Lakeview Senior Center, provides a one-stop location for resources, information and support to Irvine seniors, age 50 and older and their support persons. The center assists seniors in maintaining independence, dignity and quality of life. Services are available at no charge and include assistance programs (such as nursing, financial or legal consultations), health-related support groups, information packets (i.e. affordable housing, transportation, hiring in-home help), resource guides and appropriate referrals to community services. Partnerships are established with community public and non-profit organizations to provide additional services. Additionally, trained Care managers are available to offer support and assistance in high acuity and crisis cases.

Placement Job Description: This internship is a good placement for students that have an interest in the field of Gerontology, Social Services, Psychology and/or Public Health. Students will be exposed to the social, psychological and biological aging of the senior population. Students work closely with participants from diverse ethnic groups, as well as collaborative partner agencies, Care Managers and administrative support staff. Students will gain a working knowledge of community needs and resources. Interns will be developing and utilizing problem-solving and assessment skills and providing support in resolving various challenges which include; medical needs, health insurance, in-home support, safety, isolation, finances, transportation, and housing. Students provided services in the Keen Center for Senior Resources, in person and through telephone calls.

Requirements (subject to change): Life Scans
COVID-19 Protocols: Vaccine required
How to Apply: Apply via email

Latino Health Access (Site #613.1) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes      Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person  
Placements available:3           Length of Commitment: Other (please provide description below) -- The student can commit to their internship sites as long as their schedule correlates with the program they applied too.
Physical Address (if applicable):  450 W. 4th St Santa Ana CA 92701
Hours of Operation:   Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:00pm                         
Site Website:
Main Contact:  Brenda Cervantes                                         Title:  Volunteer & Intern Coordinator
Email Address:           Phone: 714-542-7792 x1037

About the Organization:

A healthy, equitable, inclusive and prosperous community that is engaged and civically active.
Latino Health Access partners with communities to bring health, equity and sustainable change through education, services, consciousness-raising and civic participation.
Our mission has two areas of focus:

  1. to deliver culturally appropriate health-related services and programming to address urgent health concerns; and
  2. to engage individuals in low-income, low opportunity areas in transforming their environments and creating positive, concrete changes in their homes and communities by providing tools, training, and mechanisms for civic engagement and participation.

We strive to:

  1. reducing the burden of chronic disease,
  2. strengthening family mental and emotional health, and
  3. creating healthier communities through a culturally competent and collaborative approach.

Ultimately, LHA works toward a system where healthcare and access to opportunities to develop one’s potential and enjoy a healthy, active living can be viewed as a right and not a privilege.

Placement Job Description:

Latino Health Access seeks a self-starter to assist in public health activities and participate in program planning and empower health issues in the community. This internship is an excellent opportunity to experience various aspects of health policy, ensure safety and create innovative solutions to health problems. The Intern will work independently and as part of a team to fulfill organizational goals and initiatives related to programming and events.

Requirements (subject to change)

  • Eighteen (18) years and older
  • Special circumstances for sixteen (16) plus, with parent permission.
  • Must be fully vaccinated and provide proof of vaccination
  • Background checks for a student internship or community hours

COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required 
How to Apply:

  • Fill out all the fields of the Volunteer Interest Form or College Student Internship Form.
  • Send an email to the appropriate contact within the desired intern description requesting the position.
  • In one to two weeks, you should receive an email or phone call for a brief interview from the potential supervisor.
    • In this interview, you will have the opportunity to discuss and agree on your schedule, starting date, training, and any other details referring to the program.
  • If accepted, you will be asked to participate in an orientation training where you will receive more information about LHA, sign our volunteer policies, and provide proof of vaccination card.

LGBTQ Center Orange County (Site #509) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes     Summer 2023: No
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 4            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 1605 N. Spurgeon Street, Santa Ana CA 92701
Hours of Operation: M-Friday 9-9, some weekends                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Chandelle Loop                                   Title: Community & Events Coordinator
Email Address:          Phone: 714-953-5428

About the Organization:
The LGBTQ Center OC was established as a volunteer organization in 1971 and incorporated in 1975 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit community-based organization. We are one of the oldest gay and lesbian community centers in the United States.

At the LGBTQ Center OC, all members and allies of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community of Orange County join together in a network of support and unity. Our life-affirming programs focus on empowerment, and our advocacy efforts focus on speaking out against hate and discrimination. We exist so that every segment of the LGBTQ population of Orange County has the resources needed to thrive in their own lives and communities.

