Fieldwork Options

Traditional Field Study

The Field Study catalog is a comprehensive listing of placement sites for students in the School of Social Ecology and Environmental Science and Policy (ENSP) majors.

  •  Students who utilize a traditional placement will be required to complete 80 hours at a community partner in conjunction with a field study course when enrolled in 4 units of SOCECOL 195/W. 
  • All placement sites found in the catalog below have been pre-approved for field study
  • Social Ecology students may elect to do Field Study in any area, regardless of their specific major 
  • For Environmental Science and Policy Majors ONLY: Field Study Placements must be in one of the following areas:
    •  Environmental Science and Education Services 
    •  Planning 
    •  Public Policy 

Research and Learning Assistant Positions

Research and Learning Assistant positions have been permanently approved! (Effective Fall 22)

  • Research Assistants (RAs) get hands-on experience in supporting the ongoing research projects of the Social Ecology faculty. Students often work closely with and are mentored by both the faculty and their graduate students while getting valuable research experience and knowledge for graduate school.
  • Learning Assistants (LAs) are undergraduate peer educators that work with students in the classroom setting to support and facilitate active learning in courses that are traditionally difficult or have high enrollment.
  • Students who utilize RA and LA positions will be required to complete 80 hours of fieldwork, in conjunction with 2-4 units of SOCECOL 195/W, in addition to units of SOCECOL 198 (RAa) and UNISTU 198 + UNISTU 176 (LAs)

UCI Labor Summer (Summer Field Study Only)

Spend your summer learning about social and economic justice and exploring the intersections of race, class, gender, and immigration in the labor movement. Coordinated by the UC Irvine Labor Center, Labor Summer is a full-time, PAID, intensive eight-week internship program designed to train the next generation of labor and community leaders. You will learn from and work with labor and community organizations in Orange County, applying your skills in real-world settings on issues vital to the Orange County’s working people. You’ll also gain the skills and networks to explore and prepare for labor-related jobs after graduation. You will be placed with a labor or community organization for your field placement, participate in an orientation run by the UCI Labor Center, and receive regular check-ins from a UCI Labor Center mentor. PLEASE NOTE: All Labor Summer participants must also be enrolled in a summer SE 195 or SE 195W field study course in order for Labor Summer to fulfill the Field Study requirement. 

SOCECOL 106W- Digital Media Archive 

SOCECOL 106W represent a unique “3-in-1” model by simultaneously fulfilling the following three requirements:

1) Field Study course 2) Field placement and 3) Upper Division Writing...All in one!

2023 - 2024 Academic Year Offerings 

  • Fall 2023 (More Details coming in June 2023
    • SOCECOL 106W (2 Sections) 
  • Winter 2024
    • SOCECOL 106W (2 sections)
  • Spring 2024
    • SOCECOL 106W

Advanced Field Study

AFS offers a small number of undergraduate students in the School of Social Ecology an in-depth, three-quarter field study experience focused on civic and community engagement.

UCDC Academic Internship Program

The UC Irvine Washington DC Academic Internship Program, located in the exciting environment of Washington DC, enables UCI students from ALL majors to pursue internships, seminar and elective courses, and research in fall, winter, or spring quarters.

Summer UCDC

The UCDC Summer Internship Program (UCDC) sends 40 to 50 outstanding undergraduate students to live and intern in Washington, D.C. for 10 weeks each summer. There are numerous internship opportunities in various industries such as non-profit public service organizations, governmental agencies, communications, and entertainment.

UC Center Sacramento

UC Center Sacramento is the University of California’s teaching, research and public-service site located one block from the State Capitol Building. Operated by UC Davis, UCCS offers distinctive academic programs in public policy and journalism to students from throughout the university’s 10-campus system. These two programs provide students with an opportunity to study through seminars and internships in and around the state Capitol.

Summer Sacramento Internship Program

The Sacramento Internship Program at the University of California, Irvine is a program that gives outstanding UCI students an opportunity to intern in the California state capital. The Program provides career-related internship opportunities in public service, nonprofits, special interest groups, and various other organizations and institutions.

Public Health Practicum

The UCI Public Health Practicum fulfills the field study requirement. Public Health majors may choose to use their Practicum for 4 units of field study. NOTE! Students may only have 2 courses overlap between majors. For example, a stats course such as Stats 7 (in lieu of SocEcol 13) and PubHlth 195W (in lieu of 4units of SocEcol 195)  would count as the two-course overlap.

If you meet the criteria above and would like to submit a request for Public Health 195W to satisfy SE195, submit a DegreeWorks Update Form here. 

Completing Field Study Abroad 

There are a few opportunities already established for students who would like to fulfill the Field Study requirement while abroad. 

Irish Parliament Internship and Course Work

Scottish Parliament  Internship and Course Work

For students who are seeking opportunities outside of those listed here, they are encouraged to review the Field Study minimum standards. Students that complete experiences that appear to meet the requirements and learning outcomes concurrently my submit a course waiver petition upon return. The petition and materials submitted will be reviewed in accordance with the standards to determine if the experience and course work meets the standards to waive the course. This is a good option for students going abroad in their Junior year.