The LGBTQ Center Orange County provides services to more than 14,000 individuals annually across a broad spectrum of culture, ethnicity, age, and economic background. Programming is especially designed for gay men, lesbians, youth, the transgender community, the Spanish-speaking LGBTQ community, the bisexual community, and LGBTQ families.

Placement Job Description:

We have several different departments to fit most student's interests:

  • Immigrations:
    • Outreach engagements with a focus on the immigrant population
    • Translating services for programs and/or clients
    • Working with the detention centers and those seeking asylum
    • Growing connections via social media
    • Helping with programs such as Citizenship Classes, and English as a Second Language
  • Trans & Health:
    • Medical linkage to care
    • Oversight of Trans Orientation
    • Involvement on the Trans Committee organizing health events, engagement and projects
    • Outreach at health-related outside organizations
    • Culture competency training
    • Possibly networking and updating with health care providers
  • Marketing:
    • Creation of social media posts
    • Design of graphics used in printed and digital platforms
    • Collaboration with all departments in supporting their program needs in designing flyers and themes
    • Assistance with Press Releases, research, and blasts

Requirements (subject to change): Life scans required
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required
How to Apply: Email cover letter, resume, additional languages fluent in, start & end date, hour commitment, vaccination status, and department interested in to:

Mothers Against Drunk Driving  (Site #523) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes     Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type:  In - person, Remote, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 1          Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 5455 Garden Grove Blvd. #150 Westminster, CA 92683
Hours of Operation:  M-F 9-5, some evenings and weekends                           
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Melissa Estelle                               Title: Sr. Program Specialist
Email Address:                 Phone: 714-838-6199 ext. 6653

About the Organization:

Our mission is to end drunk driving, help fight drugged driving, support the victims of these violent crimes and prevent underage drinking. To achieve our mission we provide services to victims and their families, lobby to support stronger drunk driving laws, educate parents and teens about the dangers of underage drinking, and partner with law enforcement. We engage the community through free workshops, educational programs, and fundraising events.

Placement Job Description

Interns will be involved in the planning and execution of our programs and events, help facilitate educational workshops, support law enforcement, support our fundraising and community outreach efforts.

Requirements (subject to change): Background check
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, regular testing 
How to Apply: Email resume and cover letter to

OC Human Relations (Site #510) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes     Summer 2023: No
Placement type: Remote 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 2 quarters (Fall & Winter)
Physical Address (if applicable): 1801 E Edinger Ave, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Norma Lopez                                         Title: Executive Director for the Human Relations Commission
Email            Phone: N/A

About the Organization:
"To foster mutual understanding among residents and eliminate prejudice, intolerance, and discrimination in order to make Orange County a better place for ALL people to live, work and do business. The Orange County Human Relations Council (more commonly known as OC Human Relations) is a private, non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1991 for the purpose of developing and implementing proactive human relations programs in partnership with schools, corporations, cities, foundations, and individuals. OC Human Relations provides an award-winning inter-group and violence prevention program in the schools, and conflict resolution programs, and inter-group relations initiatives in the communities all over Orange County. Supported through grants, donations, fees, and contracts, the non-profit is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of diverse community leaders and guided by a Community Partners Advisory Board that is comprised of executives from major corporations and institutions.

Placement Job Description: The student will support advocacy support in violence prevention, community outreach, and research support. Specifically, the student will be able to support community outreach efforts for the Hate Crime Prevention Network. The network comprises community members from different organizations. Students will be expected to email local non-profits and schools. Additionally, they may be able to interview local organizations and identify what prevention and collaboration can look like. Students will also be trained on basic mediation, diversity and inclusion, trauma-informed care, human relations, bystander intervention, and more.

Requirements (subject to change): Some research skills, presentation skills, and some knowledge of social justice work. A live scan/fingerprint.
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required
How to Apply: Please email Norma Lopez at

OCAPICA (Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance)  (Site # 322.1)


Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes     Summer 2023: No
Placement type:  Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 2          Length of Commitment: 1-3
Physical Address (if applicable): 5455 Garden Grove Blvd. #150 Westminster, CA 92683
Hours of Operation:  M-F, 9-5:30pm                           
Site Website:
 Main Contact: Emily Park                              Title:  Program Coordinator
 Email Address:               Phone:    657- 217-2622‬

About the Organization:

The Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance, Inc. (OCAPICA) was established in 1997 with the mission to build a healthier and stronger community by enhancing the well-being of Asians and Pacific Islanders through inclusive partnerships in the areas of service, education, advocacy, organizing, and research.
OCAPICA has departments in mental health (short-term counseling/therapy, case management, educational workshops), health (COVID relief, access to health care systems, health education), youth (after-school programs, outreach events, serving AUHSD students), policy (data collection, participation in public policy and civic engagement), adult workforce, small business program (consulting, workshops), and housing assistance (rapid re-housing assistance, case management).

Placement Job Description: 


  • Works to develop, coordinate, and implement youth leadership-development programming for OCAPICA's Youth Programs, for 9th-12th grade AUHSD youth
  • Assist with the facilitation of weekly in-person sessions 1-2 times per week at Magnolia High School (and other locations, college tours, etc.) within specific youth program placement in coordination with youth team
  • Participate in curriculum adjustment and development of program materials
  • Host student engagement activities and provide peer mentorship to students during and outside of after-school sessions
  • Manage social media content to keep communications up to date, and relevant
  • Works to expand youth leadership opportunities to junior high youth through new initiatives and programming efforts
  • Conduct outreach activities to promote services and recruit youth program participants
  • Regular attendance and participation at Youth Team Meetings and trainings
  • Work with Program Manager and Program Coordinators on any additional projects, or data gathering needed
  • Assist in evaluation and assessment of programs
  • Collaborate effectively with community organizations, school district, administration and students, and other OCAPICA program staff to establish continuity of program services with attention to cultural relevance and competency
  • Maintain reporting and documentation requirements
  • Other projects as assigned to meet program and agency mission, goals and objectives

Requirements (subject to change)

  • One-year experience in youth programs; or commensurate professional and life experience will be considered
  • Strong organizational, writing and communication skills; good attention to detail
  • Ability to work in diverse team of colleagues and communities
  • Ability to work with diverse ethnic and cultural communities including, but not limited to the following target populations: students of color, LGBTQIA+, and/or undocumented immigrants of varying ages between 13-18
  • Reliable Wifi and access to virtual meetings and in-person meetings
  • Preferred bilingual capacity, preferably in Spanish and/or Asian language (e.g., Vietnamese)
  • Great attitude and team player with strong leadership skills
  • Must be comfortable with the philosophy and goals of OCAPICA.
  • Ability to work some evenings, weekends
  • Regular Attendance required
  • Live Scan/Background check required
  • Reliable transportation to and from sessions, events, etc.

COVID-19 Protocols: Suggested but not required.
How to Apply: Students can apply by emailing their resume and cover letter to (Jacqueline Cortes, Youth Program Manager).

OneOC - Court Referral Program (Site #512) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes     Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 1901 E. 4th St. Suite 180 Santa Ana, Ca. 92705
Hours of Operation: M-F 8:30-12:30, 1:30-5pm; Sat 8:30-11:30am                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Imelda Valdivia             Title: Operations Supervisor
Email Address:          Phone: 714-953-5757 ext 180

About the Organization:
OneOC- court referral program
Since 1973, the Court Referral Program (CRP) has been providing courts, probation departments, and judicial officers with a viable option of community service as an alternative to fines and/or incarceration for misdemeanor offenders in Orange County.

Placement Job Description:

  •  Monitors court-referred individuals' progress and completion daily, and reports status to courts, probation departments, and other appropriate agencies.
  •  Communicates with our non-profit, state and county community agencies, courts, probation departments, and other court-referral programs.
  •  Performs general office duties, including telephones, filing, and record keeping.

Requirements (subject to change): Experience in Word, Excel, basic office skills
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required
How to Apply: Please email Imelda Valdivia at and Sarah Salvatierra at

Orange County Grantmakers (Site #528) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes     Summer 2023: FULL (SSI) & FULL (SSII) 
Placement type: Remote
Placements available: 1            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): Remote
Hours of Operation: Flexible                   
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mrs. Taryn Palumbo                                    Title: Executive Director
Email          Phone: 714-323-3451

About the Organization:
Orange County Grantmakers advances equity by creating strategic alignment and cultivating transformational relationships and leadership among OC philanthropists and nonprofits.
Placement Job Description:

OCG seeks someone to support our marketing and communications. This individual would help draft regular newsletters and social media, and create program flyers and graphics. Additionally, they would have the opportunity to attend meetings with funders and nonprofits throughout the term, supporting the Executive Director and Program Associate and learning firsthand about issues impacting the OC community.

Requirements (subject to change): Strong communications, experience in marketing and/or social media, and some basic graphic design.

COVID-19 Protocols:  Vaccine require
How to Apply:   Please email

Placentia Library District (Site #513)

Accepting students for: Fall: No    Winter: No     Spring: TBA    Summer 2023: NO
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 1            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 411 E Chapman Ave Placentia, CA 92870
Hours of Operation: M-Th 9-8, F-S 9-5, Sunday 1-5pm    

Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Michelle Meades                              Title: Librarian                
Email            Phone: 714-582-1906

About the Organization:
Placentia Library District provides lifelong learning and reading opportunities that inspire, open minds, and bring our community together.

Placement Job Description: Work on projects with the literacy coordinator. The Placentia Library District is in need of adult tutors to help adult students improve their literacy skills. Tutors work with patrons one-on-one teaching adults basic reading and writing skills. Please contact us if you are inspired to create positive changes in the life of a functionally illiterate adult. We can work with you to make this an internship for credit.

Requirements (subject to change): N/A
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required
How to Apply: email

Project Access Inc. (Site #500.1) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring:FULL    Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 5            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): Corporate Office Location: 2100 West Orangewood Avenue, Suite 230 (we have various locations)
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-6 (Hours vary by location)                          
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Linda Tran                               Title: Volunteer & Intern Coordinator
Email Address:               Phone: 949-594-1327

About the Organization:
To be the leading provider of vital on-site health, education, and employment services to families, children, and seniors living in affordable housing communities. Project Access employs an onsite Resident Service Coordinator at each unique family and senior resource center to implement programs and services addressed to meet individual and community needs. These services support our four key initiatives: Health & Wellness, Economic Stability, Education For Youth and Community Building.

Placement Job Description:

Responsibilities can include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist with the planning and implementation of programs, including After-School, teen, senior, adult, and health programs, etc.
  • Build trust and relationships with the residents in order to help meet their needs.
  • Research available resources available in the community in order to provide relevant information and referral services.
  • Assist the Service Coordinator in the creation, planning and execution of community-building events.
  • Assist with the instruction of onsite classes, programs, and other services.
  • Assist with the creation of flyers, newsletters and marketing materials to promote onsite services.
  • Conduct community outreach to connect residents with local resources, activities and programs onsite.
  • Assist the staff with retrieving and maintaining resident data.
  • Maintain attendance records for programs, services, and events
  • Attend and participate in team meetings.
  • Serve as a role model to adults and youth of the community.
  • Provide administrative support (filing, faxing, copying, data entry, etc.) to the Service Coordinator

Requirements (subject to change): Willing to learn in a new environment; open to feedback from supervisor and peers; able to provide customer service for low-income communities
COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required on-premises
How to Apply: Please email and provide a Cover Letter + Resume; we will follow up with pre-screening questions.

South County Outreach (Site #514) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: In-person 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 7 Whatney, Suite B, Irvine, CA 92615
Hours of Operation: M-Th 8-5, F 8-1:30. Shifts are 8:30am - 12pm and 12pm - 3:30pm but, can add additional hours.                               
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Xitlaly Luna              Title: Volunteer Manager
Email Address:         Phone: 949-687-2408

About the Organization:
Mission Statement: Preventing hunger and homelessness by helping people help themselves.


  • Food Pantry
  • Utility and Rental Assistance
  • Case Management
  • Transitional/Affordable Housing
  • Rapid Rehousing
  • Thrift Store
  • Seasonal Program

Placement Job Description: Interns will receive direct training from their staff supervisor and have an opportunity to learn about and work in all of our program areas. They will engage directly with visitors, clients, and potential clients of South County Outreach.

Their job duties include but are not limited to:

  • Client Intake:
    • Working the front desk and assisting new clients with applications
    • Assuring clients meet requirements and are providing correct paperwork and proof of ID / income
    • Filing client paperwork
    • Daily client logging and data entry
  • Client Interaction and Assessment:
    • Assisting clients with resources at South County Outreach and in the surrounding area
    • Assisting clients with shopping in the Food Pantry 
  • Program Data Entry:
    • Helping log weekly volunteer hours and new volunteer applications
    • Logging client visits and information
  • Administrative Tasks:
    • Answering phones and assisting potential donors/clients
    • Basic filing and admin tasks
  • Event Support:
    • Helping to plan and coordinate holiday events and seasonal programs

Requirements (subject to change): Background check
COVID-19 Protocols: Masks required if not vaccinated
How to Apply: Email for additional information.

The Place4Grace (Site # 33.1) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring:  Yes    Summer 2023: Yes (Session TBA) 
Placement type: In-Person, Hybrid (In-person and Remote)
Placements available: 5           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 2441 N Sierra Way San Bernardino, CA 92405
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 10-6                   
Site Website:
Main Contact: Ms. Candace Wakefield                              Title: Director of Operations
Email                   Phone:909-554-3919

About the Organization:

The Place4Grace was founded in 2009 with the mission to restore families and advocate for children impacted by incarceration. Our programs serve families and children of incarcerated men and women with a focus on family reunification, literacy, providing an environment for extended father and child bonding time, advocacy, and restoration.
Due to an overwhelming lack of programs available assisting fathers and mothers to maintain contact with their child while incarcerated, the Place4Grace’s programs are designed to ensure that strong family bonds between the children and their incarcerated parents are maintained and to ease the trauma in children caused by sharing their parent’s sentence.
Our Programs Include:

  • Family2Child Literacy, which aims to keep families impacted by incarceration connected, through reading. Men and women are recorded reading a book of their choice to children left behind. Each book includes a loving personalized inscription. The books, along with the audio recordings are mailed to the children, allowing them to hear the voice of their loved one and read along with the recording. The program is present in 16 prisons throughout the state of California
  •  Camp Grace, a 5-day music and art-based program, founded on restorative justice principles with the purpose of providing a healing space for fathers to begin building, and in some cases, restoring the relationship with their children. Camp Grace allows children (ages 8-14) to spend extended bonding time with their incarcerated parents. Daily activities such as music and art, drumming, dancing, and writing, serve as vital healing tools and allow participants to reduce the impact of stress and trauma, which in turn allows for the increase in resilience.
  • Parent and Child Connection, a partnership with the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s which is a literacy-based program with the aim of keeping parents and their child(ren) between the ages of 0-5 connected. Men and women currently experiencing incarceration in San Bernardino County are recorded reading a book to children they have left behind.
  • Home2Stay, a Reentry Program which serves individuals who have been formerly sentenced, incarcerated, and released from state prison by providing a unique reentry program focusing on their individual needs. Services include rides home, warm hand off services, financial literacy, family healing dialogue and connection to services

Placement Job Description:

Students will have the opportunity to work in most aspects of The Place4Grace. Responsibilities may include administrative tasks, assisting with legislative development, data entry, program and event coordination support, research opportunities, working alongside community volunteers and staff, and assisting with special projects depending on the time of the year. Increased responsibilities will depend on the interest, skills, and experience of the student.

Requirements (subject to change)

  •  Students should have strong interpersonal and communication skills, be nonjudgmental, flexible, and patient.
  •  Communication skills, organization skills, and computer skills are strongly recommended.
  •  Bilingual, especially Spanish-speaking, a plus.

COVID-19 Protocols: Masks and Physical Distancing when necessary

How to apply:   Please send a resume and cover letter explaining interest and availability to

The Underground Scholars Program at UC Irvine (Site # 214.1) 

Accepting students for Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring:  Yes    Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-Person, Hybrid (In-person and Remote)
Placements available: 2           Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 401 E Peltason Dr, Irvine, CA 92617
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                      
Site Website
Main Contact: Mr. Hector Cervantes                   Title: Underground Scholars Program Director
Email                   Phone: 714-955-9659

About the Organization:

The Underground Scholars Program at UC Irvine creates a pathway for incarcerated, formerly incarcerated and system impacted individuals into higher education. We are building a prison-to-school pipeline through recruitment, retention, and advocacy. The Underground Scholars Program is an academic support program housed within the UC Irvine School of Law. Underground Scholars Initiative (USI) is the student org that works in partnership with the program. USI is completely student-run. The two organizations are separate and aligned. We prioritize our services for formerly incarcerated students. We define system-impacted as a person who is legally, economically, or familially affected in a negative way by the incarceration of a close relative. System-impacted also includes people who have been arrested and/or convicted without incarceration. Underground Scholars was started in the Spring of 2013 by formerly incarcerated and system impacted students at UC Berkeley as the Underground Scholars Initiative (USI), a student organization.Shortly after USI was developed at UC Berkeley, formerly incarcerated students at UCLA began to develop a chapter. As Berkeley’s USI members graduated and spread through the UC system for graduate school, they began building chapters on other campuses, including UC Irvine. The Underground Scholars Program at UC Irvine offers field-study experience in student support services, off-campus community building and outreach, campus wide outreach, and experience in public policy and advocacy.

Placement Job Description:

Students will be providing academic counseling services to incarcerated and formerly incarcerated students in person and via mail correspondence to California correctional institutions. Reading, writing, and organizing letters from incarcerated students. Drafting grant proposals developing and organizing academic discussion panels navigating program funding options and availability academic transcript analysis

Requirements (subject to change): Covid-19 protocol clearance availability of 10 hours/week having an interest in criminal justice reform and public policy Interest in researching activism

COVID-19 Protocols: Mask required, Vaccine required

How to apply: Email:; Call: 714-955-9659; Web link:

Tustin Community Foundation (Site #519) 

Accepting students for Fall: NO    Winter: NO     Spring: no    Summer 2023: TBA
Placement type: Remote 
Placements available: 2            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 13891 Newport Avenue #100 Tustin CA 92781
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: TBA                         Title: tba
Email Address: TBA           Phone: TBA

About the Organization:
The Tustin Community Foundation coordinates community resources to create positive change and support the area's actual and most pressing needs. Providing grants for local nonprofit organizations and schools is the primary way the Foundation makes an impact. Since 2008, more than 100 local nonprofit organizations, schools and community-wide programs have received grants to help them deal with the ever-changing critical issues facing the greater Tustin community. The Foundation conducts annual Community Needs Assessments to direct grant funds where they are most needed and will make the largest impact. Funds are raised through donations from businesses and individuals and through a variety of annual fundraising events and activities.

Placement Job Description: Students can expect to help with fundraising through grant writing, marketing, community outreach and/or event planning

Requirements (subject to change): Customer Service and Organization/Time Management Skills
COVID-19 Protocols: N/A
How to Apply:TBA 

UCI CARE (Site #517) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: In-person, Remote, Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): G320 Student Center Irvine CA 92697
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Mx. Melissa Bader-Huesgen, Mx. Eli Pascal, Ms. Kaeleigh Hayakawa, Ms. Diana Bouchaaya
Email Address:          Phone: 949-824-7273

About the Organization:
UCI CARE provides free and confidential support services to members of the UCI community who have been impacted by sexual assault, relationship abuse, family violence and/or stalking. Programs and services are available to people of all identities and regardless of status. UCI CARE aims to end these forms of power-based personal violence by engaging the campus community in education, programming, and transformative action.

Placement Job Description:

Students will over the course of their internship be:

  • Attending meetings with other student staff, supervisors, or departmental staff.
  • Creating educational or healing-focused content such as articles, social media posts, discussion cards, videos, etc.
  • Reviewing and synthesizing feedback on projects or assignments.
  • Participating in outreach opportunities as a representative of UCI CARE.
  • Support the development and implementation of healing, outreach, and educational programs and events.
  • Supervising projects and guiding other student staff who are supporting those efforts. Providing updates to supervisors on project updates, timelines, etc.
  • Creating research article summaries on topics relating to the work on UCI CARE.
  • Reviewing feedback and evaluation information to ensure improvement of CARE
  • Outreach and programs.

Potential Projects Include:

  • Narrative Project Podcast:
    • Support creation of recording episodes through hosting, development of materials, editing, and creating supplemental previews and articles
    • Creation of marketing materials to bring attention to published episodes of the project
  • Data Organization and Analysis:
    • Generating and pulling evaluation reports from Qualtrics for individual programs in addition to groupings of programs
    • Organizing spreadsheets to be easily legible
    • Quantitative and qualitative data analysis for significance and themes
  • Campus Outreach and Holistic Healing Program Support:
    • Conducting outreach to campus departments and organizations
    • Coordinating and conducting short presentations discussing UCI CARE programs and services
    • Pop-up healing or outreach and education tabling in different areas on campus
    • Passing along resources to departments and organizations.
  • Resource Development and Expansion:
    • Vetting resources
    • Creating research article summaries
    • Coordinating the development of new resource materials for the campus community related to holistic healing, outreach, and education

Requirements (subject to change):

While not required, strong candidates would possess some of the following:

  • Strong communication skills, including among teams, public speaking, and written communication.
  • Flexibility and willingness to engage in new processes.
  • Understanding of Google

COVID-19 Protocols: We will follow the University Guidelines regarding COVID-19 Related Protocols
How to Apply: Please email your materials including a resume and, if desired, a cover letter, to indicating you are interested in an SE195 internship.

UC Irvine Counseling Center - C.O.A.C.H. Peer Program (Site #516) 

Accepting students for: Fall: FULL    Winter: NO     Spring: NO   Summer 2023: No
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 10            Length of Commitment: 3 quarters including an orientation that takes place in Sept. before Fall Q.
Physical Address (if applicable): 203 Student Services I, Irvine, CA 92697-2200
Hours of Operation: M-F 8-5                                
Site Website:
Main Contact: Dr. Jessica Ortega, Ph.D.       Title: Senior Staff Psychologist
Email Address:               Phone: 949-824-6457

About the Organization:
Mission of UC Irvine's Counseling Center:
To deliver quality services that facilitate growth and assist students in overcoming personal and mental health challenges that impact their academic and social well-being.
To provide training and learning opportunities to prepare future leaders in mental health and other service-oriented positions.

The C.O.A.C.H. Peer Program is a program that is an extension of our prevention and outreach programming services offered through the Counseling Center. It is a motivational, goal-setting, peer to peer life coaching program that pairs trained peer life coaches (UCI undergraduate students) with other UCI students seeking life coaching support across variable areas of need (e.g., academic support, strengthening social connections, building self-esteem, managing stress as a college student). Those trained as peer life coaches must first apply in April of each year and if selected will commit to the following full academic year.

Placement Job Description: C.O.A.C.H. is a unique program that trains advanced undergraduate UCI students to be personal life coaches to UCI students who are stressed, unmotivated, worried about their grades, needing assistance with their adjustment to college life, experiencing social struggles and other identity challenges. Coaches are ultimately empowering their clients to reach their potential. C.O.A.C.H. is a time intensive program, as it involves weekly 3hr class time where coaches are provided training and group supervision, the expectation to read multiple articles and books, attendance to 1 retreat per quarter, documentation of all coaching sessions, in addition 1hr individual supervision time outside of class time. Training components involve multicultural awareness development, crisis intervention, coaching and attentive listening skills, consultation and referral skills. Coaches present individually and in groups on topics that provoke introspection and help prepare them for their coaching work with students. In addition to direct service, all coaches are involved in outreach that dually promotes the visibility of C.O.A.C.H. and facilitates team building with all the coaches. 

Requirements (subject to change): Must be a UCI registered undergraduate student to apply. We welcome all majors. We have had students from different fields/career aspirations express interest in our program. Those who do well in this program are those who are intentional about person

COVID-19 Protocols: TBA
How to Apply: Our application process occurs in April of every academic year. Online applications will be updated each year and can be submitted by UCI undergraduate student applicant via the attached link on website. If a student is successfully selected as a peer life coach for the next academic year, they are able to use only 1 of their quarters as a field study placement (either Winter or Spring quarters). C.O.A.C.H. is an academic year-long commitment and field study placements can only be provided to those students who have already been selected as peer life coaches during our application/interview and selection season (April-June)

Working Wardrobes (Site #520) 

Accepting students for: Fall: Yes    Winter: Yes     Spring: Yes    Summer 2023: Yes (SSI & SSII)
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available: 3            Length of Commitment: 1 quarter
Physical Address (if applicable): 2000 E. McFadden Ave Ste 100 Santa Ana, CA 92705
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                                
Main Contact: Amanda Phan                                        Title: Volunteer Coordinator 
Email          Phone: 949-642-0474

About the Organization: 

We do everything in our power to help men, women, young adults and veterans overcome difficult challenges so they can achieve the dignity of work, and the Power of a Paycheck. We provide workforce readiness services to the unemployed/underemployed including career assessments, workshops, career coaching and professional wardrobe. We also have run a social enterprise comprised of a Donation Center and four retail stores that generate revenue that goes back into our programs supporting out clients.

Placemeant Descripton: 

Internships Human Resources & Volunteer Management Internship

  • The HR & Volunteer Intern will work directly with the Chief People Officer and Volunteer & Intern Manager on multiple facets of Human Resources including talent management, employee policy & procedures, recruiting initiatives and learning & development.
  • This intern will stay updated on the latest labor laws including COVID related legislation. T
  • hey will also receive hands-on work experience with recruiting both employee and volunteer support, launching a volunteer management system, and developing on-boarding training materials.

Marketing Internship

  • The Marketing Intern will work directly with the Public Relations Committee and supervised by the Marketing Manager.
  • They will support the organization by working on marketing initiatives that reinforce Working Wardrobes development campaigns and events, communicating campaigns that drive revenue in our retail stores; and collateral/campaigns that promote the organization’s mission/brand and attract donors and corporate partners.

Public Affairs/Government Relations Internship

  • The Public Affairs intern will work directly with the Public Affairs Committee and be supervised by the Career Services Director.
  • They will assist the organization in fostering partnerships with public entities and local government and political representatives.
  • The intern will also conduct research on policies and potential funding streams that may positively impact the financial well-being of the organization.

Retail/Social Enterprise Business Internship

  • The Retail/Social Enterprise Business Intern will work directly with the Retail Team to provide assistance with research, data analytics of sales and customer information along with helping to research and compile future growth initiatives and strategies for our social enterprise business.
  • They will be a part of a growing retail business that is the envy of thrift and consignment shops in Orange County.

Development Internship

  • The Development Intern will work directly with the Development Team to learn and support in areas of development, stewardship, relationship management, and nonprofit fundraising.
  • The position will focus on assisting in a large project to overhaul our donor database.
  • This individual will learn the ins and outs of our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system used to engage with our donor base and help to streamline processes and procedures to ensure efficiency while focusing on donor stewardship.

Requirements (subject to change): Background check; Comfortable with computers, good writing skills, eagerness to learn

COVID-19 Protocols: Masks are strongly recommended. open work environment allowing for social distancing. hybrid schedule available.
How to Apply: Please send a resume, a brief writing sample in your field of study and a cover letter to Amanda Phan Volunteer Coordinator at

 Youth Employment Services (YES) of the Harbor Area Inc.  (Site #518) 

Accepting students for the 23-24 AY:  Fall: YES   Winter: YES    Spring: YES  Summer 2023: YES (SSI) & YES (SSII)
Placement type: Hybrid (In-person and Remote) 
Placements available:          Length of Commitment
Physical Address (if applicable): 3720 S. Susan Street, Suite 110, Santa Ana, CA 92704
Hours of Operation: M-F 9-5                         
Site Website:
Main Contact: Maureen Hausen                             Title: Program Analyst
Email Address:                 Phone: (949) 642-0474

About the Organization:

YES envisions a community in which youth and young adults achieve economic independence, personal self-sufficiency, and lead meaningful lives. To reach this vision and inspire youth to achieve their dreams, our mission is to teach youth and young adults ages 16-24 the skills needed to secure and maintain meaningful employment, and to offer programs that help them improve their employability, career choices, and quality of life.

Placement Description


YES’s mission is to provide Orange County youth ages 16-24 with pre-employment skills training, job development, and job referrals. 

Under the supervision of the Program & Grants Analyst, the objective of the YES History Intern is to research YES’s 50+ years history to provide an historical timeline of the YES impact in Orange County.. The YES History Intern will be assigned various tasks focusing on detailing YES history in the community in preparation for events, marketing and more relative to the YES story. 


  • Days: Monday through Friday 
  • Times: Typical work hours between 9AM & 5PM 
  • Hours: Part-time, up to 20 hours/week 
  • Type: Unpaid  
  • Location: Largely in person at the YES offices: 3720 S. Susan Street, #110, Santa Ana 


Responsibilities & Duties: 

  • Assist the YES team in the areas of: 
  • Researching, gathering, organizing, and identifying YES materials (documents, photos, etc.) 
  • Contacting historical/leadership figures for information 
  • Collaborate/create social med

Requirements (subject to change): 

  • In accordance with UCI SOSE Field Study Program  
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to effectively handle multiple tasks and take initiative to work effectively with the team 
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills 
  • Accuracy, attention to detail, strong follow-through skills 
  • Experience working in an office setting preferred but will train 
  • Computer skills (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) 
  • Content creation experience is a plus 
  • Graphic design experience is a plus 

COVID-19 Protocols: Will follow CA standards of the day
How to Apply: Forward your resume to